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Fantasy Writer and Poet

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You walk through a dense forest. You left the path some time ago, but you don't feel lost. Something is guiding you, drawing you forward. Suddenly the woods open up to a large clearing. Here it is, what you were meant to find. You have a feeling this place can only be found if it wants to be. You take a look around:

A meadow on the hill,
filled with hues of green;
a gentle slope
perfect to roll down.
A scent of green, of
bees humming through the glade;
the sky a blue
so true it sings.
In this meadow lies a cottage--
simple, yet elegant it stands;
myriad windows light every room,
dust fairies dancing in the sun.
A warm breeze fills the air
bringing scents of fresh cut grass,
of lilacs, blossoms, roses
climbing up the walls.
Nothing can harm me here.

A tall, slender woman comes out of the cottage to greet you. She is dressed in blue jeans and t-shirt, her feet bare. Dark blonde, shoulder length hair frames a round face. She smiles, her blue eyes sparkling.

"Welcome. I'm glad you're here. There's fresh lemonade inside if you'd like to come in."

You follow her into the cottage. There's not much in the way of furnishings, but it has a cozy feel.

"I suppose I haven't officially introduced myself. You may have heard of me as Emerald Enchantress, or as Feywriter. If we were to normally meet in person, I would introduce myself as Mary Jensen. I won't ask your name. I can understand wanting to keep it a secret. ... Go ahead, look around. Everything here represents a part of me. The bookshelf has some facts. You might find the open display case to be of interest. It contains all my nick-knacks, collectibles, and favorite items. Oh, and watch out for the dragon. She's small, dark green. Her name is Avani. She's my muse. She comes and goes as she pleases. Stay as long as you like."


Author Bio


Mary W. Jensen lives in Utah with her husband and son. Mary is the middle of nine children, and escaped the loudness of reality by immersing herself in books and poetry. From chaos comes creation. Her poetry has been published in the fantasy webzines Moon Drenched Fables and Abyss & Apex, and in the anthology Lifelines published by InkSpotter Publishing. Her debut poetry book, Chiaroscuro, published by SynergEbooks, is available from ebook retailers.


Mary enjoys the fantastic and creating new worlds, creatures, and magics. Mary was an editor for the Fantasy newsletter for two years.