Welcome to FotballDVD. I collect historic and contemporary futbol games on DVD. Click on links above or below to see my collection.

I NEVER collect DVDs that are sourced from DIVX/XVID/AVI/SD-MP4. All of my games are sourced from TV, VHS, or Satellite/Cable. I do not want games sourced from DIVX/XVID/AVI/SD-MP4. Please note that once a VOB file has been compressed to create a smaller file that file can be converted back to VOB but the quality is lost and can't be regained.

I rate all of my DVDs: 

10 (Best quality: direct from Satellite/cable or commercial)

9 or 9.5 (Excellent quality: usually superior quality for an older match or received from a trader who I know records directly from cable or satellite to DVD-R)

8.5 (Good)

8 (Good-)

7.5 (Average)

7 (Average-)

6.5 (Poor+)

6 (Poor)

5 (Very poor but watchable) 

Everything from 4 down to 1 (so poor that the game is really only of interest to a fan of that team or a collector who is interested in the DVD as an historical artifact).



Please note that I do not update this Web site as often as I would like, but I receive and record new games almost every day. Email me for an updated list. Codes preceding games, such as DVD/HD or HD, are not referencing High Definition/Standard Definition; rather, these notes are about storage. For notes about HD or SD, see NOTES at the end of each listing. Obviously DVDs are all SD images even if sourced from HD broadcasts.


Last Update: 13 March 2017

DISCLAIMER: I am a collector of classic football/futbol/soccer matches. My interests in these games are aesthetic, experiential, and historic. I expect that any contact you have with me is motivated by the same reasons. 


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