Past Remains

A view of yesterday from today

Webster's Garage, Axminster, Devon

I recall seeing this building as an indoor market where there were stalls for various things, but only went in once to buy some flowers. However, this one particular day (late Autumn 2008), I walked past and saw that it was boarded up and due for demolition, so I took a few photos. I wasn't able to find anything about this place or its history at the time but since discovered that it was originally Webster's Garage, due to a local newspaper article decrying it as an eyesore. Plans to use the hoarding for a mural depicting Axminster Town came into fruition, then it was eventually demolished in 2016, both before I even thought about visiting again. So these are the only photos I have of it's recent history.

Small shops were situated either side of the main building. If I remember correctly one of these was an hairdressers and I seem to recall that the other sold watches and jewellery, although that's just a vague impression so please don't quote me on that. These too had been closed ready for demolition.

The photos below were taken from the car park which abuts the side of the building. The glass roof had mostly gone, leaving only the skeletal supports. The area is now a car park. I'm not sure if the wall has been taken down to enlarge the existing car park or if it's a separate one, but I'll write it up accordingly when I have chance to have a look.

These and a few more photos can also be seen in the Photo Gallery album.

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