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Escape from the Egyptian Tomb

While walking around an Egyptian museum you stumble across the entrance to an undescovered tomb.  The tomb is the burial grounds for an Alien race who lived on the Earth during the time of the pyramids.  The aliens didn't want their secrets to get out, so they set traps that you'll need to overcome in order to escape.  Good Luck!


Download the map HERE!  If you have a real crappy computer download THIS VERSION instead. 


**This map was made for a competition at TWHL... I got second place!**

Warehouse Firefight

A top secret splinter group weapon research facility lies underground below the warehouse complex.  You must fight your way through the warehouse complex and into the underground facility to collect evidence that they are creating a weapon 10,000 times more powerfull than a nuclear warhead.  Once inside the labs, you realise something has gone horribly wrong and a rift has opened between our world and an unknown alien dimension.  The aliens are pooring through the rift and are preparing to launch a full scale invasion of the Earth.  You must find one of the remaining scientists and get them to help you set off one of the smaller doomsday weapons which should kill all the aliens and close the rift.  The future of the entire world is in your hands.


Download the map HERE!


**The Warehouse level is about 85% finished, and the Research Facility has yet to be started.


All maps are property of me... but you are allowed to play them :)

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