Past Remains

A view of yesterday from today

Cats Ash Farm, Newport, South Wales

I visited this site in February 2008 along with friends whilst on an urban exploring meet. The history is a bit scanty, but a planning application  in 2004 revealed that it was a grade-listed building. However, it was very derelict when we had a look around. Another source says that  the land on and surrounding belonged to Terry Mathews, owner of the Celtic Manor and hoster of the 2010 Ryder Cup. Apparently, the farm cannot be demolished because bats are roosting there. However, later reports on urbex websites showed extensive damage due to arson.

The farmhouse, above and below.

The living room, above.  I can't remember exactly what the wording said, scrawled above the fireplace, but it was a fierce invective against the presumably written by the former tenants. The photo below was taken in one of the bedrooms.

The rest of the photos were taken in the barn and outbuildings.

Album with these and more photos can be seen in the Photo Gallery.

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