Mystery of Mysteries.

Nuts and Bolts time...

The name of my 'theory' is called PERFIDIA.

The name 'PERFIDIA' is derived from the latin "Per Fides" which means "through faith".

It is through our faith in the things that are true that we profit.

It is through our misplaced faith that we are conversely diminished.

So weigh the information I give you carefully. Be skeptical. Check out the facts...all of them.

I can give you the pieces of the puzzle that I've figured out...but you must decide what to believe in. 

What I present here is an 'ARTIST'S VIEW' of the universe.

Science is the discipline that looks without...

Art is the discipline that looks within.

I actually do both...but I start out with what I instinctively know as an artist constitutes 'PERFECTION'...and I work my way backwards from there.

You might say that I am theoretically 'back-engineering' the universe.

But be warned...what I have to say is no small deal. What you are about to read is the BIG KAHUNA!...the theory that Einstein worked so hard to find...and never did. Knowledge doesn't get any bigger.

Below is the UNIFIED FIELD Theory...the divine secrets of the universe...ultimate knowledge on how all things work...the unification of the forces of: 

1. GRAVITY...the eternally attractive force...weakest of all the forces...yet the one that keeps stars and planets and moons and asteroids and comets and rocketships in eternal inertial orbits. Even galaxies are held together by gravity...and how that works is a mystery for later.

2. ELECTROMAGNETISM...formerly the two seperate forces of 'electricity' and 'magnetism' unified as one. 

3. The STRONG NUCLEAR FORCE...that holds all matter together on an atomic level and...

4. The WEAK NUCLEAR FORCE...that explosive force that causes radiation and light...and by which all matter can decay back into hydrogen...

5. TIME...the great mystery that shackles us all in the present and yet propels us into a 'forward motion' that hurls us headlong into the future and away from the past. 

6. QUANTUM MECHANICS...where the particle zoo exists...where gravity must also be resolved...and the true geometry of space and time and all matter are revealed. 

Any theory that purports to 'UNIFY' the above named forces (by introducing a single UNIFYING FORCE) must explain all the above forces and concepts...and do so with such elegance as to leave the lerner with no doubt as to it's veracity. The importance of the knowledge and scientific principles presented on this website cannot be overestimated. 

So 'Perfidia' comes with a warning:


1. Theoretically...once you become aware of the big picture...or that which is 'right and wrong' concerning become spiritually accountable for your choices. If I give you the puzzle pieces and then suddenly you 'GET IT' then immediately become accountable to a 'higher power' from that point on for your choices in what you do with such ultimate knowledge...


If you believe in should be all right. If you don't believe in God or a 'Creator' might have your 'lack of faith' shaken a bit. Many people prefer to live in ignorance of 'uncomfortable truths'...especially religious truths...preferring not to hear about such concepts, things or events which might morally require that we 'get off our dead-ass' and change our selfish habits of a lifetime...or otherwise put ourselves in harm's way in order to deal with the implications once we become aware of it.

2. Ultimate knowledge is Ultimate Power. It's quite likely that the most powerful organizations in the world (the Freemasons, the Vatican, the Illuminati, God-only-knows-who-else, etc...) are already well aware of PERFIDIA, PARADOX SYSTEMS THEORY and/or the UNIFIED FIELD THEORY. Their most likely aim (since they've kept mum about it) would be to suppress knowledge of systems theory so they could continue to profit off of the ignorance of others and maintain a self-serving parasitical (or 'usufructual') socio-political, economic and ideological situation. In other words, if you invent a carbuerator that runs on water, you'll end up buried six feet underneath it in the desert somewheres...and if you expose the fundamental basics of all reality, you're likely to end up six feet under that guy. The 'SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE are the most dangerous secrets known to man. I believe that the hidden hands behind our government would kill anyone who figures out PERFIDIA and PARADOX SYSTEMS THEORY and threatens their rigged game.


Proceed to learn the following perfidious secrets at your own peril.


Let's begin then...



Many scientists think our universe is 'expanding' because of a primordial explosive event called: the 'BIG BANG!'

Other scientists conjecture that we are possibly in a 'contracting' phase...or will contract later in the future during something called: the 'BIG CRUNCH!'

The perfidious truth however, is that our wonderful universe is actually 'expanding' and 'contracting' at the same time!

It's what ya call a 'PARADOX'.

No...the universe did not just start itself from a 'Big Bang' and blow itself outwards and coast along for billions of years and...

No, will not gradually run out of gas and disappear back into nothingness.

It is currently doing both.

In other words, all matter in the universe is being created and uncreated at the same time.

Imagine, if you will, that the 'BIG BANG' never stopped exploding...that it has been exploding forever and that there never was or could be a 'starting point'.

Imagine also that there can never be an 'ending point'.

The universe is a dynamo of energy that just always was...always is and can never stop 'being' the universe.

I don't care what you've heard the scientists say...a single explosive event is too simplistic an answer and doesn't cut it as far as logic is concerned.

Something had to cause the BIG BANG if it actually happened that way...and that requires a causitive factor in another universe or dimension that pre-existed before our universe. Anything 'LESS' than an ongoing, eternally created and uncreated universe is LESS THAN PERFECT...and thus wrong by the standards of perfection. There is only one way to imagine such a thing as our universe:

The universe is a rotating 'TOROID-SHAPED' universe that is expanding and contracting 'toroidally' at the same a perfidious 'steady state' eternally changing and unchanging state.


This geometry of a 'rotating toroid' is similar to that of a 'magnetic field'

In fact, a magnetic field is actually a 'ghost image' of the universe itself. Galaxies are toroidally shaped as well...and we'll learn more on that later. Below is a simple look at the overall shape of the Perfidian toroidal universe. Note that there are three forces at work within this structure...


1. The CONTRACTION of the universe gives us the STRONG NUCLEAR FORCE which holds all matter together on an atomic level.

2. The EXPANSION of the universe gives us the WEAK NUCLEAR FORCE which causes radiation (all things decay).

3. Where the forces of 'Contraction' and 'Expansion' are resolved is called 'EQUILIBRIUM' . This provides us the power of ELECTRICITY which arises from the cube geometry of atomic structure (See: '90 Degree ElectroMagnetic Interface' below).

4. Magnetism is actually caused by the flow of space-time through all space and all matter in an ongoing forward direction similar to water flowing through a pipe. This is why electricity always flows from negative to positive and why 'like magnetic poles' repel each other (the flow of space resists flowing backwards) and unlike poles conversely 'attract' each other. Space-time flows faster through a magnet's aligned molecular domains and creates an 'ETHER VORTEX' in space and time that we call a magnetic field.

So let's build 'MATTER' up from 'NOTHING' by using the 1-2-3 Principle and Universal Motion...

Once the simple yet elegant geometry of the 8-Squared Cube is revealed, it will be easy to also see the

1. '90 degree electromagnetic interface'....where electricity and magnetism flow at ninety degrees perpendicular to each other. 

2. The X-Y-Z AXIS in the heart of the Atom.

3. The three basic hadrons or primary particles in the atom: the Proton, the Neutron and the Electron.

4. Cube geometry also explains the presence of 'three dimensional space'...electron sharing,...etc....


The 8-SQUARED CUBE of PERFIDIA is an elegant, simple structure that arises from the three motions of space-time:

Contraction, Expansion & Equilibrium...

Plus the forward march of the universe...'UNIVERSAL MOTION'...which is also the concept that we all perceive of as 'TIME'.

Here's the finished cube from two angles... 

If we fill in the eight squares and add the electron (YELLOW) cubes at either end...

...we get a picture ( a 'helium' configuration) that looks like this:

Helium has two electrons in it's outer shell.

Take away one of the yellow electron cubes at either end and the element represented would be that of 'HYDROGEN'...the first element of the periodic table.

Let's look at the three different kinds of cubes that arise from the 8-Squared cube...or 'ATOMIC NUCLEUS'...

Here's how we get the X-Y-Z axis and the '90 DEGREE ELECTRO-MAGNETIC INTERFACE'...

Note that the 90 Degree Electromagnetic Interface is formed by the placement of the YELLOW 'electron' points within the cube. 

MAGNETISM  and ELECTRICITY  were two seperate forces at one time which were 'unified' into ELECTROMAGNETISM when it was discovered that magnets can be made to produce electricity and electricity can be used to make a magnet. Magnetism arises from 'aligned molecular domains' within matter. This means that all the atoms within any magnetized matter are entirely lined up 'positive-to-negative' throughout the material. When this happens, spacetime flows faster because it is less-restricted and a rotating toroidal-shaped 'magnetic field' (ether vortex) arises which is actually a GHOST IMAGE OF THE UNIVERSE ITSELF! 

4. GRAVITY is actually a HYDRAULICS PHENOMENON called THE BERNOUILLI PRINCIPLE! This principle explains the the 'inverse square rule' of gravity because the closer two masses get, two ships in a river,....the more they are attracted to each other due to the constricted flow of fluid-like space-time between them (More on that later).

5. TIME is actually the unifying force behind all of the forces: UNIVERSAL MOTION! (The dynamic rotation of the universe itself!) The eternal forward rotation of the universe gives us the FORWARD MOTION OF TIME,...the contractive and expansive nuclear forces,...gravimetric attraction and electromagnetism!




In the center of the toroid is the horizontally rotating resolution to EXPANSION and CONTRACTION...EQUILIBRIUM!


 Matter builds itself up from kinked spacetime.

 All matter has to be CREATED and UNCREATED at the same time.

 If matter is CREATED faster than it's UNCREATED...or vice-versa...the atomic structure will be unstable and give off RADIATION.

 There are three 'areas of probability' (for electrons) that also arise from Cube Theory.

The progression (illustrated below) is from an upper cube to a lower cube to a middle toroid to a circular-shaped area at either the top or the bottom of the cube...or both!


Now lets proceed to another concept that seems to arise from the 8-Squared Cube of PERFIDIA...


There are three primary colors: RED, BLUE and YELLOW.

The secondary colors arise from the combinations of these three....Inbetween RED and BLUE is PURPLE!....

Inbetween BLUE and YELLOW is GREEN!...ETC....The same deal works for many patterns in nature....







Below is an older graphic showing progressive cube growth variations.














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