The Freedom Clan!

Want to join?

Just copy and paste the following into a comment and i'll give you my answer!

How old r u-

Do you have MSN-

(if not get it!)

Whats ure name in the game-

How long have you been playing-

What game r u signing up for-

Have you been in other clans-

If you have been in other clans why did you leave-

And do you understand the rules-

Why do you want to join-

What Games?

Well Freedom clan peeps play star wars battlefront 2, star wars jedi knight 2 jedi outcast,age of mythology,age of empires and quake 3 arena!

-)(FC)(- News

check out some news here

Our Servers are now filling!

The SM clan is now an ally of FC!

-)(FC)(- has had its first tourn! with redspark21 as the winner

-)(FC)(- has its first dedicated server!

{TAS} clan has agreed to be allies of the -)(FC)(- clan!

-)(FC)(- has a chat server on mIRC! go to the  new page for more info!



Firstly -)(FC)(Darkmaster)(FC)(- is the one who typed up these rules and is also the clan leader and creator, so if their is any imposters tell me at

No non members are allowed to glitch, put on -FCL- or -)(FC)(- tags, enter admin password, or abuse the admin (abusing the admin is not allowed for members either)

Non members cannot recruit other people on our servers, all people wanting to join have to contact me, no swaring for members and non members, no racisim.


Anyone who has been granted a trial will be reminded 10 mins before trial starts (on MSN) once trial is passed you will put on your -FCL-yournamehere-FCL- tags on at the moment of passing (remember to refresh the server list when you get back to it and look for the FC Hunt! FC Space Assult, FC Mos Eisley! FC Conquest or FC CTF!

-FCL- stands for Freedom Clan Learner and you are only a basic member and only get these privliges Allowed only wall glitching and force glitching, allowed to vote, allowed to appoint someone to -)(FC)(Darkmaster)(FC)(-.

-)(FC)(- Stands for Freedom Clan and with this tag you get the advanced membership which includes these privliges allowed all glitches, gets admin password and privliges (note that if the password is changed by someone other than -)(FC)(Darkmaster)(FC)(- then the person who changed it will be permenently banned from the server, and i just easily set up a new PW) they are also allowed to make new rules and vote out unwanted -FCL- members, they can also hold trials for people that        -)(FC)(Darkmaster)(FC)(- has questioned and approved.

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