Past Remains

A view of yesterday from today

Farm near Axminster, Devon

A friend of mine lives in a mobile home on this farm, and knowing of my love for all things rural and/or derelict, I was given an invite to visit. It is a working farm, but a small section has been left unused and allowed to decay. As on all farms, even the well-used parts have that delightful combination of rust, wood, grass and dried mud along with cobbled-together outbuildings. And on this farm, the stunning views of the lovely Blackdown Hills. 

Abandoned cattle feeder (above), on it's way to becoming overgrown and creating delightful shadows against the corrugated-patched barn, seen below.

An unused pigsty, below.

A delightful cameo of an ancient watering can standing next to a cane fruit growing in a plastic bucket.

I haven't discovered anything about the farm, not even it's name or where it is exactly, as I was collected and driven there and back. I have lost touch with my friend over the years, but occasionally bump into him, so if I see him again I'll try and remember to ask. For the sake of privacy I won't add the details, but at least it might enable me to find out it's history.

A long-abandoned trough above, and below is a view of the distant Blackdown Hills. Altogether a lovely walk around an interesting farm and beautiful surroundings.

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