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Go ye therefore and teach all nations. Matthew 28:19

Having called by His grace to the Ministry of reconciliation given unto us by 2nd Corintians 5:18 to wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the word unto himself not in putting their trespasses unto them and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation.



Faith Gospel Preaching Church  was established by Rev. Dr. T. Jeremiah in the year 2004.  God chosen him to extend His Kingdom. Obeying the call of God, he and his wife committed their lives, resigned their Jobs and started serving the lord full-time. They proclaimed the Gospel to the un-reached and led the people to Jesus Christ.  He concentrated mainly on children and tribal who lives in the deep forest, Valleys and on the Hilltop areas. He covered 265 tribal villages. Many people accepted Jesus Christ as their personal saviour and took baptisms. Many children came to known about Jesus Christ through the children programs. God is using him mightily. He use to conduct 3 days open-air revival meetings in various places to bring many people to Jesus Christ.

Rev. Dr. T. Jeremiah 
holds B.Th, M.A, M.Div and D.Th degrees. He planted a non-denominational Church in Hyderabad.  Every Sunday worship service is conducted in a cellar of a Christian Center, near pillar no: 70, Laxmi Nagar cross Roads, Mehidipatnam, Hyderabad-500028. Church service timings are 9:30am to 12:00 noon.

Rev. Dr. T. Jeremiah focused on Children to bring them up in Christ. Most of the children are found on the Streets, Railway platforms separated from the society. The ministry tries to rescue the children who are bound in the hands of anti-social elements and comes forward to give them shelter. According to the Word of God in Bible  PROVERBS 22:6, "Turn up the Child in the way he should go; and then he is old, he will not depart from it."

Brief  testimony of   Rev. Dr. T. Jeremiah

From 1991 I used to help my father in the ministry. while doing the job.  Wherever he works, he could not sustain long time in the Job. Then he was told by his father that God chosen him for the full time Ministry to the extension of the Kingdom of God. After his father called to Glory on  27th December 1998 he completed his theology and came to the full time ministry. 

He entered into the ministry with more responsibilities and troubles. There was no source for his lively hood.  He led a good life earlier but it's became difficult. There were even many nights that he spent with empty stomach with his wife and his 6 year old daughter (Nimshi Joy). People invite him for the prayer meetings at their homes and offer a little amount as he is a poor pastor. In that little amount he give the Tithe without fail. Nearly 10 years he suffered like this.

He worked as a pastor in a big Baptist Church  in the city with low salary.  In the year 2000 God blessed him with a baby boy (Aaron Ephraim).

God'S Voice and Command to Jeremiah.

One Friday, I and my wife Jayamani knelt down to pray. I cried unto the feet of the Lord to deliver us from the troubles. By the time we finished the prayer at 3:30pm in the evening, I heard the VOICE of the Lord saying BE IN THE PLAN OF GOD, DONT KEEP GOD IN YOUR PLAN. After God commanded me through His Voice, I completely depended upon God according to PSALM 37:5 (Commit thy way unto the Lord, trust also in Him; and He shall bring it to pass) I submitted my life, my family and the ministry unto the mighty hand of our savior Jesus Christ and I obeyed His leading.


Late Rev. John Ephraim's Testimony ( Father of Rev. Dr. Jeremiah)

As God chosen David and Joseph to work for His Kingdom among their brothers and sisters, the same way God chosen my father to work for His Kingdom.

My father Late Rev. T.John Ephraim. B.D. completed his studies in Bangalore Theological College. My mother T.Joyce Ephraim, 75 years old now.

My grandfather converted from Hindu community. He was called with the name Thripuraneni Seetaramaiah. As he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior his parents, brother and sisters kicked him out from the house and warned him not to use even their surname.

My grandfather came out, completed his medicine course and began to live on his own by the grace of God. He changed his name as Thripurnapalli Jesudas. He married a woman from Christian community. They had three sons and three daughters.

My father was born to my grandmother at the age of 55 years old and he is the last son of my grandparents. In the olden days it is quite odd to bear a child at the age of 55 years. My grandmother took many pills to get-rid-off the pregnancy as she was worried about the comments made by the people. But it is in the plan of God that she should give birth to a baby boy who was chosen to extend His Kingdom. After the duration time she delivered a baby boy who was found to be born dead. Everybody was praying in the presence of the Lord. After three hours of prayer suddenly a pet sheep of my grandfather died with a loud cry and at the same time to their surprise the baby boy came to life. Everybody was astonished and praised God because the boy got life. My grandfather told that the sheep resembles Jesus Christ then he dedicated my father to Gods ministry. 

As my grandparents were unable to take care of my father because of their old age, they entrusted my fathers responsibility to their elder daughter who was already married. He was brought up along with his sisters children. He completed His theology in Bangalore.

Even though he completed his theology he shown interested in secular Jobs. he worked for 20 years in Vijayawada Soft drink Company and later he established his own business with the encouragement and help from the companys Managing Director. I was 12th grade at that time. After 2 years he made partnership with a person (Hindu community) who had been his colleague for 20 years in Soft Drink Company.  For three years the Business was safe and smooth. Unfortunately my father got admitted in the hospital due to heart problem. He was bed rested for 6 months. In this duration, the partner cheated him for Rs. 1, 15, 00,000/-

Then my father realized that he was chosen to extend the kingdom of God but not for the worldly business. My parents confessed before the feet of the Lord and started the ministry from the tribal villages. They brought many villages to Jesus Christ.


God is leading him in the ministry miraculously till this day. God is doing many miracles in the Ministry. He did the Outreach Ministry and planted 2 churches in the tribal area and handed over to the local Pastors. Spoke to the Local Revenue Officers and re-opened the 5 churches which were closed by the anti- Christians and handed over the Church to the Local Pastors. In his ministry He covered 265 tribal villages and given so many baptisms to the people who accepted Jesus as their personal savior.

Now his Church is growing slowly. Due to not having permanent place he keep on shifting the church to one rented house to another rented house. It's very difficult to shift the Church because the rents are expensive and some are not interested to give the place to Church.  If God provides a own Church premise there would be no more  problem of shifting the church to other place. People can attend the church service regularly and become permanent members of the church.

Every day in the Church service we have praise and worship service, the Holy Spirit will come down and anoint everybody. 

So please remember this Church and ministry in your prayers. Especially pray for a permanent place for the Church. 

Please remember Rev. Dr. T. Jeremiah's ministry in your Prayers.


REV. JEREMIAH has been blessed with a prayerful family. His wife T. JAYA MANI,   who is   well educated and being the backbone of the ministry. She completed her graduation from Andhra University. She was one of the participants in Indian national parade for which she was issued NCC certificate and other National social service certificates. Though she worked for a good company, she resigned the job and dedicated her life for the Gods ministry. Now shes spreading the love of God in the midst of women and youth. His daughter T.NIMSHI JOY, doing her B.Tech and his son T. AARON EPHRAIM, studying in 6th grade. God is using the family to extend His Kingdom.

Please remember this family in your Prayers.




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