Past Remains

A view of yesterday from today

Couchill Woods, Seaton, Devon

This is a wonderful place for a walk. Although I've walked along the road past some of these woods often before, my first visit to this particular wood further along was only a few years ago in 2007. Even then I didn't venture inside, but walked around the perimeter along the lanes, where I came across an odd metal utility box. After some research, I discovered that it may have been an emergency phone box, now left abandoned and redundant due to the widespread use of mobile phones. 

Originally a plantation of Forestry Commission trees, it has been left for nature to take it's course and is now mature and full of undergrowth and woodland plants with a public footpath running through it. After seeing on the OS Map that an abandoned reservoir was situated here, I had a wander inside the wood during June 2009 in order to try and find it, but was unable to locate it.

Since then, I'd had a map drawn up for me by the son of a friend who used to explore it when young, after a chance conversation about the area. Apparently, there were also a couple of other buildings here; an old water ram housing and another building connected to the reservoir. I didn't get around to visiting it again until April 2011, but sadly there's no sign of the buildings, apart from a couple of new water utility ones, and I still can't make out where the reservoir once was. Despite that, however, it's such a gorgeous place to visit and the views are just incredibly beautiful.

The photos are a mix of those two visits. Foxgloves from June 2009 above, and bluebells below, from the April 2011 visit.

I also took photos along the way, where other sections of woods which have been left to mature can be seen lining the roads and lanes; the trees incredibly soft and feathery with Spring growth.


Oddly enough, two baskets had been left by the stream running through the valley. My first thought was that they'd been used for gathering water cress. However, I later heard that farmers use baskets like this to put feed out for their sheep.  It made a very charming picture for a photo.

And finally, a self-portrait taken during the 2009 visit. I'd left my camera on the ground and ran down towards the gate. This one came out okay, but my first attempt showed me still trotting down the hill!

More photos, along with these, can be seen in the Photo Gallery album.

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