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Colcombe Mill, Colyton, Devon

Situated eastwards on the edge of the town, and just below the remains of Colcombe Castle, the aptly named Colcombe Mill was one of several mills that provided for Colyton. It was originally a corn mill, but was later used to supply electricity to the town when a turbine was installed in the early 20th century.

No longer used as a working mill, it is now residential, although parts of the building are clearly unused and have been left slightly derelict. The original wheels, which was connected to machinery at one time, along with a large millstone, the mill race and a gorgeous old sluice gate (below), are all still remaining.


The mill leat starts at Lexhayne, coming down through the valley and passing through the block-built mill race (below), from where it runs across the fields to join up with the Rivers Coly and Umborne at Umborne Bridge.   


The door on the upper floor (below) would have had a winch for loading and unloading the raw materials and produce.

Most of the building is wonderfully preserved with lots of interesting details. It was just by chance that led me past it. Seeing the wheel on the front made me think to stop and look at it properly on my way back again, and I'm really glad I did as the hidden details are a pure delight.


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