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Greengates, Charmouth, Dorset

I was walking around Charmouth one day when I came across this house. Although it looks derelict, there is a 'for sale' sign at the front, and the only thing I could find out about it was it's appearance on several estate agent sites. I did find mention of an area called Greengates on council plans, which contain maps of Charmouth's historic areas, but there was nothing about the house specifically.

I rather liked the building, both for its architecture and for it's air of neglect, so I had a wander around the outside and took a few photos of it whilst there.

The visit was made in September 2009, and I had occasion to walk past Greengates almost two years later when I saw that it had since been sold and is now well-maintained and decorated, delightfully so in similar colours to the original ones.  

On one estate agent website, there was mention that it had been built in the early part of the 19th century, but I did wonder if maybe someone had noted the year on the joke plaque and had taken it literally!

I found it difficult to date. However, some aspects coincide with the Edwardian period at the beginning of the 20th century, notably the front veranda with balcony above, plus the wide door entrance, with another balcony above that. The windows are of the Edwardian style, and it looks as though new frames were fitted some time later. The original, small windows may have contained leaded stained glass. But please don't quote me on the dating, as I'm by no means any expert, and may have got it wrong.

I only took these five photos, which may also be seen in the Photo Gallery album.

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