Past Remains

A view of yesterday from today

Lyme Bay Cider Co, Seaton, Devon

The Lyme Bay Cider Company began in 1993, producing and selling it's first ciders from a small shop at Manor Farm in 1994, and their flagship cider Jack Ratt was named in homage to the famous 18th century smuggler, Jack Rattenbury. The company eventually outgrew the buildings and moved to larger premises at Shute, trading under the name of Lyme Bay Winery. These are the remains of the buildings on the original site.

Some of the production sheds, and below, having seen some photos of the original working site on one of their trade brochures I think this one on the right was the Vat Room.

Another view of the Vat Room from the side, below.

The Lyme Bay Cider shop, below, accommodated in former stables. These older buildings are beautifully built in stone rubble, with mellowed red brick quoin surrounds on the doors and windows.

Interestingly, the Georgian farmhouse and 19th century stable blocks began life as a stud farm and coaching house. The main A3052 road was once a turnpike road, administered by the Lyme Regis Turnpike Trust in the late 18th and early to mid 19th centuries. The post coach, as well as other conveyances, used places such as this to change their horses and where travellers could find refreshment or overnight accommodation.

Old mill stone outside one of the stable doors and the metal hoops from a cider keg. The colours and textures are really lovely.

The photo below taken from the road showing the old buildings hugging the hillside with part of the glorious view towards Lyme Bay.

And finally, old signage of two other former businesses that were once on the site; Lyme Bay Crafts and Lyme Bay Forge.

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