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Abandoned Cottage Conversion, Colyford, Devon

I came across these cottages whilst on a walk in 2007. Originally two cottages, conversion had begun at some point to make them into one dwelling. However, it was obvious that work had ceased some time ago, and  remained that way for a long time, until 2015 when it was finished and once again inhabited.

The two staircases belonging to each separate cottage were still extant when I visited, although they weren't safe enough to use. I managed to climb half-way up one then noticed that it was coming away from the wall, so a quick couple of photos and a hasty - and very careful - retreat back down was in order!

There were some interesting bits and bobs remaining inside, with wonderfully bizarre colours on the walls where the various layers have peeled back, and the building itself is delightful.  The 'venetian blinds' above are wooden slats nailed across the outside of the window frames.

It was very dark inside so I didn't really note everything until I'd had my film processed and saw the prints. The lead grate, above, was a total surprise and the 'object d'art' on the mantlepiece turned out to be a small bale of chicken wire.

More colours, an old wooden chair and a crock pot on the window sill.

A self-portrait in a mirror on the window ledge of another downstairs room, complete with an old alarm clock and lots of cobwebs. Below is the only photo I managed to get of an upstairs room before the stairs threatened to collapse!

The next photo shows some cute cubby holes in the adjoining wall between the two cottages. Whilst taking this one I saw a dark shadow and had the odd feeling of someone standing behind me. There was nobody there, and I know from experience that sometimes the 'shadow' effect can happen whilst using a camera. Mind, it did spook me a bit so I felt it was time to leave.  

And below shows one of the boarded-up windows on the front of the building. 

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