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Diary Notes 2021: 

In reverse order so most recent posts are the first seen:

17th January 2021: Sunny morning. Bill throwing socks at Dominic Raab being disingenuous on the television. Hardly worth a brick unless in person. Our chimney is wicking water into the house, has been slated for repair since February 2020 and when chased up in October the contractor said not in touch in case didn't want it done, duh! Fingers crossed can now fit us in.(Rather than go to the end of someone else's list). Joe Wicks, Sheila went for a walk. Tony Shevlin has composed a lockdown song. Very folkie in comparison with his usual style. Taz Tarry  has been in touch asking to use a YT video of Redbornstoke Morris in their archive, (with credit and a link), needless to say it is a delight when posts find a friend for whatever reason. I noticed that Taz has played at Blaxhall ship in the past. Bill posted a FB sketch of 'Charlie' by Sylvain Piron. Sylvain was interviewed by Gary Chapin and was uncomfortable being described as a teacher, in context that "I do not feel like a........ teacher. I just give advice to beginners and take action to encourage them, but I miss two major qualities for a teacher: pedagogy and technicality. My .....technique is not to be imitated because I have a lot of bad habits. ...... it is the sound which interests me, not the way you produce it. Nevertheless, I like to gather people for playing together and share that music. " Bill identifies with that quote regardless the instrument. The full interview in three parts is interesting in other ways but that sentence leapt out.

16th January 2021: Snowday! Sheila has a zoom conference. Jasmine enjoying snow in the garden. Bill guitar, Anglo, mandolin. We finished binge watching ‘Spiral’ series 8, seven to go!

15th January 2021: Oldies fitness with Joe Wicks: Bill received his introduction pack from the International Concertina Association. Comic, stickers and membership card. Noticed that Alan Day has recently re-joined. Sheila reading dense tracts in time for a zoom conference tomorrow. We managed a few tunes. Bill's prescription review has a blood test outcome so a visit to a health centre in prospect. Sheila sending seeds (by request) to Shirley H and Margarette B , still working on gloves for Leah.

14th January 2021: We had an appraisal and estimate on our silver birches which were butchered a couple of years ago. Agreed quote and they are coming next week. News of more deaths one step removed. Holly had her first 'jab' today, (ahead of we oldies, occupational). FB friend request from Tom Hardy, Tom and Emma in the vanguard of the Essex folk music community, a fantastic guitarist.

13th January 2021: usual regular activity. Guitar, Mandolin and Anglo pm. Inertia Reel Zoom around very enjoyable. (We played Dink's Song, Home is where the Heart is and Withered and Died). Sorry to hear that Ian Whalley has died. Active in the early days of Ipswich Folk Club, as admin and enthusiast. No view on mixed messages around how that period ended, we caught up again later in life as friends. Apparently 18th December 2020 having contracted Covid in hospital where being treated for unrelated matter.

12th January 2021:  Sheila took Jorja for a walk while Leah had a tooth pulled. Bill looked at videos about how to deal with a slow speaking concertina reed and after lunch braved the innards, fingers crossed. People who are less cack handed and work on instruments every day say it is easy, but. the box was fettled by AC Norman in 2014. A small reed so fiddly. At least it came apart and went together again. Braver next time! Sunny afternoon.Reviewed Lockdown #1 tunes. We had a singaround in the evening. Watched KT Tunstall documentary about Ivor Cutler on Sky Arts.

11th January 2021: Pressure ramped up. Solitaire, Crossword, wordsearch, Sudoku. Mandolin and Anglo. Listened to HosepipeBand/Martin Newell interview on Chelmsford Community Radio. Sheila knitting gloves for Leah. Snow in Madrid, hope you are ok Derek. Spotify 'Discover Weekly' algorithm delivered excellent results, RIRO but copes well with our eclectic taste!.

10th January 2021: Sheila walked with Leah. Bill played some Anglo and Mandolin. The Lachenal GD has a slow reed, may have to wait a month or two for a visit to repair.

9th January 2021: An unremarkable day, played no music, (otherwise unremarkable). Walked across the heath together, cold and crowded, lots of dogs.

7th/8th January 2021: Solitaire, Crossword, wordsearch, Sudoku. Bill tried the new tyre out with a short (exhausting) round the block. Sheila enjoyed Norwich Slow Tunes session.  a few new tunes in progress, including mandolin.

6th January 2021: Sheila working most of the day but partially stymied by an EE outage. Bill's phone seems to have simply died! Bill spent a couple of hours looking for 'tab' online only to find it on the shelf at home. Usual story! The library wins. Quote of the day: Sheila Hancock (i) "As for the political situation, some of the things that are happening are very much like the build up to the Second World War. The mass hysteria, worshipping cartoon figures,and putting faith in unworthy people - it's very dangerous."  Echoes the last post of 2020 here and other similar. Sheila started to clean the camper but it may need more attention than a wet mop can provide at the moment. Enjoyable zoom singaround with Inertia Reel. (We played Country Boy, hesitation Blues and Crazy Man Michael)

5th January 2021:a.m. we tried a 'silver sneakers' easy workout, (30 mins), Bill retired after the warm up, Sheila completed the course but perhaps a 'first' step too far. Sheila had a work meeting, and we had a joint chiropractic appointment pm. Had a go at a Joe Wicks 'old folks' ten minute workout which we both managed. We had a sing around, tried out 'The Island' and a few very early songs. 

4th January 2021: rainy, dark day. Holly popped over for a walk after tea, Bill had a look through her 'personal statement' in support of a Social Work MA, (at her request). Bill popped to Tesco, almost as emotionally stressful as trips out at the beginning of the pandemic. A bit like driving, safety dependent on the sense or folly of strangers. Lockdown from Wednesday.

3rd January 2021: watched the PM BS'd his way through an interview with Marr, Bill ran out of tomatoes to lob at the screen before realising that they will not now be easily replaced out of season, but that having spent days waiting for border checks they will be lobbably soft for next time.! Sheila decided to address the flat tyre on Bill’s bicycle and brought it in. Seems to be the press valve core, a replacement tube from Halfords came with a prepacked puncture, (refunded at a process cost greater than initial outlay). Eventually settled for Bill’s usual first option to find a repairer and pay for skills. Sorted. Took ten minutes after our initial five hours. Sheila interested in learning 'The Island' by Paul Brady.

2nd January 2021: Sheila working on admin, Bill looking at some more 'new' tunes. Had a look at Val Woollard's Gurkha March, which is a clever tune. referenced to bagpipes by Val's notes, Bill was hearing a brisk highland pipe march, (think 'Black Bear'), but when he listened to the Hosepipe Band version it is played as a moody slow march. Also looked at some Nigel Chippendale, Brian Peters and Nick BArber tunes. No urgency. This month's primary post is up. Another tune on the stocks is Bouchard's Quadrille, but so far failed to find the four part version.

1st January 2021: Happy New Year! Happy Birthday Dave Tricker and Paul Burrows: Stanley Johnson is applying for French citizenship, 'Stay European' is formalising as a subscription organisation, (pending political party?). Some nice feedback from Bill's FB post of Mike Garland's tune. The tune also fits this month’s Melnet theme so recorded on melodeons and posted in that context alongside the tune of the month. Sheila is stitching the jumper she has knitted for Bill. Very colourful. See Sheila's FB page.