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St Andrew's Community Hall, Charmouth, Dorset

Wandering around Charmouth in March 2009, this building caught my eye because of its unusual shape and the angled buttresses along the side. According to the date stone it was built in 1910, which fits in nicely with the architectural style. I rather liked the building and it's interesting features, especially the front doors with the remains of just one, damaged but lovely, leaded stained glass window. 

Originally the church hall, it belonged to the church of St Andrew. Following the hall's closure it was handed over to the village to manage. Although not taking the place of the already existing village hall, it does have more capacity and therefore able to accommodate larger community events and indoor sports such as badminton. In 2012 an extension was added to the front, enabling access for the disabled, as well as for more facilities. The frontage looks quite similar to the original, but sadly the front door windows have no decorative stained glass, although they do contain square leaded lights which looks rather nicer than just plain glass.

The foundation stone with the words 'To the glory of God, and the benefit of this holy church, this stone was laid on December 31st 1910". This original stone, along with a time capsule of the same date, were kept and installed in the new front wall.

The architectural details are commensurate with the Edwardian house style, the middle of which era it was built. One of the most notable things is the Mock Tudor facing on the front gable. More unusual are the angled buttresses; the occasional one was used on the odd Arts & Crafts style house in suburban garden developments, but here it's been used in abundance...and to good effect I feel.  


And below, an oblique view showing the angled buttresses, and a nice touch in the form of a small boat used as a decorative planter.

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