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  is our quarterly magazine of new highwire poetry "to surprise and delight".

      Started in 1997, Obsessed With Pipework (aka OWP, possibly pronounced "audible whoopee") continues to invite, and to attract, submissions of first-class poems from both established poets and absolute beginners from all parts of the English-speaking world.

Annual subscription £12.

Publication dates are at the beginning of February, May, August & November.

Consult back issues as part of the Poetry Library's online-searchable archive at http://www.poetrymagazines.org.uk

Our address is 8 Abbot's Way, Pilton, Somerset BA4 4BN

Email charles.johnson72@aol.co.uk



Here's what poets have said about our magazine:



“Yes, you are a very perceptive editor. I have friends who have also found your comments very helpful, even when their submissions were turned down. That is also the feedback I get in London when I meet people at the Poetry Society. The work you are doing is appreciated” – Graham Mummery


“Looks very professional nowadays, and the quality of the content is very high. Keep up the good work” – William Danes-Volkov


“Nice to get issue 15 of Obsessed…thanks very much for the layout of my poems, particularly for Tongues, which uses a lot of space” – Claire Crowther


“I am very pleased with the way my poem has been laid out and look forward to reading the rest of the issue” – Mary Michaels


“When I read through the other poems in ‘Obsessed’, I felt very honoured to be keeping them company! There is such a lot of really interesting and original work there – I think I’ll have to subscribe to the next four issues.

Appearing in your magazine made me feel like a ‘real’ poet, though to be honest there was also a feeling of being a bit of an intruder in such company”

– Christine Coleman


            “The magazine looks fantastic as always”                                                                                            – L Kiew



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