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Welcome to my little corner of the web.

On this site you will find information about who I am and what I do, who and what I love and who and what I don't.  

You will also find links to great websites, and other fun stuff.

So feel free to browse around here, and if you have any questions or comments or just want to drop in to say "hi", email me at snoefiedog@hotmail.com

Happy browsing and have a great day!

Natascha @ felinefangs

Who am I?

My name is Natascha and here's some info about me:

full name: Natascha Babette Cassandra Gabrielle

born: july 13, 1972

lives in: the Netherlands

married:  yes, eversince August 1st 1996. His name is John, and his birthday is January 16th.

starsign: cancer, with ascendant on the edge of cancer/leo

hobbies: surfing, shopping, designing/sewing, drawing/painting, reading, cross stitching, anything creative, collecting fossils & much much more.


interests: ancient cultures, myths and legends, vampires, the occult, psychology, forensics, kosmology, quantum physics, and much more. there are só many things worth finding out about.

kids: yes, Snoefie, my Lhasa Apso.


eyes: grey/blue

hair: medium brown, long & wavy

tattoos: yes, one on my right shoulder, a tribal eye, and one on my left thigh, which I designed myself, it's a tribal that spells the word "cats"

fav colors: black, red, burgundy, purple, pink, holographic, gold, silver, metallic and shimmery colors 

fav animals: I love ALL creatures, great and small :-) I do have a special place in my heart for my own and my mom's pets, and for my totem animals - wolves and eagles.

I also love tigers, ever since I have been to this workshop training tigers at the Pantera Foundation I have come to realise that tigers are very special animals.

fav movies: bram stoker's dracula,  jesus christ superstar to name just a few. I also love occult horrors/thrillers, musicals, vampire movies, and movies like the gladiator, the mask of zorro, etc.


fav books: the vampire Lestat by Anne Rice, and books about history, archeaology, mysteries, psychology, forensics, and much more

lucky number: 13, the day I was born

love: my mom, my cats, nature and animals, good food, summer, spring

dislike/hate: dishonesty, fish, violence, winter and fall

best friend: my best friend and soulmate is my mom, Mary (seen here showing one of my designs) her birthday is August 24th.

I am sad to say she passed away on spetember 25th 2013.


dreams: I wish I could move to the US, and live in Arizona, in the Sonora desert. I would also like to see the world, and experience other cultures.


What do I do?

What do I do?

First of all, I am a mom of 1 furry kid, my lhasa apso Snoefie. :-)

I'm hoping to be able to pick up playing celtic harp again soon.

I also keep busy browsing ebay and shopping online. I love clothing; period, gothic, historical and fantasy; and I have a shoe addiction; I LOVE shoes and boots!

Regularly I clean out my closets and sell the things I can part with here, or elsewhere, not for profits, but merely to make room for my newly bought stuff. :-)

I also read a lot and watch a lot of movies; I am very much into vampires, so I read and watch anything vampire related. But I also enjoy occult horror movies, and thrillers.

I also enjoy historic, gothic, and fantasy events, to which I attent regularly.

The latest addition to my hobbies is collecting fossils, I especially like raptors, pterosaurs, synapsids and sabertooth cats. 

 Last but not least I am also very interested in the 'paranormal', and have been ever since I can remember; it has become a part of my day-to-day life, which I share with my spiritual leader, Ramero.

Please do browse around on this site, and be sure to check out the links section for more interesting stuff!