"Fawn Ridge Collies"

Rough and smooth collies

  "Show Pictures...............





                                    "Fawn Ridge' Lookin' For Troubl'



                              "Fawn Ridges' Sir Lancelot"



                           CH. West Winds Corner Stone"    out of

                           Fawn Ridges' Black Magic





                     "Fawn Ridges' Troubled Melody"


                                 "Family Group"


                CH. Carealot's Dottie West

                  Carealot's Red Comanche, and





                               "Fawn Ridges' Black Magic"




                       CH. Fawn Ridges' WindWalker"




                            CH. Taismere Fawn Ridges' Lark





                    "Fawn Ridges' Double Trouble"           and sister,

                                              "Fawn Ridges' Southern Belle