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Medals and Awards


                    Name                                    honour                                                     unit

1. Abrahams, V R                               Mentioned in despatches                                    KRRC


2. Allardyce, Kenneth James           Order of the British Empire (Mil.Div)                     FLC 

In recognition of valuable service rendered in connection with military operations in Italy.              

Lond.Gaz 9 December 1919


3. Bahr, Dr. Philip Henry/Heinrich    Distinguished Service Order                              RAMC                 

Lond. Gaz. 4 June 1917 


4. Baird, John Robert                        Military Cross                                                   AIF

For valuable service rendered in connexion with military operations in France

Lond. Gaz.3 June 1919


5. Baker, William Hallam                  Military Medal                                           6th Bn KRRC


6. Banks, Robert                                Long Service and Good Conduct Medal                                          RAN


7. Baxendale, Mary Helene                 Royal Red Cross, 2nd class                                   VAD           

 Lond. Gaz. 4 April 1919


8. Berkeley, Reginald Cheyne                 Military Cross                  Rifle Brigade, Special Reserve

For conspicuous gallantry in action. When his company commander was wounded, he led the

company with great dash to its final objective, and later displayed great determination in

consolidating the captured line.

Lond. Gaz 14 November 1916 


9. Bernays Geoffrey C A                  Mentioned in despatches                                       Royal Engineers

for showing  a conspicuous example on all occasions                                                             

                                                           Mentioned in Salonika despatches

for gallant conduct


for valuable services in connection with the Salonika army

                                                            Order of the Redeemer (Greece)


10. Bloor, Albert Edward                          Military Medal                                              KRRC                    

Lond. Gaz.19 September 1917


11. Boyd, Dr James Roberts               Military Cross                                               RAMC

For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty, when rescuing under fire, some men

who had been buried in their dugout. He assisted in the digging out, although temporarily

disabled by earth thrown up by a bursting shell, and finally brought in one man alive.

Lond. Gaz. 25 August 1916


12. Boyes, Ediss                                    Military Cross                                                AIF 

For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. Owing to the two senior officers becoming                                                 

casualties he found himself in charge of the company in the attack on the final  objective,

which he captured with great success. 

Lond Gaz 19 April 1918


13.  Brewster-Joske, Clive                   Military Cross                                           AIF, RAF

For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in taking part in twenty-nine air fights, 

in which he has destroyed seven hostile machines.

Lond. Gaz 18 March 1918


14. Brodziak, Cedric Errol M               Distinguished Service Order      AIF,3rd Bn, A. M.'G.C. 

For conspicuous gallantry near Bray-sur-Somme on 22nd August, 1918. He commanded the

flank company of the division in the attack, and in face of strong opposition secured

and consolidated his objectives. When the right flank of the division on his left was held up 

he made good the gaps that occurred, capturing the southern portion of Happy Valley

and the Chalk Pit, and thus assuring the advance of the division on his flank.

During the afternoon the enemy broke through, and his left flank was in the air, and the enemy

behind him, but he held his position and formed a defensive flank. By his fine initiative and

determination he enabled the divisional line to be maintained, and inflicted such casualties

that the enemy was forced to withdraw.

Lond. Gaz. 31 January 1919 


                                                           Mentioned in dispatches

Lond. Gaz. 11 July 1919


15. Caldwell, Robert Nixon                                                            NZEF; S Wales Borderers

                                                      Mentioned in despatches January 1916  

                                                      Mentioned in despatches December 1917                                                                                         

                                                      Military Cross                                                                 

Lond. Gaz. 31 May 1918


16. Cater, Frank                                 Military Medal                                                      AIF 

For bravery in the field. for excellent leadership displayed during operations at Westhoek 

on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd October 1917during supply of ammunition to the battery well forward.        

Lond. Gaz. 14 December 1917


17. Cave, Mylles Wymarus                Distinguished Service Order                                    AIF                                      

Devotion to duty and excellent work in the evacuation of woun ded from the field during

the battles of Gaza.  

Lond. Gaz. 12 December 1919                

                                                            Mentioned in despatches x 2

Lond. Gaz. 12 January 1918

Lond. Gaz. 12 January 1920


18. Clark, Robert Henry                    Military Cross                                 4th Brigade AFA                   

During the operations east of Ponchaux on the morning of the 8th October, 1918, he did

excellent work as brigade Forward Observation Officer. He pushed up close to infantry

jumping off line prior to zero hour; and owing to casualties took charge of the battalion 

and moved from company officer to company officer, with the result that the whole unit 

moved off. He stayed in actual command of the battalion, directing their advance for at

least 1,000 yards, when he handed over command to one of the company officers.

Lond. Gaz 4 October 1919


19. Cleary, John Colman - letter of appreciation from commanding officer                    KRRC


20. Cocks, Robert                                Member of the British Empire                              AIF  

The King has been graciously pleased to give orders for the following promotion in, and

appointment to, the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in recognition of valuable

services rendered in connexion with the war, to be dated 3rd June, 1919.

To be Member of the Military Division of the said Most Excellent Order

Lond Gaz 12 December 1919


21. Colate, J                                          Meritorious Service Medal                                   FLC 

In recognition of valuable services rendered with the British Forces in Italy.

Lond. Gaz. 9 December 1919


22. Cooper, George William                 Military Medal                                                      KRRC             

Lond. Gaz 19 February 1917   


23. Costelloe, Patrick                           Military Medal                                                       KRRC        

Lond. Gaz. 19 February 1917


24. Crosse, Hugh Edward                     Military Cross                                                       NZEF

For gallant conduct and devotion to duty in operations near Gravenstafel on 4th - 6th October

1917 when Acting Adjutant. The Commanding Officer was wounded early in the engagement.

Lieutenant Crosse carried on until eventually relieved by the senior officer. Throughout the

whole operation he displayed marked devotion to duty. At all times he carried out his duties

with marked ability

Lond. Gaz. 3 June 1918


25. Crosse, Thomas Grant                   Military Cross                           Royal Garrison Artillery

Lond. Gaz. 3 June 1919

                                                             Mentioned in Despatches


26. Davies, Dr Gwilym Charles Montague   Military Cross                                   RAMC

For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. When a neighbouring village was being heavily

shelled, he went there to see if he could help.Finding that the field ambulance had withdrawn.

he re-opened the dressing station and remained there for hours, managing to evacuate a large

number of wounded.

Lond. Gaz. 26 July 1918

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         27. Dawson, Oswald C                       Distinguished Flying Cross          King Edward’s Horse, RAF

This officer rendered extremely valuable service between 19th and 26th September, when acting

as observer to Captain Hanmer. The information he brought back was of the greatest value to

the Desert Mounted Corps and materially assisted operations            

Lond Gaz. 8 February 1919

28. Eastgate, Herbert Stuart                         Military Cross                                                 NZEF       
For great gallantry in patrolling, particularly on the nights of 27/28th and 28/29th Nov. 1916, 
near Fleurbaix. On the former night he himself got into the enemy trench at Corner Fort and 
gained valuable information. On the latter he led a patrol of 7 men. On arrival they met a 
superior force of the enemy who bombed them causing 4 casualties. Lance Corporal Eastgate,
though himself seriously wounded about the head and arm, carried a dangerously wounded 
man a distance of approximately 40 yards into a place of safety, and then, owing to his own 
weakness  from loss of blood,returned to Company Headquarters with a valuable report and 
directed a relief  party to where he had left the wounded man.
Lond. Gaz 19 February 1917 .
29.  Ellis, Samuel Howard           Order of the British Empire                                        RFC                                
30.  Faddy, Gertrude Helen          Associate of the Royal Red Cross 2nd Class         VAD
      Lond.Gaz 24 October 1917
31. Faddy, Norman Walter            Military Cross                                                       KRRC
For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. This officer fought throughout  twelve
days, commenced as accompany officer, when on one occasion he counter-attacked  
across the open with his company, killing and bayoneting a large number of the enemy  
and driving them back 600 yards. Later, when his C.O. became a casualty, he commanded 
the battalion with determination and skill.                                                   
Lond. Gaz. 16 Sept.1918
                                                          and Bar       - May 1918                              KRRC
For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. Though his company was greatly 
reduced in numbers, he held his ground against strong enemy attacks with the   
greatest  ability. He led a counter attack, drove back the enemy with heavy loss,          
and saved a serious situation. His resolute determination and courage were an       
inspiration to all. 
Lond.Gaz. 18 July 1918
32. Fanning, Frederick                                                   56th Bn, Australian Infantry
                                           three times Mentioned in despatches           
 1) 30 June 1915 60 S
Special mention for acts of conspicuous gallantry and valuable service Gallipoli  
28 June 1915       AMO no 570 1915                                                                        
Awarded special mention for services by General Sir Ian Hamilton 
in Despatch of 26 August 1915
(extract  from Lond Gaz. 15 November 1915)                               
                                                   MID for conspicuous gallantry MO 44/1916          
2) At Petillon, this officer was ordered to take his Company into the original front line trench 
of the Brigade area, at 9.15 p.m on the night of the 19/20th July 1916, and hold  same in case 
of emergency. He was responsible for organising its defence in the dark. On the morning of the 
20th July 1916, when part of the 8th Infantry Brigade were retiring in disorder from the German
 trenches, past the original firing line to the support line, Captain Fanning, immediately grasping
 the situation organised and sent off a party into the 8th Infantry Brigade area of the original 
firing line, and was thus largely instrumental in stemming the disorder of the 8th Brigade’s retirement, 
about 5.15 a.m on the 20th July 1916. Captain Fanning’s reports and messages during the 19 /20th 
July 1916 were very clear and most useful.
       Citation: AWM28 1/255P1 page 54
3) LG  2 January 1917; MID MO288/17                                                                                                 
               mentioned in Sir D Haig’s despatch of 13 November 1916 for conspicuous and 
               gallant duty and devotion to duty in the field 6th February 1917
33. Fenner, Claude Lionel         - twice MID                                     AIF 
1) The Lieutenant- General Commanding has great pleasure in giving
publicity to the v ery gallant conduct of the following officer, NCO,
and men on the occasion of the demonstration by the 2nd Light Horse
Brigade on 12th July 1915. No 528 C L Fenner, 6th Light Horse Regiment,
Carrying back woun ded comrades under heavy shell, machine gun and 
rifle fire.
2) Fenner, CL. In continuation of my despatch of 26th August 1915 I 
have the honour to submit herewith the additional name of No 528 Private
Claude Lionel Fenner, 6th Light Horse Regiment.
Lond. Gaz. 5 November 1915
34. Goldie, John Harrison Dashwood            -Military Cross                     Wiltshire Regt
       Lond.Gaz 3 June 1918
35. Goulding, Arthur Morice                       - Military Cross                                    NZEF
   For conspicuous gallantry near Fremicourt on 30th August 1918. He acted during 
     the operations as brigade intelligence officer, and followed the attacking troops onto 
     the objective. At great personal risk he reconnoitred the position and was able to 
     supply information which was of great value. Again, on 12th September, near 
    Gouzaincourt, he remained in a very forward position to keep in touch with the 
     constantly changing situation, and later made a reconnaissance of the line under 
     heavy shell and machine gun fire. During the whole of the operation he continuously 
     showed contempt of danger, and sent back clear and accurate reports.
     Lond. Gaz 1 February 1919
36.    Griffiths, Claude Cedric    - Military Medal                     1st Batt. Auckland Regt  NZEF 
      For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. In the front between Gommecourt  
      and Hebuterne on the 24th July during an attack on the enemy this NCO was in 
      charge of a patrol which proceeded down Lob Street against the enemy. He led his 
       patrol forward some distance under heavy frontal M.G. fire and it was only his
      determination to get to close quarters with the enemy that made any advance
       possible. In addition to his courageous leadership he handled his men with great
       skill by dividing them into 2 portions and leading forward one half under the rifle
      fire and rifle bombing of the other. As a result of his determination he advanced to 
      within 30 yards of the enemy M.G. but was held up by a barbed wire block. He held
      his position however and bombed the enemy inflicting casualties upon them. He was 
      eventually ordered to retire. His leadership, initiative and courage was of the highest
      Lond. Gaz 13 November 1918
37.   Hall, Philip Sarsfield              - Distinguished Service Order              West York Reg’t                            
During the short time he has been in command of a battalion he has, by his personal example 
and initiative, created a fine soldierly spirit throughout all ranks. He has shown conspicuous 
ability as a leader in all situations.
Lond. Gaz. 20 October 1916 
38. Harley, Frederick                        Military medal                                                      AIF 
For bravery in the field
Lond. Gaz. 3 July 1919
39.  Harris, Leonard Ernest               Military Medal                                                      AIF
Lond. Gaz.18 July 1917
40.   Hart-Davis, Charles Henry         Mentioned in despatches    Royal East Kent Yeomanry
for distinguished services at Salonika
41.  Hathaway, George                Meritorious Service Medal                                   AIF                                         
For bravery in France
Lond. Gaz 21 October 1918
42.  Hayward, Arthur Gracie      - Military Cross                                           Essex Regiment
Lond.Gaz   27 July 1916
43.  Hay, George Henderson                  -French Croix de Guerre                              AIF               
Lond Gaz 21 May 1917  (possibly G H Horf) 
44.   Hughes, Charles Melton                 - Military Medal                 AIF 
for bravery in the field 
Lond. Gaz.16 July 1918

 45.  Hughes, Charles Melton           - Military Medal                      AIF

for bravery in the field

Lond. Gaz 16 July 1918

46. Hughes, Edwin                                 - Military Medal                              NZEF                                                                    

For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in St Julien Area on 18th and 19th 

October 1917. This N.C.O. had charge of a section constructing road between    

Spree Farm and Gravenstafel. Time and time again his section were subject to very  

heavy shellfire and Hughes on two occasions was completely buried in mud but

extricated himself and carried on. His control of the section was excellent and his

example inspired confidence in the men.

Lond. Gaz. 28 January 1918
 47.    Hutchings William                           Royal Humane Society Medal                        Royal Navy
On the 8th March 1916, a man of the North Staffs Regiment threw himself into the Tigris at Basra. 
5th Engineer W. Hutchings jumped in to try to rescue him but failed to reach him brefore he sank
 48.    James, Algernon W C                      Military Medal and bar                     Royal Engineers
Lond. Gaz 9 December 1916, 19 January 1917
 49.    Johnson, Albert Harold                   recommended for Military Medal                   KRRC
                                                                  received certificate                                                                                                               

 50. Kane, Richard Cecil Rutledge         Military Cross                      Royal Irish Rifles                                              

For conspicuous gallantry during a successful raid. He commanded the left flank party,

killed one of the enemy with his revolver, bombed three occupied dug-outs, and held up

an enemy counter attack till ordered to withdraw.

Lond.Gaz. 14 November 1916

                                                                             & bar.                                   Royal Irish Rifles                                                             
 For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. During an advance he organised  
and rallied under his command stragglers from other units, and captured a large 
number of prisoners from hostile strong points and dug-outs. He also displayed    
the  utmost skill and judgment in consolidating his objective under heavy fire, and  
established communication to flanks and rear within five minutes of reaching his   
Lond. Gaz. 17 September 1917
51  Knox, George Edward                       - Military Cross                  45th Batt, AIF 
for distinguished service in the field
Lond. Gaz. 4 June 1917
52.  Lala, Glanvill Wellington                   Meritorious Service Medal                      FLC
In recognition of valuable services rendered with the British Forces in Italy.
Lond. Gaz. 9 December 1919
53.   Lazarus, Cyril Montefiore                - Military Medal                South African Infantry
Lond. Gaz 17 January 1917
 54.  Leembruggen, Clarence A              Military Medal                            Royal Engineers
 55. MacKay, Daniel                            Military Cross                      Royal Field Artillery
For conspicuous gallantry in action. He showed marked courage and initiative in removing many
 wounded men of his battery to the dressing station under heavy fire. Although himself badly shaken 
he remained at duty
Lond. Gaz. 11 December 1916                                                                                                   
                                                                          Distinguished Service Order   C/165th Bde, RFA                                     
 Lond.Gaz. 1 January 1919
56. McCracken, Eric William                mentioned in despatches                               RNVR              
….. displayed courage and coolness under fire on the nights of 11th/12th April, 22nd/23rd April,
and 9th/10th May. These men carried out their duties with great steadiness, and materially 
contributed to the success of the coastal motorboats.
Lond.Gaz. 28 August 1918                                                                                                                
                                                                      Distinguished Service Medal                   RNVR                                                                                
 in recognition of the distinguished services mentioned in the foregoing despatch                                                             
Lond.Gaz. 28 August 1918                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
57. McPherson, Werner Henry               - Military Cross                                             AFA                                                                
for good work in operations; February 1917
Lond. Gaz 26 March 1917                                                                                                      
58. Marks, Henry                  – Companion of the Order of St Michael & St George
 Member of the Executive and Legislative councils of the Colony of Fiji
 For services to various patriotic funds                                     
 Lond. Gaz. 15 March 1918
 59. Maxwell, Malcolm Theodore          - Military Cross                   Royal Field Artillery
 For conspicuous gallantry and devotion. During an attack, communication between battalion 
commander and his brigadier was cut by enemy fire. On his own initiative he gained the battery 
O.P., passing over heavily-shelled ground, and was able to telephone back clear reports
Lond. Gaz. 18 July 1917
60. Michael, Henry W                          Military Medal                               East Surrey Reg't
61. Morey, Alan Wilson                       Military Cross    11th Batt, The Royal Scots, Lothian Reg't  
For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during the action of 25th September, 1915.
He volunteered to go across the open between the opposing lines to obtain information, and,
although wounded in the shoulder, both sent in a written report and went a long way to make 
a personal report to his Brigadier, before having his wound dressed
Lond. Gaz 4 November 1915         
62. Morley, Claude Ronald                            Military Cross                         1stMGC, AIF                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Lond Gaz 15 October 1918
63. Parnell, William Royston                             Distinguished Conduct Medal          KRRC                                                                                      
For conspicuous gallantry on the 8th May, 1915, East of Ypres, when he dug out an Officer and 
another man, who had both been buried in a trench, and dressed their wounds under a very heavy shell fire                                         
Lond Gaz 5 August 1915


64. Parsons, Hamilton                                           Military Medal                                             AIF

For bravery in the field. Having been made prisoner of war on 11/ 4/ 17 was interned at the Dulhish

Prisoner of War Camp Marquion in company with two other men. On 20/5/1917 he effected his escape

by cutting the barbed wire of the enclosure and regained our line, travelling through about 7 miles of

enemy trench territory and crossing 5 enemy systems and wire to do so. This man displayed a great amount

of resource, determination and pluck in thus effecting his escape, and he has given military information

of considerable value concerning enemy organizations and forces in war.

Lond. Gaz. 8 July 1917


65. Paul, Percy Roy                                                      Military Medal 1917                                 KRRC



66. Ranahan, Philip George                                       mentioned in despatches                            AIF

Lond. Gaz 25 September 1916


67. Robertson, George Robert            Distinguished Conduct Medal                     AIF

 For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during an attack and capture of the

 final objective. He took charge of his platoon when all his officers had become

 casualties, and handled it with great courage and a(bilit)y. 

Lond. Gaz. 25 August 1917


68. Russell, James                                    - Military Cross                                         NZEF

For conspicuous gallantry and good leadership. He led his company with great skill in an

attack in a heavy mist, and captured his objective with many prisoners and machine guns.                               

He set a splendid example of energy and courage to his men. 21st April, 1918

Lond.Gaz 2 December 1918


                                                             Mentioned in despatches

Honours despatch for period 22 September 1917 to 24 February 1918 (inclusive)

7 April 1918

 Lond.Gaz 28 May 1918


69. Senior, Charles Hastings Alexander  - Military Cross              Auckland Regt, NZEF

For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. Although wounded, he continued to lead his 

platoon with great gallantry, and carried out the task allotted to him. He had previously done fine work.

Lond. Gaz. 17 April 1917


70. Senior, Stanton Eastgate                    Military Cross                Rifle Brigade, NZEF

For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty when in command of battalion headquarter details.

When all but two company officers had become casualties he reconnoitred the position

under heavy fire and collected and reorganised the remainder of the battalion, remaining in charge

of the position for three days until the battalion was relieved. 

Lond. Gaz. 23 April 1918


71. Smith, Charles E                              Military Medal for conspicuous bravery      ?  


72. Spinkston , Royce Duncan C             Military Medal, recommended for DCM                         50th Batt  AIF

At Villers Brettoneux during the operations on the night 24/25 April 1918, this NCO  when his officer was called

upon to take over other duties assumed command of the platoon and ably led them during the rest of the operations.

He showed splendid courage and initiative. On one occasion he took out a Lewis gun and engaged an enemy machine

gun at close range, finally silencing it, thereby allowing the line to advance. Immediately after the attack, he reorganized

his men, and started them digging in. Throughout the whole operations, he encouraged and cheered his men, setting a

fine example by his personal courage and coolness.

Lond. Gaz 13 September 1918


73. Statham, William H                          Military Cross         King’s Shropshire Light Infantry.

For great gallantry and initiative. During the operation from 4th to 7th November, 1918, he acted as intelligence

officer to the battalion. He repeatedly went forward to the front companies under fire to ascertain what the situation was.

On 4th November when the right front company was held up by machine- gunfire, he pushed forward and got back early

information. He then went forward to Wargnice-le-Grand, and with one scout explored the place and brought back five prisoners.

Lond. Gaz. 10 December 1919



74. Stevenson, Thomas Ivor                 - Military Cross                          KRRC Spec. Res.

                                                                                               attached 2/8th Ghurkha Rifles, Imperial Army Reserve of Officers


 For good leadership and conspicuous gallantry during the withdrawal to camp from Orange Patch Ridge on 15th May 1919.

The enemy pressed the retirement heavily, and being without signallers, he went from one position to another under continual

fire and personally arranged the retirement of each party of his force. The retirement was carried out most successfully.

Lond Gaz  January 1920  

Fiji Times March 1920


75. Stevenson, Walter Frederick            Military Cross                                          AIF

For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in taking out a daylight patrol over a distance of 600 yards,

and definitely locating the enemy line. He cleared a pill box containing ten of the enemy, capturing five,

killing three, and wounding two. Though coming under heavy fire, he succeeded in bringing his patrol

through with only one casualty and rendered a useful intelligence report

 Lond. Gaz. 17 December 1917


76. Sukuna, Ratu Josefa L. V.                 Medaille Militaire          French Foreign Legion



77. Swinbourne, Charles Augustus            Order of the British Empire  Nth Lancs Reg’t 

 Lond. Gaz. 15 March 1918


78. Waine, Victor Joseph                            Mentioned in despatches                         AIF

Lond.Gaz. 1 June 1917


79. Walker, Ernest                                      Distinguished Conduct Medal               KRRC

For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He displayed the greatest courage in conveying

information to his company commander from an advanced post under heavy fire.He also showed

the greatest coolness and gallantry later in the day in holding and consolidating the same post,

and set a splendid example.                                   

Lond Gaz 26 July 1917


80. Warren, Herbert Stanley                  Military Medal                                       AIF

On the night of 27th September 1917, whilst in charge of teams carting ammunition forward from

Hooge Dump on a narrow road which was being heavily shelled, Sergeant Warren by his coolness

and generally excellent demeanour, got the ammunition to the place allotted, and also returned the teams

safely, although the road was at one time blocked by other wagons. He afterwards rendered valuable

assistance to others who were in difficulties

 Lond. Gaz. 11 December 1917


81. Waterhouse, Walter Lawry                 Military Cross                                        AIF

For conspicuous gallantry in the capture of an enemy's strongpost which he had been sent out to examine.

He took several prisoners. Later, during heavy bombardment he set a fine example to his company.

Lond Gaz 22 September 1916


82. Weir, William James Alexander     - Distinguished Flying Cross 1918                     AIF

Lieut. Carrick Stewart Paul (Australian F.C.). (EGYPT) (and Lieut. William James Alexander Weir

(Australian L.H. and Australian F.C.).(EGYPT)

 Lieutenant Paul is a gallant and skilful Pilot, who has been very ably assisted by

 his Observer, Lieutenant Weir. These officers have shown great initiative in attacking

 ground objectives on numerous occasions, notably on 14th August, when, in face of

 intense hostile fire, they, at a very low altitude ,attacked bodies of enemy cavalry,

 causing heavy casualties. They have also displayed great courage and skill in air

combats having destroyed four enemy aircraft


Lond. Gaz 8 February 1919


83.   Wills, Cedric Spenser               mentioned in despatches                                AIF

File 2/74; 2nd Australian Division Army Book 72A Honours and Awards- 1917-1918

Citation AWM 282/74 page 55


84. Witham, Victor Charles        Military Cross for distinguished bravery     East Lancashire Regt

For conspicuous gallantry in action. He led a party of men with great courage and skill, driving out

enemy snipers and a patrol. Later, he rescued a wounded officer and several men under very heavy fire. 

Lond. Gaz 25 November 1916


85. Woods, William Maitland             Order of the British Empire    Australian Chaplains Dep

Lond. Gaz. 1 January 1919

                                                           Mentioned in despatches                                         AIF         


86. Worrall, Henry Vernon                   Croix de Guerre                                                  RNAS

22 February 1918


                                                              Distinguished Service Cross                                RNAS

 Made a successful attack on the “Goeben”, obtaining a direct hit, although this was his first night flight

 Lond. Gaz 13 September 1918     


                                                        Bar to Distinguished Service Cross                                                RNAS  now Cpt RAF                          

Carried out very successful spotting work for”Requin” off the Wadi Hesi 

Lond. Gaz 18 February 1919  


87. Yeomans, Julian Clyde                     - Distinguished Service Order                        AIF

Lt. Julian Clyde Yeomans,                                                                 30th Bn.;A.I.F.

For most conspicuous gall antry and dash during the operations in the vicinity of Nauroy and Bellicourt on 29th September,1918.

He led a patrol of twenty-five men forward under heavy fire to ascertain the enemy's dispositions in and around Nauroy.

Nearing the village he noticed a tank, and with the aid of this tank he attacked the village and the Le Catelet 'Nauroy trench

immediately in front so successfully that the trench and village were mopped up with heavy losses to the enemy,- in addition to

eighteen prisoners and seven machine guns being captured. He himself rushed a machine gun, personally killing the crew and

capturing the gun. He did splendid work, showing great courage and most determined leadership

Lond Gaz 8 March 1919

Citation 4 October 1919


88. Young, George Alexander               Military Cross                                         AIF       

                                      for distinguished gallantry & devotion to duty                                                                                                         

During the attack on Peronne, on 1st September, 1918, his platoon was held up by a thick belt of uncut wire.

In spite of casualties he forced a way through and reached his objective, where his skill in consolidation

saved the lives of many of his men. His gallantry and initiative inspired his men with great confidence throughout

the operations.

 Lond. Gaz 1 February 1919

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