Featuring two original band members from the late 70's Peter Beckett/lead vocals and Ronn Moss/bass, Player gave two outstanding performances
on Friday and Saturday night at the Light House Bar, located in the heart of theTwin River Casino in Lincoln, R.I. 

Player is best known for their  #1 classic hit “Baby Come Back” from the 70's,  but they proved by their first 2007 tour dates that they are so much more than that. They still have the power to draw you in with their hypnotic sound, and shower you with sweet memories of good old rock n roll.  Beckett's unblemished vocals stand the test of time, perfection at it's finest, along with his expertise guitar riffs. Moss adds to the groove with his excellent bass playing and smooth backing harmonies. Player literally rocked the house with a combination of rock n roll, blues, soul, and the perfect touch of soft pop mixed in to set a lighter mood. They were also joined by Craig Pilo/drums, Ron Green/percussion, Ricky Zacharaides/guitar, and Ed Roth/keyboards. Pilo and Green had previously toured with Player in the early 2000’s.

Player is a breath of fresh air to experience live, restoring faith that heart touching lyrics, and soul reaching melodies, still do exist. No gimmicks…just talented musicians with a special gift; singing and playing their hearts out, along with sharing their passion and love of music with their audience. Player's song list included two harder edged pieces, “My Religion” and “Still of the Night”, from Peter’s solo cd self-titled ‘Beckett’(1991). From his song writing career of movie tunes, Player performed “Twist of Fate”(Two of A Kind), “Party”(Terminator III), and a remake of  Ledbetter's“Black Betty” (Basic). Possibly appearing on the new Beckett/Player cd in the future, Player slowed down the tempo with “Wash Away", only to come back with  another hip shaking-hand clapping jam called “Wild Side”… radio stations may want to pay close attention to this one.

About half way through the show, the band left the stage, leaving Ronn Moss to grace the crowd with his solo performance; a guitar solo written for his friend's wedding named"Moon Over Myassi", and Player's second hit song from their self-titled debut LP called "This Time I'm In It For Love". Moss mixed it up the second night singing "For The Rest Of My Life", from his first solo cd 'I'm Your Man' (2000).

Not to forget Player's history of "straight to the heart" melodies, the band performed "This Is Your Life" from their 'Lost In Reality' cd(1996), "It's For You" from 'Room With A View'(1980), and of course their love classic still heard all around the world today, "Baby Come Back", with Peter Beckett's phenonimal voice sending chills through the audience with his power packed high note finale. "House A Rockin" also brought down the house, bringing people to their feet, as well as to the dance floor.

Player is a band that definitely knows how to have a good time while doing what they love and do best, generously sharing these great moments with their audience....leaving the audience with a good feeling inside. The only down side to both nights is that Player didn't return back on stage to do an oncore. I, along with everyone there, didn't want this beautiful experience to ever end...we were ready for more!

If Player comes to a venue near you, please do yourself a favor and go see them perform. I promise you that you will not be disappointed...

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