Date and News
24th October

Apologies for the lack of updates recently. The last update was 9th April. This is due to personal commitments away from the world of buses - apologies for any inconvenience caused. I cannot guarantee there will not be a similar period of quiet but will endeavour to update the website more regularly. 

I will not update the Latest News page due to the fact that half a year has passed since my last update - however, as we go forward, I will update it will changes from now.

All changes have been documented and the fleetlists are accurate to October 2017 - for more information, please visit the forum, which has been very active in recent months.

9th April

The ex-Norwich Tridents are proving a little harder than expected to track down. Some have not arrived, and some have not turned a wheel in revenue-earning service since their arrival. Based on the most recent information, this is what is thought to be the current status of the fleet. For the other Tridents mentioned on the Dorset fleet page, they have never arrived in Hampshire or Dorset.

Fleet number Registration Fleet livery
33056 LR02GKP VOR at Weymouth
33057 LR02GJJ In service at Weymouth
33058 LR02GJK Status unknown - was briefly sighted in Weymouth depot but no longer there.
33146 LR02LXB VOR at Hoeford. Supposedly still for Weymouth for summer uplift.
33149 LR02LXH VOR at Weymouth. Preparation for service.
33156 LR02LXP Status unknown - out of use in Weymouth for a month or so but no longer there. 
33158 LR02LXT VOR at Weymouth. 

Finally, Volvo Olympian 34258 (N528LHG) has re-entered service for another year down at Weymouth and is operating route 501 over the Easter holidays. 34258 can operate in service for up to 20 days over the year, and this would suitably cover the Easter period.

3rd April

Apologies for the lack of updates recently, but in reality, very little has happened. The fleets are experiencing a period of relative stability.

Dennis Trident 32804 (T804LLC) has been withdrawn and disposed of at Weymouth. In return, Dennis Tridents 33149 (LR02LXH) and 33158 (LR02LXT) have arrived at First Hants & Dorset but are not yet in service. Indeed, for the ex-Norwich Tridents, only 33057 (LR02GJJ) seems to be in regular service at Weymouth, with the others taking longer to prepare.

There has not been a lot of movement in the open top department. It has been reported that 32031 and 32033 (W801/3EOW) will be refurbished and adapted to open top format to join 32036. In the meantime, the existing Volvo Olympians can be used for a limited time in service this year. 34258 (N528LHG) is being prepared for yet another year of unexpected service, with 39920 to follow (L650SEU).

All of the '12-plate Volvo B7RLEs are now in service in Weymouth, finally all in fleet livery. 69549 and 69552 have been finished in the recent weeks.

Fleet number Registration Fleet livery
69542 BF12KWE
69543 BF12KWG
69544 BF12KWD
69545 BF12KWC
69546 BF12KWL
69547 BF12KWH
69548 BF12KWJ
69549 BF12KWK
69550 BF12KWO
69551 BF12KWN
69552 BF12KWP
69553 BF12KWM
69554 BF12KWS
69555 BF12KWR

A transfer - on paper at least - is of ADL Dart SLF 42953 (WX06OMK) to Buses of Somerset at Yeovil, with 42954 (WX06OML) now permanently on the books at Weymouth. It is still off the road at present.

Finally at Weymouth, Streetlite Max 63181 (SN14DWZ) is back on the road, while 63186 (SN14DWE) is off the road.

And that wraps it up! I couldn't find too much happening at Hoeford, Hilsea or Southampton. If I've missed something, please contact me via the forum.

5th January

Down at Weymouth, all of the Volvo B7TLs that have not yet been made DDA-compliant have been withdrawn. These are fleetnumbers 32031-5, 32039, 32043/5/6 (W8**EOW). Open top 32036 (W806EOW_ remains in service, although doesn't see very much service in these artic conditions!

Volvo B7RLE 69552 (BF12KWP) is now in service in Weymouth, again in unbranded Eclipse livery. Now, only 69547 and 69551 remain to enter service.

Southampton-based Wright Streetlite 47602 (SN14FFG) has lost CityRed 2 branding in favour for the generic We are Southampton livery.

Up in Norwich, the Norwich bus page reports that Dennis Tridents 33156 (LR02LXP) and 33158 (LR02LXT) have been withdrawn ready for transfer down to Weymouth depot. Please note; the fleet numbers are not typos - Weymouth will have 33056 and 33156, with 33058 and 33158!

2nd January

We would like to wish all visitors a very happy new year - best wishes for the year ahead!

First piece of news to report is that Volvo B7RLE 69553 (BF12KWM) has entered service at Weymouth in unbranded Eclipse livery.

Enviro200 44528 (SN62AYZ) has now left Empress Road for Slough. It was one of the first buses on First's newly acquired route 555 between Heathrow Airport and Hersham.

Although there are a large number of non-compliant double decks across the fleet, none of these have been confirmed as withdrawn yet and in theory they could operate until mid-January if required. The news will be reported in due course.

30th December

There have been a lot of changes concerning Weymouth since my last update. The Volvo B7RLEs, previously in use at Hoeford on the Eclipse routes, have moved down the coast and are entering service from Weymouth. Plans appear to have changed and it is expected all of the '12 plate Volvo B7RLEs will now enter service in Weymouth. The thought now, with Streetlites being transferred to Slough, that approximately 9 of the batch will enter service on the 10 with the green front and approximately 5 on the the 2, presumably with a blue front. These plans are subject to change! The details of the Volvo B7RLEs are stated below:

Fleet number Registration Present livery Status
69542 BF12KWE In service at Weymouth
69543 BF12KWG In service at Weymouth
69544 BF12KWD In service at Weymouth
69545 BF12KWC In service at Weymouth
69546 BF12KWL In service at Weymouth
69547 BF12KWH Preparation for service
69548 BF12KWJ In service at Weymouth
69549 BF12KWK In service at Weymouth in unbranded Eclipse livery
69550 BF12KWO In service at Weymouth
69551 BF12KWN Preparation for service
69552 BF12KWP Preparation for service
69553 BF12KWM Preparation for service
69554 BF12KWS In service at Weymouth in unbranded Eclipse livery
69555 BF12KWR In service at Weymouth in unbranded Eclipse livery

As stated previously, some of Weymouth's Streetlites have moved to Slough. This is due to the fact that First have won the contract to operate route 555 (Heathrow Airport - Hersham) and require additional buses. Those transferred are 47405 - 47408 (registrations SK63KLE / F / J / L respectively).

Also out of Weymouth are a number of former Manchester Volvo B7RLEs, which have moved up to First in South Yorkshire (Doncaster). These are 69213 (MX06YXS), 69214 (MX06YXT), 69215 (MX56AED), 69216 (MX56AEE) and 69217 (MX56AEF). It is expected that the other five (66732/3, 66210-2) will transfer once all of the younger Volvo B7RLEs and Dennis Tridents are in service.

A word on Weymouth's two remaining Volvo Olympians 34258 (N528LHG) and 39920 (L650SEU) - the open toppers. These are being stored in the open air at Bridport. It is expected that they will operate certain special services next year, but there are an additional two Volvo B7TLs from the W8**EOW batch being prepared in the style of 32036.

Finally, it is expected that several Dennis Tridents that were new to First in London will enter service at Weymouth in the coming weeks. These are initially 33056, 33057 and 33058 (LR02GKP / GJJ / GJK respectively) which are 9.9m examples. Additionally, it is expected that another 8 will follow in the near future - 33113 (LT02NVX), 33146 (LR02LXB), 33149 (LR02LXH), 33156 (LR02LXP), 33158 (LR02LXT), 33164 (LR02LYA), 33165 (LR02LYC) and 33170 (LR02LYK) - but these have not been transferred yet. All of the Tridents stated would be transferred from First Eastern Counties (Norwich depot).

Further buses to depart the fleet come this time from Hilsea,where ADL Enviro200 44534 (SN62DCX) has joined its sisters 44535 and 44536 at the Buses of Somerset in Taunton. From Manchester, Streetlite Max 63110 (SM13NCV) has now entered service (and has been so for about a month). According to reports, it is not expected that 63111 will follow now.

A quick note from Hoeford - there has been a swap of registration to fleetnumber - 67181 is now YX66WBW and 67184 is now YX66WCA, which matches the order of the batch. Furthermore, former Bristol Trident 32707 (W707PHT) has been withdrawn (this happened a while ago - apologies for the delay). It is not known what the fait of the other five will be when the the DDA regulations kick in - obviously there is a period of grace and some of these operate closed contracts, so we will wait and see.

20th November

Today's the day when Yeovil officially, for the first time in six years, becomes part of the Buses of Somerset joined with Taunton depot. The buses transferred over are:

  • Solos 50466 / 50467
  • Solos 53052 / 53054 / 53055 / 53056 / 53057
  • Solos 53109 / 53110 / 53111
  • ADL Darts 42949 / 42950 / 42951 / 42952 / 42954

In reality, 42954 (WX06OML) has not moved over yet as it is defective and in Weymouth. Some of the Solos are also not in use at present. Therefore, Weymouth will continue to loan buses over to Yeovil to ensure than the service can be maintained. These appear to be Volvo B7RLEs, which also seem to be changed on a daily basis. At last count, 66732 (WX54XCT), 66733 (WX54XCU), 69210 (MX06VPL) and 69213 (MX06YXS) were operating from Yeovil and this is reflected on the fleetlist; however, these numbers may have changed by Monday!

At Southampton, Dennis Tridents 33153 and 33180 (LR02LXM / LYZ) have received allover advert wraps for South West Trains.

From Hoeford, Wright Streetlite 47579 (SN14EBP) is operating from Hilsea depot. It is not known if this is a transfer or loan.

So far, no more of the changes reported on 11th November have occurred regarding Streetlite Max buses and Enviro200s.

11th November

A few changes have occured in the past week. It is expected that three Wright Streetlite Max buses will be acquired from First in Manchester. These are 63109-11 (SM13NCU, SM13NCV and SK63KFY respectfully). In turn, it is expected that ADL Enviro20Ds 44534-6 (SN62DCX, Y, Z respectfully) will move from Hilsea to Taunton depot, for services with the Buses of Somerset. So far, 63109 is in service at Hilsea, and 44535 has moved onto Taunton. There has been no further developments so far.

The sole remaining Southampton Enviro200 44528 (SN62AYZ) has still not yet left Empress Road for Slough.

Into Southampton is Dennis Trident/Plaxton President 32810 (T810LLC). This was new to First London and was acquired from First in Essex. It is instantly identifiable as the only one with the traditional Essex variation to the First urban colours - the livery is not continued across the whole of the front but modified to stop each side of the registration plate. Tridents painted by First have the livery continuing over the front registration plate.

Down in the Wessex region, Yeovil depot is due to move back to Taunton management in three weeks. This means all Yeovil services will be operated by Buses of Somerset rather than First Wessex from Weymouth. It is expected that all of the traditional Solos will be transferred over, along with the 5 fleet-livered ADL Dart SLFs, which were new to First in Bristol. 

Referring to Yeovil, Solo 53054 (LK53MDE) is back in service. I appear to have missed this one from a few weeks ago.

6th November

One week on, sole remaining Southampton Enviro200 44528 (SN62AYZ) has still not yet left Empress Road. Therefore, I've re-added it to the Empress Road fleetlist as you will still see it out on service.

Two buses that have left the south coast are Mercedes-Benz Citaros 64001 and 64002 (OIG6941/39 respectively, new as LT02NTV/X respectively to First London). These have moved back to Slough and are in use on local town services.

Many local buses are wearing poppies at present in commemoration for Remembrance Sunday.

30th October

Weymouth's final closed-top Volvo Olympian, 34167 (S667AAE), has been withdrawn from service. It is presently in Slough having had all of the seats removed.

Enviro200 44528 (SN62AYZ) has not yet left Empress Road, but it is expected to follow the others shortly. I've left it off the Empress Road list at present - this will be updated if it does indeed stay at Southampton.

28th October

The Enviro20D MMC single decks have entered service in at Hoeford. All have entered service seamlessly onto the E1/E2 Bus Rapid Transit corridor. The full details are:

Fleet Number


67172 YX66WBJ
67173 YX66WBL
67174 YX66WBM
67175 YX66WBN
67176 YX66WBO
67177 YX66WBP
67178 YX66WBT
67179 YX66WBU
67180 YX66WBV
67181 YX66WCA
67182 YX66WBY
67183 YX66WBZ
67184 YX66WBW
67185 YX66WCC
67186 YX66WCD
67187 YX66WCE
67188 YX66WCG

Out of the existing Volvo B7RLEs, 69537-9 have remained in service at Hoeford, including operating trips on the Eclipse corridor where required. 69542-5 are not accounted for, but it has been rumoured that they will stay at Hoeford. The other ten (69546-55) will most likely move to Weymouth for route 10 - Weymouth to Dorchester. One bus has already been repainted into a different livery - a little like the Solent Ranger livery but with a green front. This information will be confirmed in due course.

Southampton have lost their three remaining Enviro200s to Slough. These were fleet numbers 44527, 44528 and 44529 (SN62AYV/SN62AYZ/SN62AZA respectfully). The remaining standard Enviro200s are now only at Hilsea.

Southampton have, however, acquired two further Streetlites from Weymouth. These are 47670 and 47671 (SN15ACZ/Y) which enter the fleet in standard colours - they have not been repainted into City Red colours yet.

There are a few cruise ship related transfers. Hoeford Tridents 32849 and 33001 (T849LLC / LK51UZO) have transferred to Weymouth on loan. Hoeford still have 32801 and 33002 (T801LLC / LK51UZP), but neither have been observed in service more than for a college contract, and that was before the summer. 

Finally, Weymouth's Volvo Olympians still see irregular service. 34167 (S167AAE) is out on market days and where required at a push. Volvo Olympians 34258 (N528LHG) and 39920 (L650SEU) - the open toppers - also occasionally escape onto the 1 where the depot is a little short on buses or these are the most readily accessible. It is not over just yet!

12th September

It has been a quiet period over the summer where the fleet has seen a very stable period - very unusual in recent years.

Down in Weymouth, Volvo B7TL 32036 (W806EOW) has been converted to partial-open top form and has received Jurassic Coaster livery. Following the end of the summer season, Volvo Olympians 34258 (N528LHG) and 39920 (L650SEU) have been retired for the last time, with DDA legislation applying to double deck vehicles from December. Closed-top Volvo Olympian 34167 (S667AAE) has just spent a few days in Bridgwater helping out on service requirements, but is now back in Weymouth and still in active service at present. Finally, non-Olympian related, all Jurassic Coaster livered Volvo B9TLs and Scania Omnidekkas have been debranded of the X51 and X53 routes, and now wear generic blue (B9TLs) or green (Omnidekkas) livery.

In Southampton, both remaining step entry Darts are now in allover white - now 46325 (N325ECR) has been completed.

The Tridents reported in May are apparently in service but conspicuous by their absence. There have been very few sightings of the Southampton or Hoeford based examples, although this may change with the new academic year. However, the Weymouth based examples have been in the town over the summer, although 32887 (V887HBY) is temporarily back with Buses of Somerset. It has still not been confirmed where three furrther examples which were pictured in Empress Road - 32809, 32811 and 32847 (T809LLC etc.) - will end up.

The ADL Enviro200MMCs due at Hoeford are now beginning to roll in for service preparation and driver familiarisation. Details are on the Hoeford fleetlist.

31st May

Two further Wright Streetlites - 47576 and 47577 (SN14EBL/M) have transferred over from Hoeford depot and are now in service from Hilsea depot.

Dennis Dart 46324 (N324ECR) has become possibly the most unlikely bus in the fleet to have received a repaint - it now wears an all over white base in preperation, we think, for an all over Aviva livery. This bus and sister 46325 are still in use on the Aviva Park & Ride route in Eastleigh.

A number of Tridents have now arrived and are allocated to the First Hants & Dorset region. There may be further examples to follow. In spite of the bus' age, all of the following have been converted to DDA compliant, so, in theory, could perhaps replace the non-DDA complaint W-reg Volvo B7TLs at present, unless they are refurbished later this year. Details below:

Fleet Number Registration Allocation Details
32801 T801LLC Hoeford In service. The first Trident new to First in London. ex-First Essex
32804 T804LLC to be Weymouth In service with the Buses of Somerset following the sad demise of Webberbus.
32849 T849LLC Hoeford Transfer in progress. ex- First Essex
32850 T850LLC to be Weymouth In service with the Buses of Somerset following the sad demise of Webberbus.
32855 V855HBY Southampton ex- First Essex
32887 V887HBY to be Weymouth In service with the Buses of Somerset following the sad demise of Webberbus.
33001 LK51UZD Hoeford Transfer in progress. ex- First Essex
33002 LK51UZP Hoeford Transfer in progress. ex- First Essex

Three further examples have been pictured in Empress Road - 32809, 32811 and 32847 (T809LLC etc.). It has not been confirmed where these buses will end up yet.

The training fleet at Hoeford is in the process of being upgraded from the Volvo B10M coaches. At present, the training buses expected to be part of this fleet are:

  • 62209 - W597RFS - a recent arrival from First Bristol. Volvo B10BLE/Alexander ALX300 new to First in Glasgow.
  • 62210 - W598RFS - a recent arrival from First Bristol. Volvo B10BLE/Alexander ALX300 new to First in Glasgow.
  • 66164 - W364EOW - native Volvo B10BLE/Wright Renown, withdrawn from service in December due to DDA compliance regulations.
  • 66176 - W376EOW - native Volvo B10BLE/Wright Renown, withdrawn from service in December due to DDA compliance regulations.
  • 66181 - W381EOW - native Volvo B10BLE/Wright Renown, withdrawn from service in December due to DDA compliance regulations.

Finally, two Volvo B7RLE/Wright Eclipse have joined Weymouth depot from First in Bath. These are 66732/3 (WX54XCT/U respectively).

19th March

Wright Streetlites 47575 and 47576 (SN14EBK/L) are now in service from Hilsea depot.

5th March

All withdrawn non-DDA compliant vehicles have been removed from the fleetlists to tidy them up - however, some are still on site at the various depots across the region. Non-DDA compliant Solos down in Yeovil are now being upgraded so that they are DDA compliant.

All of the W-reg Volvo B7TLs in the fleet are now at Weymouth, except for 32038 (W808EOW) which, despite reports to the contrary, still is in active service in Southampton. This has been joined by Transbus Tridents 33153 and 33183 as promised, registered LR02LXM and LR02LZC respectively.

The transfer of 44532 (SN62DBO) from Southampton to Slough has been confirmed.

Reports indicate that Optare Solo 53151 (YN03ZVW) is now back in service at Hoeford depot.

10th January

There have continued to be changes down in the Wessex fleet. The three former-Slough Scania N94UB buses didn't spend very long in Weymouth, and are now in Bath. These are fleet numbers 65724-6 (LK55ABZ/ACF/ACJ respectively). These are reported as being on loan to First in Bath and are expected back in Weymouth in time for the summer peak. Note - a separate source indicates that these were only on loan in Weymouth and now are transferred to First in Bath. We await confirmation to see what happens!

All Dennis Dart SLFs in Weymouth and Yeovil are now withdrawn - I believe 42113 (R613YCR) was the last one in service. Staying on the theme of Yeovil, the depot is now, in theory, 100% DDA compliant. It has been reported that Optare Solos 50466/7 (SJ03DPX/Y) are withdrawn as the internal layouts of the bus do not suit DDA compliancy, despite their relatively young age. Furthermore, former Slough Solo 53054 (LK53MDE) has spent the last month or so VOR at Weymouth depot and has not yet been repainted - therefore, some of Weymouth's Optare Solo SRs are now in regular use in Yeovil. These details change from day to day, but it seems to usually be 2 or 3 at present.

At Southampton, it has been reported that former First in Berkshire Dennis Tridents 33153, 33180 and 33183 will be joining the fleet soon. They have been on loan at First in Norwich to cover for repaint floats. So far, 33180 has joined the fleet and is out in service - registration LR02LYZ.

First Southampton's '62-plate fleet of ADL Enviro200s has now been spread far and wide. 44534-6 (SN62DCX/Y/Z) have moved to Hilsea depot. 44530-3 (SN62AZB/W and SN62DBO/V respectively) have transferred to First in Slough, although 44532 has not been confirmed yet. As a result, this leaves only 44527-9 in service at Southampton out of the Enviro200 fleet.

The Southampton City Red fleet is expanding, with the three 15-plate Wright Streetlites at Weymouth expected. So far, 47672 (SN15ACZ) has joined the fleet in generic City Red colours. 47670 and 47672 are still reported as being in service down in Weymouth, but are expected.

From Hilsea to Hoeford comes Optare Solo 53151 (YN03ZVW), which will primarily be used on route 20. This bus is VOR at the moment, and it has been suggested it is off road receiving a new engine. 

All Dennis Dart SLFs and Volvo B10BLEs at Empress Road, Hoeford and Hilsea are now withdrawn following the DDA deadline on 1st January, with the following exceptions. 42728 (T728REU) has moved from Hilsea to Hoeford depot for use on the closed-door University U2 contract, which does not have to be a bus that fulfils DDA conditions. Furthermore, step Darts 46324 and 46325 (N324/5ECR) still appear to be in service from Southampton - 46324 was photographed in Eastleigh bus station operating the closed-door Aviva Park & Ride contract, which requires shorter buses.

13th December

For the first time in a few months, there have been a number of changes to the Wessex fleetlist. Firstly, arriving from First Berkshire is Transbus Trident/President 33182 (LR02LXB), which is in urban livery. This has been joined by the re-transfer of Volvo B7RLE 69216 (MX56AEE), down from Southampton. In its place, Dart SLF 42818 (S818KPR) has been withdrawn, leaving 42823 as the sole survivor from the batch in service with First took over Southern National. The former Slough Solos are now beginning to be repainted - first up is 53057 (LK53PNO), with 53054 (LK53MDE) now in the paint shop.

Further Darts withdrawn, but this time at Hilsea, are 42125 and 42142 (S625KTP, S642XCR) along with ex-Truronian 42232 (T32JCV). This leaves just two in service on last count - 40957 and 42728 - both non-native, meaning all Darts new to Hoeford back in 1998-9 have now been withdrawn.

Volvo B10BLEs confirmed to have been withdrawn from Hoeford:

  • 66128 (S128JTP)
  • 66151/4 (S351/4NPO)
  • 66164/76 (W364/76EOW) - it is rumoured that these two, along with 66181, will become driver trainers. This could, of course, be completely false...!
  • 66198/201 (S798/801RWG)

At last count, there were still 10 operationally active at Hoeford (whether in service or not is a different matter), along with two at Southampton, which will presumably go when all of the Citaros are in use.

Across the region, the Citaros are being re-registered to presumably hide their '02', '52' or '03' plates. The confirmed re-registrations are below:

Fleet number Original Registration New Registration
64001 LT02NTV OIG6941
64002 LT02NTX OIG6939
64005 LT02NUB OIG6949
64012 LT52WXA OIG6942
64013 LT52WXB OIG6943
64014 LT52WXL OIG6944
64015 LT52WXN OIG6945
64016 LT52WXO OIG6946
64017 LT52WXP OIG6947
64018 LK03LNE OIG6948

At last count, all but 64001 and 64002 were now at Southampton, which means the previously unreported transfers of 64005, 64014 and 64015.

29th November

Not too many changes since the last update. At Hoeford, it is unclear which Volvo B10BLEs have been withdrawn and which ones still remain in service, scattered around the south coast. Certainly 66122 (S122UOT) has been withdrawn and is out of service at Southampton depot.

All of the ex-Bath Enviro200s are now in service at Hilsea, including 44917 (YX09AHD). Their arrival has allowed two Wright Streetlites to move back to Hoeford - 47575 and 47576 (SN14EBK/L).

Across the region, the Citaros are being re-registered to presumably hide their '02', '52' or '03' plates. The DVLA website shows many changes to have been confirmed, but only three have been reported:

Fleet number Original Registration New Registration
64001 LT02NTV OIG6941
64002 LT02NTX unconfirmed
64005 LT02NUB unconfirmed
64012 LT52WXA unconfirmed
64013 LT52WXB OIG6943
64014 LT52WXL unconfirmed
64015 LT52WXN OIG6945
64016 LT52WXO unconfirmed
64017 LT52WXP unconfirmed
64018 LK03LNE unconfirmed
64019 LK03LNF unconfirmed

I will try to keep up with these registrations, but as most of Southampton's Citaros haven't actually left the depot yet, they are proving a little tricky. They also seem very unnecessary, but I'm not in charge!

22nd November

In Weymouth, the three Scania L94UBs acquired from First in Slough are now in service.

At Southampton, the Citaros are beginning to enter service in the city. One further Citaro has also transferred from Hoeford depot - 64005 (LT02NUB) - and is in service in the city. They have also re-received Volvo B7RLE 69216 (MX56AEE), which was temporarily on loan at Hoeford.

Another arrival at Southampton is Transbus Trident 33148 (LX02LXG), which has entered service in the city. This has also been joined by sister 33141 (LX02LWW), which has entered service at Hoeford depot. There are now 5 of these operating from Hoeford and 2 from Southampton.

All of Southampton's former Manchester Volvo B7RLEs have now moved onto First Bath - 66882, 66883 and 66884 being the last ones to go.

All Wright Streetlite Max buses new for the X4 and X5 Solent Ranger routes are now in service at Hoeford. Volvo B10BLEs will have been withdrawn following the changes, but confirmed details are not yet available. These will follow in due course.

With the Volvo B7RLEs from Southampton going to Bath, Hilsea now have a number of Enviro200s in service that were previously in service in Bath. 44917 is yet to arrive, but is expected, whereas 44915 is not expected. 44916-44920 were new to First in Glasgow, then Plymouth, Swansea and Bristol, whereas 44921 was new to First in Taunton before transferring to Bristol. The details are:

Fleet number Registration
44916 YX09AHC
44917 YX09AHD
44918 YX09AHE
44919 YX09AHF
44920 YX09AHG
44921 YX09ADU
8th November

Two further Streetlites have now entered into service at Hoeford - these are:

Fleet Number


63311 SN65OLT
63312 SN65OLU

Both wear First Urban colours rather than the Solent Ranger branding.

Also, one small update - Trident 33143 (LR02LWY) is in First Urban livery.

At Hilsea, Dart 40827 (R647DUS) has been withdrawn. None of the short Enviro200s are in service yet from Hilsea.

5th November

The first of the Streetlite Max buses have entered service in at Hoeford depot. Registrations are known for the whole batch now. Details are below. The buses in blue are not yet in service with First at Hoeford depot: 

Fleet Number


63296 SN65OKW
63297 SN65OKX
63298 SN65OKZ
63299 SN65OLA
63300 SN65OLB
63301 SN65OLC
63302 SN65OLE
63303 SN65OLG
63304 SN65OLH
63305 SN65OLJ
63306 SN65OLK
63307 SN65OLM
63308 SN65OLO
63309 SN65OLP
63310 SN65OLR
63311 SN65OLT
63312 SN65OLU

Also entering service at Hoeford are four former First London and Berkshire Dennis Tridents with Plaxton President bodywork. These are fleet numbers 33142, 33143, 33144 and 33145 (LR02LWX/Y/Z/XA respectively). 33142 is in First Urban colours, but the other three are still in barbie livery. 33143, 33144 and 33145 have already been seen in service in the Solent region.

Joining the recent arrival of Enviro200 44918, two further buses have joined from First in Bath. These are 44916 and 44920 (YX09AHC and YX09AHG respectively) which have gone to Hilsea in preperation for service. Meanwhile, two further Volvo B7RLEs have left Empress Road depot as replacements for these Enviros - these are 66881 and 66884 (MX05CKP and MX55HHO respectively).

In one final piece of news, Volvo B7TL 32038 (W808EOW) has now returned to Empress Road from its loan spell at Hoeford depot. All Volvo B7TL buses that were on loan at Hoeford at the start of the Autumn have now returned to Southampton.

29th October

At Weymouth, Scania N94UB/Wright Solar 65724 (LK55ABZ) has entered service. The other two have not yet entered service.

At Hoeford, Volvo B10BLE 66130 (S120JTP) has been withdrawn and has been disposed of.

There are a lot of cascades occurring at present. Hilsea seem to be receiving a number of short Enviro200s from First in Bath - the first to arrive is 44918 (YX09AHE). In replacement, First are expected to send Volvo B7RLEs 66881-6 up to First in Bath - certainly 66885 (MX05CLF) has already left the fleet. Their place at Southampton appears to being taken be a change of plan to the Citaros, with 5 now at Southampton ready to enter service: 

Fleet number Registration Allocation
64001 LT02NTV In service at Hoeford depot
64002 LT02NTX In service at Hoeford depot
64005 LT02NUB In service at Hoeford depot
64012 LT52WXA Prep for service at Southampton depot
64013 LT52WXB Prep for service at Southampton depot
64014 LT52WXL In service at Hoeford depot
64015 LT52WXN In service at Hoeford depot
64016 LT52WXO Prep for service at Southampton depot
64017 LT52WXP Prep for service at Southampton depot
64018 LK03LNE Prep for service at Southampton depot
64019 LK03LNF Did appear on the South Coast - now in Slough
28th October

Dart/Streetlite Merry-Go-Round at Hilsea at the moment! 42130, 42136, 42138 and 42140 (S630KTP, S636/8/40XCR) have all been withdrawn from Hilsea depot, along with 42139 (S639XCR) a few weeks ago, a withdrawal that I seem to have missed. However, 42728 (T728REU) has not been withdrawn yet and was in service today. Replacing them at Hilsea are three further Streetlites from Hoeford- 47573, 47575 and 47576 (SN14EBG/K/L)

Into Hilsea (a few weeks ago) is former Southampton and Slough Enviro200 44507 (YX58HWH), which seems to have joined the others mainly operating on route X9.

27th October

The '65' plate Wright Streetlite Max buses continue to be delivered. The latest registrations known are 63298 which is SN65OKZ and 63305 which is SN65OLJ

Three Scania N94UB buses have been acquired from First in Berkshire from the Slough depot. These are entering service in the Wessex region. The numbers and registrations are as follows:

65724 LK55ABZ
65725 LK55ACF
65726 LK55ACJ

Withdrawals from Wessex continue - Dart 42114 (R614YCR) and Olympian 34167 (S667AAE) are now withdrawn. 

On another note, Solo 53108 (EO02FLJ) has re-entered service in Yeovil after being long term VOR.

A Barbie-livered short Enviro200 has turned up at Empress Road - apparently for Hilsea. We will wait to see how this story develops further. Darts seem to be disppearing from the road at Hilsea - not confirmed but 42137 and 42728 (S637XCR and T728REU respectively) are possibly withdrawn.

19th October

The '65' plate Wright Streetlite Max buses are in the process of being delivered to Hoeford depot. There are 17 in total, with 15 in "Solent Rangers" livery and 2 in the urban livery. So far, the following registrations have been confirmed:

63297 SN65OKX
63300 SN65OLB
63302 SN65OLE

Two further Mercedes-Benz Citaros have also arrived at Hoeford depot. These are 64005 (LT02NUB), which was new to First London and has been acquired in Barbie livery, and 64014 (LT52WXL), which is in urban livery having recently been repainted.

In addition, two further ADL Trident 2s have been acquired from Weymouth for Hoeford depot - these being 32765 and 32767 (WJ55CSU/CTE respectively). However, Volvo B7TL 'deckers on loan from Southampton are beginning to drip back west, with 32031 (W801EOW) and 37164 and 37165 (HY07FSU/X) already gone. I believe 32038 is still at Hoeford but this may have changed recently. Also transferring from Hoeford to Southampton are Volvo B10BLEs 66156/7 (S356/7XCR), along with the tender win for routes E1/2, connecting Eastleigh and Winchester.

ADL Enviro 200 44509 (YX58HWH) has now been transferred over to Hilsea depot. Now only the 10 '62' reg Enviro 200s are left at Southampton.

There have been a few withdrawals across the region - 34044 (P244UCW) has been withdrawn from Weymouth and moved to Yeovil for storage. Also, ex-Truronian Dart SLF 42234 (T34JCV) has been withdrawn from Hilsea depot.

11th October

The final ex-Bath Volvo B7RLE 66944 (WX55TZF) has now transferred up to First Cymru.

Confirmed that the four Volvo B7TLs recently at Hoeford - Volvo B7TL/Alexander ALX400 32031 and 32038 (W801/8EOW respectively) alongside younger Volvo B7TL/Wright Eclipse Geminis 37164 and 37165 (HY07FSU/X respectively) are only on loan from Southampton and are not permanent transfers.

Confirmed that the only Dennis Trident/Plaxton President is 33147 (LR02LXC) which is in use at Southampton - any others that have been in use in the south over the summer are now no longer allocated to Solent or Wessex depots, although this may change in the future.

ADL Trident/East Lancs Myllenium Lolyne 32763 (WJ55CSF) has transferred from Weymouth to Hoeford depot.

10th October

Following the withdrawal of the last native Volvo B6BLE 48208 (V808EFB), two of the former Devon & Cornwall examples have moved onto Taunton - these being 48270 and 48273 (WK02TYD / YG02DLV). 48272 is still operational in Yeovil at the moment but is due to be withdrawn for transfer soon.

The Southern National Darts are slowly diminishing in number - now 42822 (S822KPR) has been withdrawn from active service.

Dennis Trident 32701 (V701EFB) has indeed been transferred to Hoeford depot. It is expected that the remainining East Lancs Myllenium bodied Tridents will transfer up to Hoeford soon - except Holiday Park-livered 32766 - as, at present, Hoeford are loaning in a mis-match of Volvo B7TLs from Empress Road! It is not known what the exact allocations are of 37162-5 or 32031/8 - but this will settle down by the end of the year.

Another transfer up from Wessex to Hoeford is the unexpected transfer of Dennis Dart SLF 42524 (R424WPX). This was new to Southampton in 1998. This primarily appears to be an extra bus for the University contract which is used where necessary.

Empress Road's Volvo B7RLEs seem to also be on the move in part. 69216 (MX56AEE) is temporarily on loan to Hoeford depot. Former Bath buses 66945 and 66956 (WX55TXG/P) have transferred up to First Cymru, which require further buses following changes to the Unibus services in Swansea. It is not known whether these buses are for permanent transfer or on loan at present, but I have taken them off of the fleetlist. Finally, Volvo B7RLE 66881 (MX05CXP) has transferred back to Empress Road following a short stint at Hoeford.

The fleetnumbers have been added to the Hoeford fleet list for the forthcoming delivery of Wright Streetlite Max buses. These are 17 buses, which will be used to upgrade the Solent Ranger X4 and X5 series of routes.

On Citaro watch at Hoeford, three have now entered service. These are 64001 and 64002 (LT02NUV/X) in barbie livery, with 64015 (LT52WXN) in urban livery.

27th September

In a surprise move, it appears that Hilsea depot are to acquire 3 Enviro200s from Southampton - 44507, 9 and 10 (YX58HWF/H/J). These have not entered service yet, but there are reports of 44510 being debranded in Hilsea depot with the removal of Southampton lettering.

The last native Volvo B6BLE 48208 (V808EFB) has been withdrawn from Yeovil. This now leaves the 3 former Devon & Cornwall examples in service, and these are expected to move to Taunton soon.

All of Southampton's 47422-30 batch of Wright Streetlites have received City Red 10 livery.

14th September

All of the ADL Darts acquired from First Bristol earlier in the year have now moved down to Wessex - 42949, 42950 and 42954 (WX06OMF / G / L respectively) have all moved. They will be primarily allocated to Yeovil depot as First brings it fully DDA complaint ready for 2016.

Southampton-based Wright Streetlites 47423 and 47427 (SK63KMO / Y respectively) have received City Red livery, with branding for the new City Red 10 service.

12th September

There have been a lot of double deck movements into Hoeford. Dennis Trident 32702 (W702RHT) has entered service in at Hoeford and wears an all over livery for the St. Vincent College service. However, sister Trident 32701 (V701EFB) did not move to Hoeford, and is back in service down at Weymouth. 

Four Volvo B7TLs have also moved into Hoeford - all from Southampton. These are Volvo B7TL/Alexander ALX400 32031 and 32038 (W801/8EOW respectively) alongside younger Volvo B7TL/Wright Eclipse Geminis 37164 and 37165 (HY07FSU/X respectively).

Wright Streetlites 47419-21 (SK63KMF / G / J) have indeed moved across to Southampton with the launch of City Red 10. They have been repainted into the red livery - 47419 and 47420 carry generic "Southampton - home of the City Reds" livery, where 47421 carries branding for City Red 10 itself. Three Wright Streetlites at Southampton have already received City Red colours - 47430 (SK63KNB) noted a few weeks ago carries "Southampton - home of the City Reds" livery, where 47426, 47428 and 47429 (SK63KMX, SK63KMZ and SK63KNA) all carry City Red 10 branding. It is expected 47427 also wears these colours but this is not yet confirmed.

Volvo B10BLEs 66156 and 66157 (S356/7XCR) have returned from Southampton to Hoeford, following the recent service changes in Southampton. Along with these, it appears that the unexpected transfer of Volvo B7RLE 66881 (MX05CXP) has also taken place. This was new to First Manchester, before moving down to Plymouth and then on to Southampton, where it has operated since 2010.

The long awaiting arrival of the former Beeline Mercedes-Benz Citaros has now begun. Three are at Hoeford, although none are yet in service. These are 64002 (LT02NTX), which was new to First London as a dual door example, and 64018/9 (LK03LNE/F), which were new to Slough for the Heathrow routes. 64002 is in Barbie with 64018/9 in Beeline livery - none have yet entered service and it is expected that they will be repainted before entering service.

25th August

Following the intended transfer of Dennis Tridents 32701 and 32702 (V701EFB / W702RHT) to Hoeford, Volvo B7TL 32035 (W805EOW) has made the return trip to Weymouth. It is expected 32032 and 32033 will follow at some point, but reports say that they are still at Hoeford. Interestingly, 32701 remains in Barbie livery at the moment, but 32702 has been repainted into an allover white livery - probably indicating the bus is to receive an all over livery for something. 

From Bracknell and in at Weymouth are four Dennis Trident/Plaxton President buses. These are 33142, 33145, 33180 and 33181 (LR02LWZ / LR02LXA / LR02LYZ / LR02LZA). All were new to First London, but have become surplus to requirements following the sale of route 90 from First Berkshire to Reading Buses. It is not known whether these will be permanent residents in Weymouth, but they have been observed in use on service routes. There have been additional former Bracknell Tridents observed on the Bournemouth Airshow Park & Ride routes. It is not yet known whether any of these will be permanent allocations, and if so, where they will be.

Three Wright Streetlite Max buses have entered service at Hilsea. These are 63190-2 - registrations SN14EBC, SN14EBD and SN14EBF respectively. Additionally, native Wright Streetlites 47419-21 (SK63KMF / G / J) appear to be out of service at Hilsea. It is not known whether these will move to Southampton with the forthcoming launch of the City Red 10 service, or whether they are temporarily just missing from Hilsea. I have provisionally put them on the Southampton fleet list.

Dart SLF wise, 42142 (S642XCR) is back in service. The last remaining Marshall bodied Dart SLF 41346 (V346DLH) is off road due to an RTA. It is not known if it will re-enter service.

7th August

The end is nigh for the Volvo Olympian from Hoeford depot. 34016 and 34017 (P536/40EFL) are now withdrawn following the expiry of their MOT and are not to be reinstated. It is expected that Dennis Tridents 32701 and 32702 (V701FFB/W702PHT) are going to transfer from Weymouth up to Hoeford to replace them - 32702 has already apparently arrived in Hampshire, and is reportedly rubbed down ready for repaint. If it is repainted, it will be the first East Lancs Lloyne bodied Trident in urban livery.

Dennis Dart SLF merry go rounds at Hilsea. Dart 42125 (S625KTP) is back in service, having been repaired. 42133 (S633KTP) is now withdrawn and to be found at the back of Hoeford depot. 42142 (S642XCR) has now also been withdrawn, but so far remains at Hilsea depot. Further Darts have been withdrawn from Wessex - this time 42120 (R620YCR) and 42821 (S821KPR).

In at Southampton is former First Berkshire Dennis Trident 33147 (LR02LXC) - the first type ever to be permanently allocated there. It seems a little odd with Southampton removing double decks from service, but it has gained Southampton fleetnames and therefore seems quite permanent. There is a theory that First are looking to consolidate the W---EOW Volvo B7TLs at Weymouth, so this may remove one of the remaining examples from service in the future. 

ADL Dart SLF 42951 (WX06OMK) has transferred from Southampton to the Wessex region.

Wright Streetlite 47575 (SN14EBK) has transferred to Hilsea.

Further and interesting fleet changes are expected over the coming weeks, starting from this week. Details will be announced as and when they happen.

1st August

Apologies for the lack of updates recently. 

Fleet changes are beginning to increase again. This is mainly as a consequence of the delivery of 10 brand new Wright Streetlites for Southampton's route 7. Route 7 operates between the city centre and Townhill Park, at a frequency of 8 buses per hour.

Fleet number Registration
47686 SL15RVZ
47687 SL15RWE
47688 SL15RWF
47689 SL15RWJ
47690 SL15RWK
47691 SL15RWN
47692 SL15RWO
47693 SL15RWU
47694 SL15RWV
47695 SL15RWW

So far, there have not been many cascades resulting from these changes. So far, former Bristol ADL Dart SLFs 42952-4 (WX06OMJ/K/L) have been transferred to the Wessex region, where the eventual plan is for them to end up at Yeovil. The remaining three are still in Southampton, but due to transfer down in due course.

From Weymouth, Wright Streetlite Max 63180 (DRZ9713) has moved away from its loan. It was temporarily at Weymouth, having been on loan from First in the Potteries.

Repaints into City Red livery are Wright Streetlite 47430 (SK63KNB) and Volvo B7RLE 69385 (HY09AJV). It appears that, with forthcoming route changes, the Southampton based '63' batch of Streetlites will operate the brand new route 10, with 69385 being the bus added to route 3, which requires one more bus in the PVR.

Volvo Olympian 34059 (P559EFL) has been withdrawn from Hoeford depot.

A case of one in and one out at Hilsea - Dart SLF 41348 (V348DLH) has been withdrawn, and replaced by former Bracknell Optare Solo 53065 (YJ58CEV). 53065 has already received "Solent" fleetnames.

28th May

Three standard length Wright Streetlite DFs have entered service in Weymouth. These are fleet numbered 47670, 47671 and 47672. It is now confirmed that 47670 is SN15ACX, but we still await confirmation that 47672 is SN15ACZ

Also joining them at Weymouth are two well known Olympians - 34044 and 34165 (P244UCW, S165AAE) have returned from their Cornwall holiday ready for the summer season.

Hoeford based Volvo Olympian 34295 (P295KPX) has been withdrawn - this time we think once and for all.

16th May

Three standard length Wright Streetlite DFs have entered service in Weymouth. These are fleet numbered 47670, 47671 and 47672. 47671 is registered SN15ACY, and although not confirmed, it is expected that 47670 is SN15ACX and 47672 is SN15ACZ. Following these arrivals, native Dart SLF 42818 (S818KPR) has been withdrawn.

The fifth ex-Slough Solo has now arrived - 53055 (LK53MDF) is the last one due to supplement the Solo fleet in Yeovil. 

9th May

The main recent developments have been found in the Wessex region. Volvo Olympian 34067 (S667AAE) has returned to service in Weymouth having been transferred back down from Bridgwater in Somerset. In addition, former London Trident 33147 (LR02LXC) has been transferred to Weymouth from Bracknell depot - it appears to be a long term loan for the summer. Also in on loan is a Potteries-based Wright Streetlite Max - 63180 (DRZ9173) - which has joined the rest of the fleet primarily on route 1.

Dennis Dart SLF 42826 (T826AFX) has been finally withdrawn and disposed of. 

In to Yeovil are four former Slough Optare Solos. These are DDA compliant and have been introduced to operate town services; however, they still wear the red livery the had up in Slough! The numbers and registrations are:

  • 53052 - LK53MBX - has been debranded but still in Slough red.
  • 53054 - LK53MDE
  • 53056 - LK53MDP
  • 53057 - LK53PNO

At Hoeford, 37161 (HY07FTA) has now received the park and ride livery to match the Enviro400s on the Portsmouth P&R service. Two of the remaining Volvo B7TL/Wright at Southampton - 37162 and 37162 (HY07FSV/FSZ respectively) - have recieved Marwell Zoo branding following the contract win. Southampton depot will now operate M1 (Eastleigh to Marwell - Sat, Sun & BH) and M2 (Lordshill, City & Bitterne - Marwell, Weds & Sat).

At Hoeford, Volvo B10BLE 66121 (S121JTP) has been withdrawn.

29th March

From the Wessex region, Volvo Olympians 34044 and 34165 (P244UCW, S665AAE) have transferred to Cornwall to bolster services taken over following the collapse of Western Greyhound. In addition, Volvo B7TL 32034 (W804EOW) has moved back up to Empress Road.

32043 has moved back up to Empress Road to cover the movement of 37161 (HY07FTA) to Hoeford. This bus has moved to Hoeford to bolster the number of younger, low floor double decks with the introduction of the summer Portsmouth Park & Ride extension to Southsea.

1st February

Volvo B10BLE 66127 (S117JTP) has moved to First Devon & Cornwall. This joins sister 66126 (S116JTP), that left Southampton for Bradford many years ago, but has arrived down in the south west via a long stint with First Eastern Counties.

Volvo B6BLE 48208 (V808EFB) has rumoured to have been withdrawn - if this is so, all of the V-reg Volvo B10BLEs new to Weymouth in 2000 have now been withdrawn.

15th January

All of the former Bristol Dart SLFs are now in service. Their fleet details are below: 

Arriving from First Bristol - ADL Dart SLF/Pointer 2
42949 WX06OMF
42950 WX06OMG
42951 WX06OMH
42952 WX06OMJ
42953 WX06OMK
42954 WX06OML

Into Hoeford from Southampton are Volvo B7TL double decks 32032, 32033 and 32035 (W802EOW etc.). These are for the temporary Portsmouth University service at First will operate. In return, single deck Volvo B10BLEs 66156 and 66157 (S356/7XCR) have moved in the opposite direction to supplement numbers in the Southampton fleet.

31st December

Firstly, we wish all visitors a very prosperous New Year, and all the best for 2015.

To end 2014, we have a significant swap arrangement happening between First in Bristol and Southampton depot. All of the '52' reg Volvo B7TLs are moving up to Bristol, with a number of '06' registered Darts arriving in return. The Volvo B7TLs entered the fleet back in 2010 from First London. The Darts were new to First Bristol in 2006, and have regularly operated the 8/9 Bristol Temple Meads, City and Clifton circulars.
Leaving the fleet to First Bristol - Volvo B7TL/Transbus ALX400 Arriving from First Bristol - ADL Dart SLF/Pointer 2
32254 LT52WVZ 42949 WX06OMF
32255 LT52WWA 42950 WX06OMG
32256 LT52WWB 42951 WX06OMH
32257 LT52WWC 42952 WX06OMJ
32258 LT52WWD 42953 WX06OMK
32259 LT52WWE 42954 WX06OML

Withdrawn from Hilsea are the last two Mercedes-Benz Varios - 52513 and 52560 (S513/60RWP).

24th December

Volvo B7RLE 69549 (BF12KWK) is back in service at Hoeford depot.

23rd December

Volvo B7TLs 32034 and 32036 (W804/6EOW respectively) have moved to Weymouth. These have replaced Volvo Olympians 34044 and 34167 (P244UCW / S667AAE) which have moved onto Taunton.

Hoeford's second Volvo B10BLE has been withdrawn - 66199 (S799RWG) this time, following 66155 (S355XCR) earlier in the year.

A couple of Streetlites have been swapped between Hilsea and Hoeford. 47412 (SK63KLS) has consolidated all of the Solent region '63' plate Streetlites at Hilsea, with 47586 (SN14ECD) going back to Hoeford from Hilsea. All of the '14' Solent region Streetlites are now at Hoeford.

16th November

A quick correcting update concerning different Enviro200 single decks from yesterday.

Former Weymouth based 44502 and 44503 (CU08ACZ/ADO respectively) have transferred to the Berkshire division.

Hoeford based 44507-10 (YX58HMF/G/H/J) have transferred back to Southampton along with the route 6 from Southampton to Hamble.

15th November

In Yeovil, all but one of the Solos are now younger, DDA compliant versions in the refreshed First livery. 53028 (W338DWX) remains as the only non-DDA compliant version. 50466 (SJ03DPX) is away for repaint into the refreshed First livery and will return very soon.

There have been several Wright Streetlite transfers from Hoeford to Hilsea following some route re-structuring - these being: 47411, 47413, 47414, 47415 (SK63KLP / SK63KLU / K63KLV / SK63KLX respectively) and 47586 (SN14ECF). Along with these, several have received Yellow Line 2 branding - these being 47411, 47414, 47415, 47420, 47431, 47433 and 47434. It is expected that 47412 and 47413 will also transfer to Hilsea in due course, meaning all of the SK63*** examples in the Solent region will be allocated to Hilsea. 

Along with these transfers, 42136 (S636XCR) is now back at Hoeford - apparently in limbo. It is not in service at Hoeford, nor has it been withdrawn yet. Sister 42140 (S640XCR) has received an all over advert for the Solent Go card. 42130 (S630KTP) has also temporarily risen from the dead and has entered service at Hilsea depot.

1st November

The Dennis Trident swapping is settling down. Now, former Southampton and extremely briefly Hoeford-based 32767 (WJ55CTE) has moved to Weymouth depot. 

Yeovil have acquired a number of new buses for the depot - Dennis Dart SLF 42524 (R424WPX) which was new to First Southampton but has arrived from the Buses of Somerset at Taunton, and Optare Solo 53109 (EO02FLJ) which was new to First Essex, but arrived from First Devon & Cornwall. This now means 53109-11 are all working from Yeovil depot on the town services.

19th September

A further Dennis Trident has been transferred into Hoeford - this time 32703 (W703PHT) arriving from Weymouth.

12th September

There have been various changes recently, involving several depot swap overs as the final Southampton Streetlites have entered service. 

Down in the Wessex region, several Darts have been withdrawn or are off road at the moment - 42350 (W809VMA), 42821 and 42823 (S821/3KPR). Warranty-Solo 59100 (YJ62FAM) has moved up to Hoeford, as the warranty work on Weymouth's Solos has now finished. In at Weymouth is former First Essex and Devon & Cornwall Solo 53111 (EO02FKZ), which is expected to be the first of a few DDA compliant buses to enter service in Yeovil over the next few months.

In Southampton, there are only two Dart SLFs that remain in service - 42512/3 (R412/3WPX). All others have been scrapped or have moved to Taunton. Ironically, step entrance Darts 46324/5 (N324/5ECR) also survive due to contract purposes but rarely see service on the city network. Southampton have transferred Volvo B7TL 32039 (W809EOW) down to Weymouth. There are now 4 former Southampton Volvo B7TLs in Weymouth.

On Volvo B7RLE watch, Hoeford-based 69216 (MX56AEE) has transferred to Southampton, consolidating this type of bus in Hampshire at one depot (bar the Eclipse Mk2 examples). Former First Avon & Bristol 66945 (WX55TZG) and 66953 (WX55TZP) have been repainted into the corporate livery. As of last week, former Hilsea based 69385 (HY09AJV) still wore barbie livery with the remnants of Portsmouth route 7 branding.

Southampton based Dennis Trident 32768 (WJ55CTF) has now moved to Hoeford. This means the 5 former Barnstaple examples have now left Southampton having once been allocated there - 32764/7/8 at Hoeford and 32765/6 in Weymouth.

There have been a few Dart SLF changes up in the Solent region too - withdrawn are 40825 (R645DUS), 42116 (R611YCR), 42130 (S630KTP) and 42759 (S659SNG), and former Hoeford based 42138/9 (S638/9XCR) have been transferred to Hilsea to make up the numbers. 

The two Mercedes-Benz Varios in service at Hilsea remain in service - it appears their expected demise was premature!

7th September

Former Hoeford and Southampton-based Dart SLF 42131 (S631KTP) has been withdrawn and has left the company. 

Dart SLF 42140 (S640XCR) has transferred from Hoeford to Hilsea.

At Hoeford, some of the Streetlites are beginning to receive yellow line branding for route 2. So far, 47411 (SK63KLP) has been completed.

Volvo B6BLE 48208 (V808EFB) has been transferred to Yeovil - it has not been withdrawn. However, from Yeovil, the last remaining Mercedes-Benz Vario 52540 (S540RWP) has been withdrawn. Yeovil is now 100% low floor, if not yet quite DDA compliant.

7th September

In the Wessex region, there has been a period of relative stability. Volvo B6BLE 48202 (V802EFB) has been withdrawn and is now found up at Yeovil. 48208 (V808EFB) is also on site at Yeovil although it has not yet been confirmed whether this is withdrawn or not. Former Cymru Enviro200s 44504 and 44505 (CU08ADV/X respectively) have left Weymouth, and are expected to enter service up in Berkshire. They have been replaced on route 10 by former Manchester Volvo B7RLEs, released from route 1 following the arrival of the Streetlites that were up in use in Glasgow.

A number of R-reg Dart SLFs have moved on from Hoeford and Southampton and on to Taunton. These are former Hoeford based 42117 (R617YCR), and former Southampton based 42511/21-4/6/7 (R411WPX etc). They are seen as stop gaps in Taunton, replacing other buses as they are withdrawn until DDA compliant stock can come in for next year.

From Southampton, a further ADL Trident has arrived in to Hoeford from Southampton - this time 32767 (WJ55CTE).

At Hoeford, three more Optare Solo SRs have been branded for red line route 9/9A. This time, 53602-4 (YJ14BKD/E/F) have been branded. This now means that 53601-6 all wear branding.

Dennis Dart SLFs 42232 and 42234 (T32/4JCV respectively) have moved from Hoeford to Hilsea. Reading between the lines of a few reports, it seems these are expected to see of the remaining two Mercedes-Benz Varios next week.

21st August

In the Wessex region, three Solos have entered service. Former First Glasgow & Somerset and Avon Solos 50466 and 50467 (SJ03DPX/Y respectively) have entered service into Yeovil, thereby probably bringing the end of Mercedes-Benz Vario operation. Secondly, on-loan Optare Solo 59100 (YJ62FAM) is back at Weymouth, covering company-owned Solos as they are away on warranty work. 

From Southampton, two Volvo B7TLs have moved on. 32043 (W813EOW) has gone to join sisters 32045/6 down in Weymouth and has received appropriate branding. 32044 (W814EOW) has moved to First Cymru, alongside a couple of others already in Wales.

From Weymouth, Tridents 32707 and 32708 (W707/8RHT) have been transferred to Hoeford depot in view of First winning the HMS Collingwood contract. It is rumoured further low floor double decks are due. Also arriving back at Hoeford is Volvo B10BLE 66151 (S351NPO) from Hilsea. This concentrates all of the type at Hoeford.

15th August

In the Wessex region, Dennis Dart 42819 (S819KPR) and Optare Solo 50270 (S301EWU) have been withdrawn. Southampton have sent Volvo B7TL 32046 (W816EOW) down to Weymouth depot as well - this is a permanent transfer and has received Wessex fleet names.

All Wright Streetlites in Glasgow are now back at the depots they were intended for and have already entered service, or will be very shortly. More of the red Streetlites in Southampton have also arrived - please see the fleetlist for full details.

10th August

First Southampton Volvo B7RLE 69386 (HY09AZB) has received the "red 3" livery and interior refurbishment.

6th August

Wessex region

  • Volvo B6BLE/Wright Crusader 2 48270 (WK02TYD) and ADL Trident/East Lancs Myllenium 32766 (WJ55CSV) have received all over advert liveries for various holiday parks in and around Weymouth. 48270 will be the primary bus on route 503, with 32766 the main bus on route 502.
  • Hoeford's Dennis Dart SLF 42120 (R620YCR) has moved to Yeovil. In Yeovil, Dennis Dart SLF 42826 (T826AFX) is back in service, but is now the only one of the 'T' reg batch in service - 42827 and 42828 (T827/8AFX) joining the previous withdrawn 42829.
  • Volvo Olympians 34043 and 34175 (P243UCW / S675AAE) have been withdrawn in Weymouth. 34175 may re-enter service in the future as it has not been officially withdrawn, but is minus several very important components, such as an engine.
  • Former First PMT Optare Solo 40012 (T165BBF) has also been withdrawn down in Yeovil.

Southampton region

  • The Southampton "City Red" Streetlites are beginning to enter service in the city. The first have gone onto route 11 to Weston, via Woolston. The details have been added to the Southampton fleetlist. 
  • Former Cymru and Wessex ADL Enviro 200 44506 (CU08ADZ) has rejoined the Southampton fleet having spent a couple of weeks in Hoeford. The other 4 Enviros have remained at Hoeford depot.
  • A number of short term loans have occurred recently in Southampton from Hoeford - Dart 42138 (S638XCR) and Volvo B10BLEs 66153 and 66164 (S353NPO/W364EOW) being the latest.

Solent region

  • Following network revisions, there have been a few inter-depot transfers between Hoeford and Hilsea. Wright Streetlites 47417 and 47418 (SK63KME/F) have been transferred to Hilsea, with Dart SLF 42728 (T728REU) being reinstated into service at Hilsea.
  • Some of the Optare Solo SRs have received red branding for routes 9 and 9A - 53606 (YJ14BKK) was present at the recent Stokes Bay rally showing off the new branding.

Finally, the 9 Wright Streetlites sent up north for the Commonwealth Games are in the process of returning - 47591-4 will enter service at Hoeford shortly, with 63181-5 to Weymouth. Subsequent transfers will see the remaining Volvo B7RLEs in Weymouth move onto the 10 to Dorchester, with the Enviro200s in Weymouth probably moving to Southampton.

13th July

Starting off in the Wessex region, there has been a period of relative stability over the past couple of weeks. Dart SLF 42818 (S818KPR) is back in service in Yeovil, with Scania Omnidekka 36002 (YN04GNX) still off road in Weymouth. There is a rumour that all of the Enviro200s will be sent up to Southampton with the arrival of the red Streetlites - Volvo B7RLEs being sent down to Weymouth to replace them. Nothing has been confirmed yet, although 44506 (CU08ADX) has moved up the coast already to Hoeford.

Regarding Hoeford and Southampton, route 6 (City - Hamble) has transferred over to Hoeford along with Enviros 44507-10 (YX58HWF/G/H/J respectively). The Enviros, along with 44506 from Weymouth, will be used exclusively on the 6. However, two are unbranded, and with the PVR of the 6 generally three buses, in the future it could be considered that the buses will start to spread their wings.

Transfers out of the fleet -

  • 42109 (R609YCR) and 42754 (S653SNG) have moved to First in Bath
  • 32041 (W811EOW) has been confirmed as heading for First Cymru

The first of Southampton's red Streetlites have started to arrive at Empress Road - registrations, photos and reports to come as they enter service.

Please note the Fareham & Gosport route changes to occur on the 27th July - the main inclusions are:

  • route 3 (Fareham - The Hard) to go to every 10 mins (Mon-Sat, every 20 mins Sunday) throughout, with the Portsdownn Inn shorts extended
  • route 4 / 4A withdrawn - replaced by a half-hourly X5 (Gosport - Fareham - Southampton, via Lee on Solent, Stubbington, Titchfield and Warsash)
  • route 9 variations in Rowner - now to be numbered 9A
  • changes in the Highlands - an extended route the F2
29th June

Hoeford's Optare Solo SRs are now fully in service. They have been renumbered to 536** due to a database conflict. So far, their sisters down in Weymouth retain their 535** numbers. Their details are on the Hoeford fleetlist - scroll down to the Optare Solo SR section. 

Various Darts withdrawn or transferred:

  • 40790 (R294GHS) ex Hilsea --> into Southampton
  • 40959 (S335TJX) --> withdrawn from Hilsea
  • 41387 (X387HLR) --> withdrawn from Hilsea
  • 42109 (R609YCR) --> withdrawn from Hoeford
  • 42124 (S624KTP) --> withdrawn from Hoeford
  • 42126 (S626KTP) --> withdrawn from Hoeford
  • 42134 (S634KTP) ex Hoeford --> into Southampton
  • 42506 (P406KOW) --> withdrawn from Southampton
  • 42728 (T728REU) --> withdrawn from Hilsea
  • 42754 (S653SNG) --> withdrawn from Hoeford
  • 42757 and 42773 (S657SNG/S673SNG) ex Hoeford --> into Southampton

The Dart withdrawals and transfers are quite fluid at the mo. With Southampton's next batch of Streetlites nearly here, expect more over the coming weeks.

Volvo B7TL 32041 (W811EOW) has left Southampton to join two other sisters up in First Cymru.

14th June

Further Streetlites have entered service at Hoeford, leaving only four remaining that have not entered service yet. Their details are on the Hoeford fleetlist - scroll down the the Wright Streetlite section. 

Dart SLF 42134 (S634KTP) has been transferred back to Hoeford from Hilsea.

7th June

Wessex region:

The 6 Optare Solo SRs are now in service in Weymouth. They are numbered:

  • 53510 - YJ14BVA
  • 53511 - YJ14BVB
  • 53512 - YJ14BVC
  • 53513 - YJ14BVD
  • 53514 - YJ14BVE
  • 53515 - YJ14BVF

The buses are all out in use, primarily allocated to routes 4 and 8.

Solent region:

Further Streetlites have entered service, which have resulted in several Dart cascades. 47574 - 47584 are now in use with Hoeford, primarily on routes 1 and 3. Their details are on the Hoeford fleetlist - scroll down the the Wright Streetlite section.

As a result of these transfers, two further Dart SLFs have moved to Hilsea - these being 42134 and 42142 (S634KTP and S642XCR respectively).

1st June

Wessex region:

The latest Dart allocations have been confirmed:

  • Weymouth (in service): 42113
  • Weymouth (withdrawn): 42817, 42820, 42829
  • Bridport (in service): 42826
  • Yeovil (in service): 42819, 42821, 42822, 42823, 42827, 42828, 42350
  • Yeovil (VOR): 42114, 42818, 42829

Volvo Olympian 39920 (L650SEU) has entered service for the summer - it spent two days out on route 1 last week for the bank holiday weekend.

All Scania Omnidekkas have now been repainted - 36001-4 are in Jurrassic Coastliner X31 livery, with 36005 and 36006 in standard fleet livery.

Finally, the first Solo SRs are arriving in Southampton for forward movement to Weymouth - an unknown example has already been reported as being at Weymouth depot.

Solent region:

Various Streetlite details have changed:

  • 47575 - 47580 have been confirmed as in service from Hoeford, primarily allocated to routes 1 and 3. Registrations are: 47575 (SN14EBK), 47576 (SN14EBL), 47577 (SN14EBM), 47578 (SN14EBO) and 47579 (SN14EBP) respectively. 47580 is expected to be SN14EBU, although this has not been confirmed yet.
  • A couple of further Streetlites are now at Hoeford, although they have not entered service yet. These are 47573 and 47582.
  • Finally, a number have been delivered to the English mainland at Heysham - these being 47574, 47581, 47583, 47584, 47586 and 47487. These will arrive in the south over the next week.

As a result of the arrival of the Streetlites, various Darts have been moved on already. 42132 and 42133 (S632/3KTP) have been reported as arrived or in service from Hilsea depot, as have 42137 (S637XCR) and 42759 (S659SNG). These have replaced sister Darts 40790 (R294GHS) and 42778 (S678SNG) at Hilsea depot, which are now withdrawn. There other Darts due for withdrawal, including 40959 (S335TJX), 41387 (X387HLR) and 42728 (T728REU), but these are still in service at the time of writing.

25th May

Wessex region:

  • Former Hoeford based Dennis Dart SLFs 42113 and 42114 (R613/4YCR respectively) have entered service in Yeovil. These had been covering the delivery of Wright Streetlites (and the subsequent cascade of Enviro200s) up in the Berkshire region, but as they are now freed, they have moved down to South Somerset.
  • Scania Omnidekka 36001 (YN04GNV) has received the X31 livery with full branding.

Southampton region:

  • The forthcoming Streetlite delivery have been added to the fleetlist. Details will be added as they emerge.

Solent region:

  • The forthcoming Streetlite and Solo SR delivery have been added to the fleetlist. Details will be added as they emerge.
  • Dennis Dart SLF 42119 (R619YCR) has been withdrawn and moved for storage to Bristol's Muller Road depot.

Please note: all of the additional informations on all fleetlists have been updated. However, if something has slipped through the net, please do let me know and I'll get this sorted for the next update.

18th May

Dennis Dart SLF 42122 (R622YCR) is no longer in service with Hoeford depot. The Truronian Dart SLFs that seem to have popped here and there to Hilsea are also still permanently allocated to Hoeford - they simply have been loaned in now and then. One permanent transfer is Dennis Dart SLF 42125 (S625KTP) - now based at Hilsea. Hoeford have also withdrawn their one and only Solo - 53008 (W808PAF) is no longer in service. 

Weymouth based Volvo B6BLE 48270 (WK02TYD) is to receive an allover livery for Waterside Holiday Park.

Long term withdrawn Volvo B10BLE 66129 (S119JTP) seem to have also been disposed of a while ago - it is no longer in the fleet.

Finally, to confirm the 4 former South Yorkshire Volvo B7RLEs intended for the Southampton fleet will no longer be entering service in Southampton. These have gone to Taunton to bolster quality buses on route 28 to Minehead. Four non-red3 Volvo B7RLEs will now receive this livery in Southampton. In addition to this, the Wright Streetlites due for Southampton will be in red (presumably not for the 3 though), and the Weymouth/Hoeford Solo SRs should be arriving any week.

5th May

Hoeford based Dennis Dart SLF 42141 (S641XCR) has been withdrawn.

It appears former Truronian Dart SLFs 42232 and 42234 (T32/4JCV) are being used at Hilsea depot when required on loan at the moment. There has been nothing official from the company regarding the transfer of these buses, but both are seen on the odd day on a Portsmouth city working operated by Hilsea.

5th May

Volvo B6BLEs 48272 and 48273 (WK02TYH and YG02DLV respectively) have received the new fleet colours in Weymouth.

Volvo Olympian 34129 (P829FEF) has been withdrawn from Southampton. The bus is replaced in the school bus fleet by Dennis Trident 32704 (W704PHT). In July, it is planned that the last remaining Volvo Olympian in service at Southampton - 34079 (P579EFL) - will also be withdrawn and replaced by Trident 32706. This will mean, from July, 32704-6 will be allocated to the First Southampton school fleet. It is not known whether the liveries of 32704/6 will change, in line with the blue 32705 already wears. 

Last week, two Dennis Dart SLFs left Hoeford. 42137 (S637XCR) popped to Southampton for a couple of days, but now should be back at Hoeford. 42234 (T34JCV) was seen on Portsmouth route 13, and it is not confirmed whether this transfer is permanent or a loan.

27th April

A number of interesting changes have recently happened in and around First Hampshire, Dorset & South Somerset.

Starting off in Weymouth, the repaint and refurbishment program of the younger buses is in full swing. Two Omnidekkas (36001 and 36003) remain, while two of the younger Volvo B6BLEs (48272/3) are off in Hampshire at the mo presently getting repainted. Four of the promised 9 Wright Streetlite Max buses are now in service in Weymouth, with 63181-5 due after the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. At present these five are in Taunton, helping out on First's emergency win of the Taunton P&R contract. 

Now considering the Enviro200s, the long awaited route 10 branding (Weymouth - Dorchester) has been rolled out onto 44502, 44503 and 44505, which is very much in the existing style as expected. Volvo B6BLE 48205 (W805EFB) has been withdrawn, and Volvo B7RLE 69216 (MX56AEE) has moved up to Hoeford depot in Hampshire. The Optare SRs due for routes 4 and 8 are due next month, reportedly. Lastly, despite reporting it withdrawn some months ago, 42827 (T827AFX) has been seen resurrected and out on Yeovil route 58 recently. 

Southampton has been quiet recently, with no recent reported repaints or refurbishments. The four promised Volvo B7RLEs from South Yorkshire have reportedly been confirmed but not yet dispatched, and there are no reports of them on the south coast yet.

At Hoeford depot, all 22 Scania Omnicity buses now wear the new First corporate livery - 65014 (YN54NZK) the last bus to be repainted. The Optare SRs due for route 9 (Gosport - Fareham via Rowner and Bridgemary) are due next month, reportedly. 

All quiet at Hilsea, also. 

5th April

With Weymouth's brand new Wright Streetlite Max buses being delivered, I've now added them to the Wessex fleetlist. Two have been seen out in service so far, with details on the fleetlist.

Empress Road based Volvo B7TL 32045 (W815EOW) has been transferred to Weymouth depot - it is not clear if this is permanent or just a loan.

From 1st June, several routes in Southampton will change. Full details of these are on the forum, and will be added to the Southampton route page in due course. As part of this, at least 4 Volvo B7RLEs from First South Yorkshire are being acquired. 4 have been confirmed - 69012 (SF55UAD), 69013 (SF55UAE), 69017 (SF55UAK) and 69018 (SF55UAL). All have been repainted recently into the current First livery. These have not yet arrived so do not yet feature on any fleetlist.

5th April

It is very busy down in the Wessex region at present, with key Coastliner route changes announced along with a constant stream of buses for repaints and refurbishments. Scania Omnidekka 36004 (YN04GNZ) has been repainted into a the Jurassic Coastliner livery, with at-present branding that has not been reported. Therefore, I have created the following symbol to represent this - although I have no idea how accurate this is, especially as the X31 is not in operation yet: Scania Omnidekkas 36001 and 36002 (YN04GNV / YN04GNX respectively) have gone for repaint, along with Volvo B6BLE 48270 (WK02TYD), although the latter is for repaint into the standard First livery.

A summary of key Wessex route changes announced:

  • Route 1 to Portland to increase to the summer frequency of every 7-8 minutes
  • Route 31 to be cut back to Dorchester (to operate Dorchester - Axminster), but an additional two hourly route 17 supplements the 4 buses an hour on route 10. The new Dorchester - Axminster route will operate as the X31 at an hourly frequency. The bus will connect Axminster railway station with Dorchester South railway station, amongst the other highlights of the route.
  • When these changes happen, route X53 will double in frequency between Weymouth and Lyme Regis, operating hourly.
  • Route 501 is back this year, and will operate for two months with 5 departures a day, rather than just for the summer holidays with 4 departures last year.

Yeovil based Mercedes-Benz Vario 52533 (S533RWP) has been withdrawn, and has been replaced with sister example 52558 (S558RWP) from Hilsea.

Up in the Solent region, 65020 (YN54NZU) is now in the new livery, leaving 65014 as the only Barbie Scania Omnicity. From Hilsea, Solo 53151 (YN03ZVW) has received a repaint into the new livery. There are now 3 Solos in First's "marmite" livery at Hilsea.

30th March

Not many fleet movements this last week - however, there have been a lot of repaints.

In Weymouth, all Volvo B9TLs now wear a version of the new livery - 37580-4 are in the X53 Jurassic Coastliner version of the new livery, with 37585-6 in fleet livery. Alongside these, Scania Omnidekkas 36005 and 36006 are in fleet livery, with the remaining Omnidekkas now being repainted into a similar Jurassic Coastliner, but supposedly with more green than blue, to indicate the route 31 service. In addition, Volvo B7RLE 69212 (MX06VPN) has been repainted. Finally, open top Volvo Olympian 39920 (L650SEU) is due to return to Weymouth this summer for the extended 501 service (more months of operation, rather than just the summer holidays as last year), and has been the first open top bus repainted into the new livery. 

At Hoeford, 65023 (YN54NZX) is now out in the new livery wearing Solent Ranger branding, bringing the total of Omnicitys wearing Solent Ranger livery up to 4. Alongside these, recently, non-branded Scanias have increasingly featured on the X4. Whether this is coincidence or intention is not known. 65014 (YN54NZK) is now at Barton Park, leaving 65020 as the last Scania Omnicity in service in Barbie livery.

Up at Hilsea, Optare Solo 53140 (YJ05XOP) has received the new livery.

Yeovil based Optare Solo 50272 (S303EWU) has been withdrawn for scrap. It is not clear whether this has been replaced at Yeovil - however, Weymouth tend to send their low floor Darts up there these days, following the entry to service of the Streetlites on the 2 and Enviro200s on the 10. In addition to the withdrawal of the Solo, Dart SLFs 40792 (R296GHS) and 41147 (P247OEW) has left Hoeford and are withdrawn, along with Volvo Olympian 34022 (P542HMP). 

22nd March

New Vehicle orders - confirmed - 64 buses in total, plus the 3 Enviro400s for Hoeford


9x Wright Streetlite Max - Fleet Numbers 63181-9 - to replace the Volvo B7RLEs on Portland route 1. The Volvo B7RLEs are then expected to move on, as there are no other routes in the Wessex region that realistically suit their length.

6x 9.7m Optare Solo SRs - Fleet Numbers as yet unknown - to upgrade routes 4 and 8


18x Wright Streetlite DF - Fleet Numbers 47595 - 47612 - purpose unknown so far other than to remove non-DVLA suitable buses


22x Wright Streetlite DF - Fleet Numbers 47575 - 47594 - to upgrade routes 1 (Portsmouth) and 3 (Fareham-Portsmouth). This will mean all buses on any of the routes 1, 2, 3, 7 and 8 frequencies will be Streetlites, except for unexpected allocations.

9x 9.7m Optare Solo SRs - Fleet Numbers as yet unknown - to upgrade Fareham-Gosport route 9

3x ADL E40D/Envir400 double deckers - which have already arrived - for Portsmouth's P&R service. Registrations confirmed below for all:

33895 SN14TPZ
33896 SN14TRV
33897 SN14TRX

Following the arrival of these buses, acting as a spare bus, Dennis Trident 32764 (WJ55CSO) has transferred up the road from Southampton to Hoeford.


Nothing confirmed, although the depot has just received 32 Streetlites and Portsmouth will benefit from the next Hoeford delivery. On a different note, Dart SLF 42507 (P407KOW) has been withdrawn.


In the Wessex region, buses receiving repaints into the new First livery are Scania Omnidekka 36005 (YN04GLV) along with Volvo B7RLEs 69211 and 69217. 69212 is presently up in Hampshire receiving repaint. Registrations are MX06VPM / MX06VPN / MX56AEF respectively.

In Southampton, it has been confirmed 69387/9-401 have all received the red3 livery. No further buses will be repainted in this livery.

At Hoeford, the only Omnicitys now not in the new livery are 65014 and 65020 - 65023 (YN54NZX), which was once made into a model by Creative Master Northcord, has been noted up at Barton Park.

15th March

Three brand new ADL Enviro40D double deckers have been delivered to Hoeford depot for the launch of Portsmouth's Park & Ride service between Tipner and The Hard next month. They are:

33895 SL63GDO
33896 SN14TRV
33897 SN14TRX

It is expected that 33895 will be re-registered with a "14" registration before entering service. All wear a fully branded P&R livery with a green base, and will serve on the every-12-minutes PR1 from next month.

Regarding the red 3 Volvos in Southampton, the eventual plan is for 69387 and 69389-401 to all be in the livery, with 69385 and 69386 as spare. We are just seeking confirmation as to the current colours of the last remaing Volvos expected to be in the red livery!

On a similar theme, Volvo B7TL 32042 (W812EOW) has transferred to First Somerset & Avon's Bath depot. According to Steve White's First Bristol website, this is just a loan while Bath are short of buses. We will seek confirmation.

10th March

Change of plan - 42109 (R609YCR) has now returned to Hoeford depot and is back out in use.

Scania Omnicity 65016 (YN54NZO) has received a repaint into the new livery.

8th March

At Southampton, the Wright Streetlite DFs are starting to appear with branding for route 1. So far, 47422, 47423 and 47425 (SK63KMM, SK63KMO and SK63KMV respectively) have received light blue branding.

Hilsea have received a couple of ex-Hoeford Dart SLFs - 42109 and 42136 (R609YCR and S636XCR respectively) in the drive to remove the older Marshall bodied Darts from the fleet. It has been reported that 41633 and 41643 (R633VLX and R643TLM respectively) have been withdrawn.

2nd March

Mainly repaints since the last updated - 


  • 36006 (YN05HGA) has been repainted into the new First livery - the first of the Omnidekkas to have been done.
  • Volvo B7RLE 69214 (MX06YXT) has also been repainted - 69213 has not.
  • Volvo B9TL 37584 (HY08DHG) has arrived up in Hampshire pending repaint and refurbishment.

At Southampton, possibly two Streetlites have received branding for Light Blue Line 1 - certainly 47423 and probably 47425 (SK63KMO and SK63KMV respectively).

23rd February

Firstly, a couple of corrections / developments since the last update - 

  • Delete withdrawal of 42350 (W809VMA) from Weymouth - it seems to be very much still in use predominantly at Yeovil, although it has made it back to Weymouth very recently. We will confirm the depot allocation when it has settled down!
  • Volvo B10BLE 66154 (S354NPO) has now entered into service at Hoeford, not Hilsea.

Hoeford based Volvo B10BLE 66155 (S355XCR) has been withdrawn and is now being used for spares in Hoeford depot - this is the first of this batch to be withdrawn, since they were new back in 1998/9.

Hoeford and Hilsea have swapped a couple of Darts - former Badgerline 42728 (T728REU) has moved to Hilsea depot with mini-Marshall bodied 41147 (P247OEW) heading the other direction. 41147 seems to be taking the place of former resident step-Dart 46322 as staff shuttle / cover on route 20 / to be pushed into service if absolutely required.

Southampton based Trident 32765 (WJ55CSU) has been transferred down to Weymouth depot.

All of Southampton's former Bath Volvo B7RLEs are now in service, and it has been confirmed that 69387 (HY09AUW) is now in service in Southampton in the red livery. Staying on the Volvo B7RLE theme, Volvo B7RLEs 69213 and 69214 (MX06YXS and MX06YXT respectively) are in Hampshire for repaint and refurbishment - not transfer to Hoeford, so expect them to appear back down in Weymouth in the coming weeks.

7th February

A few further withdrawals across the fleet:

  • Hoeford - Dennis Dart SLF 40961 (S474TJX), Dennis Dart 46322 (M322YOT)
  • Hilsea - Optare Solo 53006 (W806PAF)
  • Southampton - Dennis Dart SLF 40822 (R642DUS)
  • Weymouth - Volvo Olympian 34020 (P530FEL), Dennis Dart SLF 42717 (R717BAE) and 42350 (W809VMA)

Volvo B10BLE 66154 (S354NPO) has now entered into service at Hilsea.

Volvo B7RLEs 69213 and 69214 (MX06YXS and MX06YXT respectively) have arrived up at Hoeford depot, intended simply for refurbishment and repaint. It is not known whether they will enter service at Hoeford, as messages seem to be a little unclear thus far. Continuing on the Volvo B7RLE theme, all the former Bath example are now in service.

Scania Omnicity 65012 (YN54NZH) has been repainted into the new livery. In addition, several Scanias have now received leather seat refurbishments - see the forum for details.

The details of the Portsmouth Park & Ride contract have been announced. It will be operated by three Enviro400 double deckers from Hoeford depot, branded by Portsmouth CC for the service. Monday - Saturday will see a frequency of every 12 minutes, reducing to every 15 minutes on Sundays and bank holidays. 

25th January

First Southampton Dennis Dart SLF 42508 (R408WPX) has transferred to Bracknell, replacing previous FHD Dart SLF 40826 (R646DUS) which is now consigned to the great scrap heap in the sky.

All of the former First Bristol & Avon Volvo B7RLEs are now at Southampton, with 66953 (WX55TZP) having entered service so far. Continuing the theme of Southampton based Volvo B7RLEs, 69386 (HY09AZB) has now transferred over from Hilsea. It retains the outline of the former purple route 7 branding above the windows, but has gained a "SOUTHAMPTON" fleet name within this. No sightings of 69387 (HY09AUW) yet in service, although the bus has been reported as at Botley for repainting and refurbishment in to the red 3 livery. 69389 (HY09AUO) and 69390 (HY09AOS) have also gained this livery along with the interior refurbishment. Finally, Volvo B7RLE 69385 (HY09AJV) has now returned to FHD, this time at Empress Road, following temporary service in First Cymru. It has not been confirmed where this bus will end up, although the sensible bet seems in Southampton.

Volvo B7TL/ALX400s 32253 (LT52WVY) has left the south coast for First Bristol.

47432 (SK63KND) has arrived at Hilsea and is now in service - it is not known whether 47421 has returned to Hoeford yet.

Volvo B10BLE 66154 (S354NPO) seems to have been moved from Southampton to Hilsea depot, rather than Hoeford depot. Neither 66154 nor 66155 (S355XCR) have turned a wheel in active service in the First Solent region yet.

Hoeford based Scania Omnicity 65015 (YN54NZM) has received a coat of the new livery.

12th January

Volvo B7TL/ALX400s 32251 (LT52WVO) and 32252 (LT52WVP) have certainly left Southampton, and so far Volvo B7RLE 66953 (WX55TZP) has arrived in Hampshire. All the three Volvo B7RLEs will enter service at Southampton depot.

Dart SLFs to Bracknell following new service contract wins - 40956 (S344SUX) along with 42113-5 inclusive (R613-5YCR respectfully). In addition, Dart SLF 42111 (R611YCR) has been withdrawn from Hoeford depot, along with Southampton Dart SLFs 41516 and 41517 (R416/7WPX). The last two step Darts at Hilsea have also gone - 46367 (N367ETR) and 47015 (N615DWY).

The last remaining Volvo B7RLE at Hilsea has been withdrawn from the depot and has since disappeared off the grid - in reality probably at Eastleigh or Empress Road - 69386 (HY09AZB) is probably the next one into the paintshop for branding as route 3 at Southampton.

Finally, just a few Streetlite confirmations - 47432 (SK63KND) has arrived at Hilsea, 47421 (SK63KMJ) is still on loan at Hilsea but presumably will return to Hoeford over the next couple of days, and 47411 (SK63KLP) is at Hoeford but not in use (reason unknown). 47411 will presumably re-enter service very soon.

12th January

Confirmed swaps with First Bristol:

  • OUT from First Southampton - Volvo B7TLs 32251 (LT52WVO), 32252 (LT52WVP) and 32253 (LT52WVY)
  • IN from First Bristol & Avon - Volvo B7RLEs 66944 (WX55TZF), 66945 (WX55TZG) and 66953 (WX55TZP)

Steve White's website report that the three Volvo B7RLEs will be going into Southampton depot, but this has not been confirmed by the company sources yet. The Volvo B7RLEs have not reported to have arrived yet - however, I've added them to the Southampton fleetlist in green for forthcoming transfers.

10th January

Reported yesterday - "In the continuing consolidation of Volvo B10BLEs at Hoeford, 66128 (S118JTP) has made the leap from Southampton. This leaves only 66154/5 (S354NPO / S355XCR) in Southampton, along with 66129 (S119JTP) which has been off the road for a number of years following fire." --> last night, 66154 and 66155 were transferred to Hoeford depot. Now Southampton has no serviceable Volvo B10BLEs, but will continue to see the odd allocation on the 4/4A/X4 operated from Hoeford.

Dennis Dart SLF 40822 (R642DUS) has been withdrawn from Southampton depot, and has been moved to Eastleigh railway works.

Just a couple of Streetlite status corrections - 47411 and 47432 have not yet been seen on the south coast, and 47421 is presently on loan at Hilsea to cover 47432's late arrival.

9th January

Volvo B7TL 32253 (LT52WVY) has transferred from Southampton depot up to First Bristol. This is one of 3 expected buses to transfer. Three buses are expected in return, although their type and destination have not been confirmed yet.

In the continuing consolidation of Volvo B10BLEs at Hoeford, 66128 (S118JTP) has made the leap from Southampton. This leaves only 66154/5 (S354NPO / S355XCR) in Southampton, along with 66129 (S119JTP) which has been off the road for a number of years following fire.

The status of the Yellow School Buses has been clarified and updated, along with some of the Darts in Wessex, which have found home in Yeovil since the turn of the year. Please visit the relevant fleetlists for these confirmed statuses.

2nd January

Volvo B10BLEs 66121 and 66153 (S121JTP and S353NPO respectively) have transferred from Southampton to Hoeford depot.

Southampton have withdrawn further Darts - 40826 (R646DUS), 41519 (R419WPX) and 42454 (R454CCV). These have been moved to the storage facility at Eastleigh railway works.

1st January


The Wessex fleet list has been updated with various Dart SLF withdrawals following the recent and staggered introduction of new Streetlites and Enviro200s at Weymouth depot. Many thanks for Ron, Simon and Mike reporting these changes on the forum. A summary of the changes are below:

  • Dart SLF 40721 transferred back up to Slough.
  • Dart SLFs 40788, 42221 and 42827, along with Darts 46727, 46365 and 46366 removed from service and stored out of use at Yeovil.

Dennis Trident 32703 (W703PHT) transferred from Southampton to Weymouth a few months ago, but I managed to miss the transfer on the fleetlist. This has now been corrected.

Dennis Dart SLF 42507 (P407KOW) has been transferred from Hoeford to Hilsea depot in the Solent region. Meanwhile, Dart SLF 42823 (S823KPR) has been moved from Weymouth to Yeovil down in the Wessex region.

Finally, just an update as to the locations of the former Zip / route 7 branded Volvo B7RLEs from Hilsea:

  • 69380 - to Cymru (X13 Ammanford route - has been painted / is going to be painted into the First Interurban (blue) livery)
  • 69381 - to Cymru (X13 Ammanford route - has been painted / is going to be painted into the First Interurban (blue) livery)
  • 69382 - to Cymru (X13 Ammanford route - has been painted / is going to be painted into the First Interurban (blue) livery)
  • 69383 - to Cymru (X13 Ammanford route - has been painted / is going to be painted into the First Interurban (blue) livery)
  • 69384 - to Cymru (X13 Ammanford route - has been painted / is going to be painted into the First Interurban (blue) livery)
  • 69385 - to Cymru (X13 Ammanford route - has been painted / is going to be painted into the First Interurban (blue) livery)
  • 69386 - Hilsea
  • 69387 - Southampton - presently in repaint for livery
  • 69388 - Southampton - First Connections livery
  • 69389 - Southampton
  • 69390 - Southampton
  • 69391 - Southampton
  • 69392 - Southampton
  • 69393 - Southampton
  • 69394 - Southampton
  • 69395 - Southampton
  • 69396 - Southampton
  • 69397 - Southampton
  • 69398 - Southampton
  • 69399 - Southampton
  • 69400 - Southampton
  • 69401 - Southampton