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The Eden Project, St Austell, Cornwall
(In Memory of Betty English, 1943 - 2009)

The Eden Project is a unique experience of the relationship we have with the world's eco-system of plants. Set in the abandoned remains of one of St Austells clay quarries, it includes the world's largest geodesic domes which contain two distinct environments...a jungle environment in the Humid Tropical Biome and a Warm Temperate Biome featuring Mediterranean, South African and Californian landscaping with it's relevant plant species. Extensive grounds surrounding the biomes include landscaped terraces and gardens.

Although I don't usually include tourist places on my website, being more interested in architecture and places that are abandoned, unusual or more off the beaten track, this is such a truly remarkable place that it's well worth sharing. It's also very apt for a memorial to my late sister, as we and my brother-in-law visited together, of which more about that later.

The Humid Biome is very hot indeed. There are taps at frequent intervals to replenish the water lost through sweating...which can be quite extensive...and there is an emergency hut for those who are overcome by the heat and taken ill. Papyrus plants can be seen in the photo above.


Wonderfully quirky figures in the Temperate Biome, representing Greek Mythology (below). 

Outside, below, can be seen Hop essential ingredient of beer.! ;)

Although I'm not into portraiture photography, apart from the odd snap of friends and family...and I don't usually include people on my website...nevertheless, I'm including this one of my sister and brother-in-law. They came over from Australia in 2003 for a holiday, and we visited the Eden Project together, which we thoroughly enjoyed. Sadly, my sister died in 2009, and I felt that this would be a fitting memorial for her. Bon voyage, Betty. :)

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