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Village Hall, Axmouth, Devon

This Grade II listed building was once the village school and now serves as the village hall. The later addition of a gabled porch bears a shield above the door with the date 1894 to show when the porch was added, but the building itself was built circa 1840. Like many buildings in this area it is built with stone rubble, and has a slate roof with stone coping to the gable ends.

The first two photos were taken on one of my previous visits to St Michael's church, next door. The rest were taken when I went to see an exhibition of Axmouth's village history, held in the hall during the spring of 2011.

The porch, below, which was added some 50 years after the original build, and which includes a rather grand three light window with intersecting tracery. 

The gable end facing the road contains a two light Y-tracery window, below, which I think looks lovely in it's simplicity and is more in keeping with the style of the building. 

Across the courtyard is this funky little building. I don't know what it's used for now, but I suspect that it was once a toilet block for the pupils when the hall was a school. It reminds me of my infant school, when using the loo meant a nice walk out in the sun...or a run across the playground during rain and cold weather.

Below, a view of St Michael's where the south and west sides of the hall abut the churchyard.

And a view of the south gable end taken from the churchyard.

As well as the playground, the interior also reminded me of my old school due to the long room running throughout the length of the building and a partitioning screen part-way along. I also took some other interior photos, but they were too blurred to use. I'll take some more and add them when I visit again.

And, to round off my visit to the exhibition, I sat and enjoyed coffee with a huge slice of chocolate cake...visible by it's absence on the plate. ;)

There are only these few photos in the Photo Gallery album so far, but I'll add some more if I manage to make another visit sometime in the future.

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