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The Mythic Garden, Chagford, South Devon

The Mythic Garden is a yearly exhibition of sculpture by West Country artists, set in Stone Lane Gardens, Chagford. This is a 5 acre arboretum, which holds a National Collection of wild-origin trees, notably Birch and Alder, in a landscaped woodland and water setting.  Although open all-year round for viewing and for the sale of trees grown here, the exhibition only runs through the Summer, from May to October.

When I first visited, sometime around 1992, I was very much taken with the exhibits. Many of these blended beautifully into the landscaping and mainly consisted of willow-woven sculptures, painted mirrors reflecting the nature they also depicted, magical chairs and thrones made from reclaimed wood and a wonderful tepee adorned with scraps of material on which prayers were written. All of these ideas later went into some of the mainstream fashions. Unfortunately, I only took slide pics during that visit. Although, saying that, it was intentional because I used those slides for a seminar presentation as part of my course at University.

The photos shown here were taken around 2000/01. I wasn't quite so entranced with much of the exhibition during that year, but have included the ones that I liked. Looking at their website, the exhibition for this year (2010) looks very interesting. When I've got a bit of time I'll have some of the slides from the first visit printed up and add them to the album. 

Although this is a touristy type of visit, which I wouldn't normally incude on my website, it is a bit off the beaten track as far as tourist places go and, like The Eden Project, is something quite different to the usual stuff. It's a fabulous place to enjoy nature and rather special.

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