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Protocol For Lymph Health/ A Mucus Free Diet

Posted on March 30, 2016 at 2:55 AM

The Lymphatic System is known as the tree of life within the body! This includes your Spleen,
Our Lymph and Blood Cleanser is one of the best cleansing product that I have taken.

Thymus, Tonsils, Lymph nodes and Lymph vessels, which carry Lymph fluid to bathe every tissue. Lymph fluid carries nutrients, lymphocytes and oxygen to tissues as it carries away waste and toxins. Your blood has your heart muscle to pump it, but your Lymph fluid requires movement from the muscles in your whole body to move it around! It acts as a kind of continuous cleansing system at the cellular level in your body! A healthy Lymphatic System is key to a healthy Immune System.


To have and maintain a healthy Lymphatic system, it is very important to eat a clean, live food diet, drink plenty of the purest water you can, and get regular moderate exercise and rest.


By a clean, live food diet I mean no processed grains. No baked goods. (overheating grains renders the calcium in them toxic) Only whole grains low in gluten, and seeds, like Amaranth, Brown Rice, Buckwheat, Chia, Flax, Kamut, Millet, Whole Oats, Ouinoa, and Spelt should be eaten. Corn, Soy and Wheat are to be avoided. Sprouting and soaking grains in room temperature or hot water is good. Boiling or baking above 105 degrees kills the live enzymes in your foods. You want the enzymes in your foods to be alive because YOU are alive and want to stay that way! Seeds and nuts are wonderful complete foods. Choose the most beneficial for your blood type. Peanuts are to be avoided. All Dairy ( unless it is RAW) and processed sugars are to be avoided. Honey, Molasses, and Maple Syrup are OK.


Fresh fish, again the most beneficial for your blood type, wild caught, or sardines packed in water are good. Organic chicken or turkey is also good. No eggs or salt, please! There is enough natural sodium in the raw veggies. You are going to be getting plenty of protein in this diet without meat!


Your fruits and vegetables should be mostly raw or lightly steamed, and as local and organic as possible. Most pesticides are metabolized into estrogens and other toxic substances your body does not need.. If you know your blood type choose the most beneficial for your type. Fresh live/raw juices are also great! Green Smoothies are also wonderful for your Lymph system!


To be completely sure that you are getting all the nutrients that your body requires to be at optimal health, take Herb Power 21 everyday! It is a combination of special herbs that contain all the known vitamins, essential minerals, amino acids and enzymes. Because the Herbs are raw and flash frozen, the enzymes are still alive. Being made from Herbs, which are foods created by God, the nutrients are more bio-available than those in most commercial supplements made with synthetic chemicals and ground up rocks and acids. Herb Power 21 addresses the health of every organ and system in your body! Make sure you drink half (1/2) of your body weight in ounces of water daily. This allows the Lymph fluid, as well as the other fluids in your body to be able to flow and do their jobs. An example would be a person weighing 100 pounds drinking 50 ounces of water daily.


A lack of exercise does not allow the Lymph fluid to flow and carry away waste products and debris from your cells, so cellular breakdown is more likely to occur. Your tissues become toxic. Tissues form organs, and your whole body becomes toxic.


Regular walking, Dry Skin Brushing with a natural fiber skin brush, and regular exercise are very important. Attached to this are some specific Lymph system exercises. Jump for Joy! Jump rope! 
Jump up and down and be silly! Add FUN, yes... FUN to your day!


Regular Detoxing of your whole body and colon are imperative! You clean the outside of your body, you need to clean your insides too! At least twice a year is good, but quarterly with the change of seasons is best. Our Super Herbal Body Cleanse is the best, most thorough cleanse on the market. It is the only one that targets cleaning the Lymph System. Start with 1-2 capsules with 16 ounces of water30 minutes before bed. Take another 1-2 in the morning with at least 16 ounces of water. Depending on how regular your bowel movements are, gradually increase the number of capsules & water until you are going 3 times every day. Maintain this for 30 days for a thorough detox cleanse.


A process called Oil Pulling is also very good to help your body get rid of toxins. Every morning before you brush your teeth (with Herb Power 21) swish a teaspoon of extra virgin pure olive oil, or oil that is beneficial for your blood type. Swish it around and around in between your teeth for 10-20

minutes, then spit out into a napkin, so you won’t clog your pipes with oil. This removes bacteria, viruses& toxins, while bathing your teeth, gums and mouth tissues with those wonderful essential fatty acids.


Bathe in pure non chlorinated water when necessary, but most Americans bathe much too often! Dry Skin Brushing is really sufficient, when you are eating a clean diet & detoxing regularly! When you wish to, you can use essential oils for fragrance or to help in purification. Geranium, Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemon, Lemongrass, Lime, Orange and Tangerine oils are excellent for the Lymph System! Our pure, raw Shea Butter is also good for the skin! A great skin and Lymph cleanser is made by combining in a glass container with a tight lid:

½ cup Raw Shea Butter,

1 ½ cups Epsom Salts,

and 5-8 drops essential oils


Exercise is very important, but there must be a balance,. Overwork is not good for your health in general! You must be sure to get at least eight hours of sound sleep every night, and regular days off to rest. Rest, Relaxation and Recreation are necessary for your body to rebuild itself! Our Great Creator designed our bodies to rest once a week! If you were to check your pulse every day, you would find that every seven (7) days it is slower! So get enough rest for your body to repair and renew itself!


Spiritual and emotional health are also important to your overall health! Keep a positive outlook!
Focus on the GOOD! Let everything you think about be positive and have a joyful attitude! I don’t mean “pie in the sky” but there is always something good in every situation! Have fun! Look for joy and laughter! Keep a smile on your face & make people wonder what you are up to! Have a thankful heart and a song in your heart! Spend time in prayer, sharing your heart with God and spending time in His presence! Read Scripture everyday! This will help keep your mind renewed and on good and pure things, like Philippians chapter four verse 8 says to do!

Also let every word you say be true, helpful, important, and kind! If what you want to say does not fit this, don’t say it! THINK before you speak and ask God for something that is fit to say.


Do things for others. Do things with the outlook that what you are doing is bigger than yourself and will outlast you. It’s not about you, but using your special gifts and talents that make you valuable!

If you follow this advice, then everything you do should be more beneficial to yourself and those around you, as well as more pleasing to our Great Creator!


Love, Blessings and Best wishes! Thank you for allowing me to help you on your journey to

Better Health!

Dr. Faith



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