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Flame Sama's Portal

...nothing but dust and echoes...

Welcome To Flame Sama's Portal!

Hello, my name is Tristan (aka Flame Sama), welcome to Flame Sama's Portal!

I write a lot in my spare time, most of what I write I post here,
poetry, lyrics, short stories, game reviews, rants, you name it.
Even a blog (I prefer calling it a base-bloggers are generally stupid).

Please, surf the site and read some of my work.
I don't always update, but when I do, it's awesome,
so enjoy the site and thank you for your time.

- Flame Sama, webastard.

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Later days.

I've had this site since 2006. I used to post on it rather frequently. A lot of my posts were about the first girl I ever fell in love with.

As of late, I really haven't had the ambition, imagination, or time for creative writing and ranting. The little social commentary I do get a chance to make goes onto my little Facebook project Nightcap.

So this post is nothing more than an official declaration that I'm pretty much done with this site. My profile is outdated, my posts are old and don't really reflect how I am now. And the time it would take to update all of this stuff just wouldn't pay off in the end. Some day I may return here, but I don't know.

I poured hours and hours of work into this site, making content for it and shifting content around, so I figured I owed it to myself to put an official seal on the time capsule that is FSP.

As always,
- FS

EDIT: If you want you read stuff here and are really interested in more current material, 
http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100000789135864 is probably the best way to get a hold of me.

UPDATE: 02/13

I added three Bored posts.Food for thought-lay the fuck off McCartney, Stay In School Kids - Don't Be On A "Bustdown" Page..., and Rockin In The Free World - An Outside Perspective.











NEWS: 02/12(//13)

Been a damn long time since I posted here. I haven't been writing a whole lot (a handful of 'Bored' post-style things), but I may yet have a purpose for this site. Suppose I'll see in the upcoming days.


UPDATE; 07/04

Added two recent FB notes here, "I'll Register To Vote" and "'Vanity' Explained".

Happy Firework/Gunshot Day.




UPDATE: 06/13

So...first update to come out of me in two months.

I added a little spoken word bit I wrote after a class discussion about words.

Apparently Firefox and Webs aren't exactly friends at this moment so I have to use my main computer and work with IE.

I have some stuff to throw up on here then this place is about sealed. I pretty much don't write any long-form posts, poems, or short stories any more so this place is going to reach dormancy. It'll still be here but I don't see much being added. College is coming up soon.




UPDATE: 04/06

Longest I've gone in a long time without an update...well, high school sucks.

I removed the Youtube embed pages to clean up my Navbar, now there's just a link to my Youtube channel on the front page. Maybe I'll post a notice here when I upload a new video, idk. I did, however, record two new Rock Band videos yesterday (well, a few hours ago). Any recent videos I failed to post here will be there as well, 102 and counting on my Youtube channel...

I have a handful of stuff I could post, not coming until summer most likely.




UPDATE: 01/30

I added a school paper article on why games should be considered art, with Minecraft as one example. More coming in the future.


UPDATE: 01/02

Been a little while since the last time I updated. Just couldn't be assed really with personal life shit coming up...

However, uploaded an old poem (Indestructable) that I wrote, and I will be uploading some more stuff to the Bored section soon.

EDIT: Wrote some stuff and made the Bored post "Remember, Remember" now include the Mac drama, while also adding "An Atheist's Requiem", a rejected school newspaper article from the point of view of an atheist trying to disprove god.


UPDATE: 11/28

I added a Bored post about the situation in East Chicago regarding teachers pay...


I need to post some shit...

UPDATE: 11/01

I added a new short story (again, click on Short Stories itself to pull it up), called Creepypasta: Chimera.

Busy so I don't have time to be assed with adding a few recent things I wrote, but SOON!


UPDATE: 10/01

I added two new poems, Air Of Discontent and Nothing But Love (And Chocolate-Covered Strawberries).


UPDATE: 09/20

And now I'm depressed! I'm bipolar! So check out the rambling poem I put in the poetry section called 'Fracture'.


EDIT: I also made a little change to the NavBar. By screwing around a bit, I enabled subpages on this builder/template. So to view an MK fan fic, a Halo fan fic, or the Drifting Flame story, you first hover over 'Short Stories' and then select it. To view a regular short story like Good Night or Distortion, just click 'Short Stories' like you used to. Cleans the NavBar up a bit.

UPDATE: 09/17

So I'm uber-pissed off right now, wrote a new song for the lyrics section, go nuts...


UPDATE: 09/11

I added a Bored post. Something I wrote this morning about 9/11 and what I was doing on that day. It was unique enough to warrant a post, I thought, so here we are.

A little bit more stuff coming later on in the month.


UPDATE: 09/07

Only got around to adding one thing, the Address to my peers. Other stuff is coming when I have the time.


EDIT: After a few minutes, I got my second wind. Changed the header tagline. RIP Brother Dime.

Don't underestimate how school can drain the energy out of you...

NEWS: 09/03

FSP is turning five in a few days, so I have a handful of things I'm going to throw on here for the occasion.

- An Address To My Peers, an editorial for the school paper about the future of the world.
- The Shepard (working title), a new short story, providing I ever finish it...
- Possibly some other stuff.

Stay tuned...


UPDATE: 08/16

I just wrote my first poem in a while (The Third Wheel)...and it's 6:00 am, no less...only a few days until senior year. Go Team Retard...


UPDATE: 06/28

I added some new FS Rants. One on Youtube taking down AzuriteReaction's account. One on videogame rating systems. And one on battles and wars/kids music.


UPDATE: 06/24

Finally, after overcoming my chronic laziness (actually I'm just really bored), I added my pro-gay marriage almost-article. I call it an almost-article because it wasn't actually put in the school paper.

I'm going to sleep (it's 1:40 AM), and when I wake up, perhaps I'll post my research paper on the media.

Coming in the (near?) future...
...Research paper on media.
...FS rants (video or text, undecided).
...a new short story.
...bass covers
...Rock Band videos.

After endless tests in school, reformatting my computer, and getting mind-blowing terrible allergies, the ball is finally rolling again.

Stay tuned.


EDIT: The Bitterness and Discrimination of Media (aka my research paper) added to the Bored section, unedited from how it was turned in-minor MLA-format Works Cited page errors intact.

UPDATE: 06/05

Wrote another song, not really proud of it but eh...up it goes..."Is Tonight The Night?".


UPDATE: 05/24

I added a new song I wrote yesterday. First in a while...called "Take Away".

More to come during the summer.


NEWS: 05/17

Been busy with school. AP US History exam went into a 250 point research paper, and that is going into finals week.
After the first week of June though, I should be adding some more stuff, including the aforementioned research paper, done on the media's tendency to lie about video games, metal, and other things to create a scapegoat. I also plan to write a few new FS Rants and perhaps make some new Donald Tapes.


UPDATE: 04/12

I added a new poem, Dirge For Paradise Lost. Like this one, it's inspired by 11/03/03-09/25/04 and how it personally effected me and caused my life to start getting harder.


UPDATE: 03/31

Wow, went more than a month without posting anything.

Adding a new poem, The Promise. And saying that I have most of a short story typed out.
Busy with school so I don't know when that's going up.

But for now, read the poem.


UPDATE: 02/12

New Poems: Enter The Heart’s Treachery and Another Lonely Day.

I wrote Enter The Heart’s Treachery on Wednesday, delayed putting it on here because I wanted to show it to my friend and then Thursday I just forgot lol, whereas Another Lonely Day, I wrote Friday and then typed it out when I got home, only getting it on to FSP after midnight making it Saturday.


UPDATE: 02/02

New Poem: The Things I Want


UPDATE: 01/29

New Poem: Home Rest In Her Eyes, and for some reason I decide to read through some old poems and happened to remember the FSP slogan I used '07-'08, so I added that to the About Me section of the site. I'm happy I remembered it. Made some other About Me updates too...


UPDATE: 01/18

New Poem: Return To Serenity


UPDATE: 01/16

Added a new FS Rant on the Tucson shooter and how the media spreads lies...


UPDATE: 01/13

New poem: Bird Of Prey.


UPDATE: 01/10

I added my first 2011 poem, Questioning The Forest. Enjoy.


UPDATE: 12/31

About forty minutes to 2011, I'm feeling sick and lonely...here's a little Bored post I typed up using parts of a conversation I had with this bitch online.

Check out Excerpt From A Conversation in the Bored section.


UPDATE: 11/28

Added my 160th poem, entitled "Feed The Rain".
I've been feeling sick and stressed over some things lately and had my emo moment of the season...
so now that that's out of my system I actually feel a decent amount better.

Poem's in the poem section, have fun.


UPDATE: 11/26

Again, school has kinda fried my brain, but I managed to write a new Bored post, entitled 'Last.fm Can Go Scrobble A Cock (or, “Lol Elitists”)'.

And since I apparently had a brain fart, I'm going to go ahead and add the FS Rant: Blood On The Dance Floor Sucks and Stupid Parents And Justin Beiber videos. Because some how I forgot to...

New Donald Tape coming eventually...


EDIT: Okay, I DID add them, I just forgot to make a Home entry about it. Nice. Well, both were uploaded 11/11...

UPDATE: 11/04

I added another Donald Bonus Tape, about another relationship (and me owning said bitch in a conversation). And also I'm uploading a new FS Rant as we speak.


EDIT: Well FML, rant upload died at about 90% so NOW it's up, a few hours later than it should have been.

UPDATE: 10/31

I added two new videos, a Bonus Donald Tape and a Green Grass and High Tides RB video to their respective sections.


UPDATE: 10/21

I added a new poem called Little Dreamer (Van Halen inspired name for the win?) and a new song called Wallflower's Requiem to the Poetry and Lyrics sections respectively.

Fuck writer's block


UPDATE: 10/14

Wow, first time in a long time I've gone a month without updating. Yeah...I've been busy with Halo and with school.

Haven't been writing anything but I DID manage to make a new Donald Tape lol.

So yeah, enjoy that.


UPDATE: 09/13

Added a new Donald Tape. Halo Reach tonight. WOOOO!


UPDATE: 09/08

I added a new poem, Walking Away.


UPDATE: 09/07

I updated the School bored post and the About Me section a little bit. Some more changes coming this week most likely.


UPDATE: 09/06

I added a new Like on Facebook button above on the header.

I updated my music chart on my About Me page.

I updated the Dogbert, Console Wars, Social Networking, School, The End Of The World, and List Of Hatred Bored posts.

I deleted the Man-O-Vations, Underused Words And Phrases, Election 2008, Halo, and Election 2008 Bored posts.