Past Remains

A view of yesterday from today

Beer Limestone Quarry, Beer, Devon

This abandoned quarry was originally called the New Quarry and began it's life sometime before 1883, when work in the Old Quarry (now a tourist attraction called the Beer Quarry Caves) gradually began to be phased out. The Old Quarry was exclusively underground, whereas this one not only shows evidence of underground workings, but also later outside excavations together with the relatively recent buildings...workshops, stores, site office and loading sheds.

Now known simply as Beer Quarry, these workings are on the north side of the road, and separate from the original Old Quarry. In recent years it has been worked by Hanson Aggregates and is now completely abandoned.

Above is the rock face, at first glance looking like a fort. The interior, below.

Below is this amazing workshop, complete with several pieces of machinery, lifting gear and various tools.

And as befits coastal Devon, it wouldn't be complete without a boat!

And, inside an extremely dark storeroom leading off from the workshop...this funky little grinder machine.

One of the loading sheds, below.

Inside the Site Office. Welcome to Beer Quarry! 

And finally for now, this delightful  little metal barrow.

More photos can be seen in the Photo Gallery album and I will be adding more photos and information to the page when I've got a moment.

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