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We sell a wide range of various accessories, parts and transfers for models, that can be used on Fire, Police and Ambulance models.

An example of some parts we have include:

Lighbars, lights, ladders, wheels, tires, roof parts etc, we also have a large range of transfer sets for use on fire models, as well as standard transfers sets for Fire, Police and Ambulance.

For more information please contact us.

Axe with personlised badge £145.00

Fire & Rescue Service Sew On/Iron On 80mm Patch £4.99 inc p&p


Pin Badges £3.50 each including postage -
Shown in order of Volvo Pump, Mercedes Pump, Dennis Sabre Pump, Scania Pump, Mercedes ALP

Police Helmet Keyrings £3.50 each including postage

A few examples od decal sets and light sets are shown below:

Standard Decal sheet - contains Fire, Police and Ambulance markings, along with wording and various LFB crests.

Light sets 1 & 2

Top set has various sized repeater/strobe lights, bottom set has various lightbars and beacons.

Both light sets are avilable in the following colours:
Blue, Red, Green, Amber(Orange), Clear