"Fawn Ridge Collies"

Rough and smooth collies

  My Horses....................




My new girls, Echo(bay)  Rain  (paint)  born this spring, (2012)



Stormy, 1 week old


Stormy as a yearling 



Larry and Wayne with Shawnee 



























































               Our newest addition, Stubbles.....


                                             And Buddy 7 months later, absolutely Beautiful                     



Our new little fellow, Buddy.. he is a rescue, not sure what breed he is,

but this was taken after about 2 months and he is actually looking

a lot better than he did, come to find out, he is a stallion, and that will have to be taken care of soon as I can arrange it.



                         Dixie              Windy       Toby           



Dixie learning what a pad on her back is all about...


                           My Arabian, Joey and me


                            The Meeting


                          Playing around



                 Dixie showing her....... Arabian side






                              Windy & Tony



                              Wendy     &      Dixie