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A view of yesterday from today

Alma Bridge, Sidmouth, Devon

A delightful little foot bridge spanning the River Sid in Sidmouth, it was named after the Battle of Alma during the Crimean War and was built to connect the west side of the river with the cliff path on the east.

Taken from Alma Bridge and a short walk further upstream, the first few photos show the River Sid as it runs towards the mouth out into the sea.

The photo below shows the continual erosion which occurs. I took these photos in 2009, and you can see how parts of the cliff had fallen into the river. Since then, more erosion has caused a slippage at the east end of Alma bridge, threatening cliff top houses and the coastal footpath. 

Below is the run off into the sea through a shingle bar.

I made another visit in 2011, after reading about  further erosion exposing the remains of Sidmouth Tunnel. Never used, it was built by the Sidmouth Harbour Company with the intention of a narrow gauge railway running through in order to carry stone to build a harbour and two piers at Chit Rocks. Unfortunately, it was a failed venture and the tunnel was the only part built.

The opening was exposed during the winter of 2010, and I was hoping to see it and take photos. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it, despite walking along the eastern beach for some way...and it may have been covered over once more by subsequent cliff falls. However, I've included some photos of the cliffs to show the extent of erosion.

The photo above shows where part of the cliff path and fence has fallen. There have been other falls since then, with further erosion of the cliff top and path.

These and a few other photos can be seen in the Photo Gallery album.

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