Past Remains

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Lime Kilns, Budleigh Salterton, Devon

As can be seen on the sign, there were many lime kilns all along the Devon & Dorset coast at one time. Very few remain, but these ones in Budleigh Salterton have been preserved to remind us that they were used to produce lime as fertiliser for farms.

There were also other industries that relied upon the use of kilns, such as the production of cement and brickmaking. One such kiln can be seen in Charmouth, West Dorset, at the rear of what used to be the brick factory (now used as the heritage centre).

Kilns at Sidmouth, further along the coast towards the east in Devon, were made into a boat house with a pulley system to bring boats up the cliff. Now a cafe, the metal hooks from the pulley can still be seen at the top of a truly impressive building in the side of the cliff. Sadly, a cement factory at Axmouth Harbour (further east) has gone, along with part of the harbour mole where ships unloaded for the warehouses that were situated there.

There doesn't appear to have been any building connected to the Budleigh lime kilns, although if there was it has also gone. It's good to see that the kilns have been preserved, though. Another lovely reminder of the past.


These, plus one more, were the only photos that I took, but they can also be viewed in the Photo Gallery album.

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