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A view of yesterday from today

Water Treatment Plant, Colyford, Devon

I'm absolutely fascinated by these sites and as I was taking a walk past, and the gate was open, well, it seemed rude not to accept the invitation! I managed to have a reasonable mooch around and take quite a few photos before I was rumbled and escorted off the premises by a very nice bloke. During our conversation he told me that South West Water will quite happily allow anyone to view these sites, as long as they apply beforehand to ensure that they can be shown around by an operative for health and safety reasons. Something to consider for future explores.

It was a gorgeously sunny, albeit freezing cold, winter afternoon with the moon in the sky, as can be seen above.

The circular settling tanks (also known as sedimentation or sand filtration tanks) contain layers of anthracite, sand and gravel. As the name suggests, they are used to filter out sediment from the water.

And some half a mile or so downstream from the plant, at the edge of Colyford village, is this lovely tiny water pumping station (below).

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