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We have a fly tying operation employing about a 30 experianced tiers.

We are at present negociating for a license with the Thai government that allows us to import raw materials without tariffs but we have to prove that all the materials are subsequently exported as finished flies. When obtained there would be a rigorous accounting of the materials in stock.

Each tier is issued the materials necessary to tie the flies they are assigned. Each fly must be tied to match the prototypical fly.
We supply materials in batches sufficient to tie 5 dozen flies.
That is the minimum batch for a tier. The tiers specialize in the flies they tie. Some tie only dries or nymphs others only saltwater, and others steelhead and salmon patterns, etc.

Some workers only sort hackle, separating them by color and size. Others do the same with the other materials, as dubbing  etc,. We weigh the dubbing out in grams and supply only the amount necessary to tie up the 5 dozen flies. They have color charts and materials specifications so that the materials are consistent batch to batch.
Some materials we buy but some we manufacture - more on that later.

The hooks are counted out and every hook is accounted for. We have a section whose only function is to catalogue, distribute and account for the hooks. Another section does only the epoxy work and our epoxy heads are perfect with no bubbles.

The tiers submit their flies and every fly is catalogued as to the pattern, size and the tier. We have the ability to place a UPC code on individual flies if the buyer desires it.

Some believe that the commercial tiers use inexpensive products such as grade 3 Whiting necks. "Correction". Our operation uses grade I and II Whiting necks, and high quality hooks. We use the best quality materials. Exortics makes only the highest quality flies. 

This is the future of fly tieing. The workers specialize in one job, and they are experts in it. If you grade hackle for 8 hours a day.
every day for 10 years, you become better at grading hackle than almost anybody else on earth.

The attention to detail is incredible. Because of the computerization and the need to catalog material and production, we are now going to do a study to see how many flies can be tied from a specific material. We will know, for example, how many dry flies of various sizes they can get from a grizzly Whiting #1 neck vs a #2 neck, or if there is a difference between the #1 Dun necks or #1 Grizzly neck as to the number and quality of flies that each one will provide.

Dont be surprised at the amount of care and detail that goes into a commercial operation even samll as this size. It is a factory in the truest sense of the word where raw materials come in one end and consistent, high quality products come out of the other. If you have the opportunity to visit us.Please do so.

Goody Fishing and Tightlines.



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