Past Remains

A view of yesterday from today

Farm Graveyard, Colyford, Devon

This is just up the road from where I live and is a great place for taking photos of delightful rural rust and abandoned farm machinery. Some machinery is obviously still in use, moves around or disappears and subsequently replaced with others now and then, but my favourites are the old things that have been left to decay into the undergrowth.

It's also a fabulous area for blackberry picking...can't beat apple and blackberry pies for delicious autumn puds! 

I've visited several times and the photos are a selection from two or three separate occasions. The photo of the derelict tractor (above) is one of my all time favourites and was taken on a cloudy, moist, summer's day.

At the entrance to the field is a huge pile of bricks beneath the brambles and other vegetation, where some pieces of machinery have been left, along with old bales of hay.

Amongst the bricks is the delightful remains of a 1970's style wrought iron table. That and the bricks made me wonder if a house had been demolished here some time ago.

On a later visit, some of the undergrowth had been cut back to reveal a circular saw along with a very rusty tank.

Another later addition, below, was this trailer. Although only there within a short time since a previous visit, it looks as though it was abandoned years ago.

I had another look whilst walking past some time later, and it's been changed quite drastically. Many of the trees between the field and the main road have been cut down, and most of the machinery has been removed. All except for the wonderful old tractor and the horsebox.

More photos along with these can also be seen in the Photo Gallery album.

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