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WW2 Beach Battery, Beer, Devon

One that I photographed in 2007, the batch of film was old and turned out badly...slightly alleviated through extensive tweaking...and I did go back to take other photos in the winter of 2010. However, I thought I'd keep the first set for the record, along with the later ones...some of which turned out somewhat blue, so not all that much better really! ;)

The above photo (one of the originals) shows the battery from the approach along the beach. It blends in quite well against the background of limestone cliffs. The pic below shows that it's situated at the bottom of the slip road from the village to the beach, in what is known as Charlie's Yard.

I haven't been able to find anything about this particular emplacement. Unlike the battery at Axmouth Harbour, this appears to have had no large embrasure suitable for wheeling in a big gun, unless it has been bricked up. However, four loopholes remain on the eastern side and one on the southern wall. There is no access inside and being a short woman of only 5' 2", I was unable to look through the openings.

Above, a close-up of the east side embrasures. The south side embrasure is shown below.


I'm not sure how much of the edifice contained the battery, but there are no visible signs to suggest any blocked entrances. However, the view (below) taken on the approach from the village, shows an entry which enables access to the roof of the battery, therefore covering what would have been the north side, where the entrance would have been. The roof is now a picnic area with benches and a telescope.

Below, some views from the top...

...which wouldn't be complete without a seagull! ;)

Looking over onto the beach.

And the last photo below, shows a view of the beach taken from the position of the battery embrasures.

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