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Kilmington Quarry, Kilmington, Devon

There have been several quarries worked in the Kilmington area since Roman times, supplying flint and grit for maintaining roads. The quarries on this particular site have been extensively worked for the last fifty years in order to provide sand and grit for the ready mix concrete industry. Prior to that, this site began life at the beginning of WW2, when materials were needed for the construction of airfield runways at Dunkeswell and Smeathorpe. Smeathorpe, also known as Upottery, was used by the 101st Airborne Division, made famous in the book and television series 'Band of Brothers', whereas it was from Dunkeswell that the USA Bombers flew, including Lt. Joseph Kennedy (older brother of President J F Kennedy) on his fated mission when he was subsequently killed in action.

The photo above shows the modern plant taken through the old, abandoned Site Office window.

This site is part abandoned and part live, comprising an abandoned Site Office, weighbridge, another building, fuel station and various old pieces of machinery, and a live area containing the cement works which still supply the necessary materials for ready mix concrete.

The photos above and below were taken inside the unused site office.

Kilmington quarries work part of the extensive Axe Valley gravel beds dating from the Quaternary Period, comprising pebbles of flint, chert, chalk and greensand (the latter of which is known to have caused the landslips between Seaton and Lyme Regis). There have been many quarry sites in the East Devon area, as can be seen on old maps plus the modern day OS maps, where they are marked as disused pits.

Old and abandoned machinery are dotted around the unused part of the site.

Below, derelict fuel tank and pump.

One of the hoppers in the live part of the site, below.

And finishing with some photos of the conveyor belt and other parts of the live site.

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