Aussies Little River Band

Aussie's Little River Band to flow through Des Moines

by SARAH WOLF (Daily Currents Editor)

Issue date: 7/20/95l
What band that is making it big in the 90s is actually going to be around for the next generation to appreciate (or, in some cases, make fun of)? Most of today's music will disappear after MTV grows weary of them, and the bands will vanish into obscurity.

On that note, it would be safe to assume that a band that's been around for over two decades is around to stay; their music has struck a chord with audiences, and they've built up a loyal following. Little River Band has accomplished all of these things since their formation in 1975.

Based out of Australia, the band was the first from down under to become established as an international attraction. With a dozen albums under their belt, 20 million records sold and a current tour to support their Twentieth Anniversary Collection of Greatest Hits, they continue to make a name for themselves as chart-toppers.

They will make a stop in Des Moines at The Love Shack, located at 625 East Court Drive, this Saturday night for a 10 p.m. show.

While the years have juggled the members of Little River Band around, the current line-up consists of Glenn Shorrock as the voice, Beeb Birties and Graham Gobie with back-up vocals and guitar duties and Derek Pelicci poundin' the drums. Now, the touring band also includes singer/songwriters Tony Sciuto and Peter Beckett.

Fans and friends alike attribute Little River Band's longevity to the focus on vocals. "Singing is the main attraction," veteran producer John Boylan explained in a press release. "The lead voice is a powerful one and the harmonies are just gorgeous."

Shorrock agrees, but adds that the band's popularity after so many years also stems from the good, classic music that they play.

"That's really what a band is: team work," he explained. "We're not trend-setters, but we don't follow trends, and I think a large portion of the record-buying public is like that as well.

"They find a music that they like, and they stick with it. Fads come and go, but they're really not important musically to us. As long as it's played well and it sounds good, that's all we're worried about."

Little River Band has been playing to sold-out venues in some of America's largest cities, so snag tickets while they're still around. They cost $10 in advance at The Love Shack or through Ticketmaster, and $12 the day of the show. Doors open at 8 p.m., and an ID is required.

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