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Welcome to this site.  Here are some add-ons that I made that can be put on Auxiliary Power's  Demolition Derby and Figure Eight game.   Thanks for stopping by!

At the time it was released (October 25, 2001), Auxiliary Power's Demolition Derby and Figure 8 race (DD&F8) was a fairly advanced game considering Aux Power did not have the large budgets of other game companies.  The game engine was most likely borrowed from Image Space Inc. (ISI), another company based in Ann Arbor, MI, which had also produced Sports Car GT (SCGT) released a few years earlier.  DD&F8, EA's F1 2000, and SCGT also happen share the same file format, and file types so cars and tracks are nearly interchangeable.  DD&F8 is considered antique compared to the technology of video games produced today, but its age is not all bad.  Demolition Derby and Figure 8 race is incredibly easy to modify (some aspects of the game can be modified with simple text programs like NotePad).  A few simple programs can be downloaded that will allow you to modify cars, tracks, and about everything else in this game.  Copies can be picked up for under $10, or community released versions (such as v1.22.3) can be downloaded for free.  DD&F8 will support steering wheel with force feedback, multiplayer gaming, AI drivers with their own driving style, the ability to record your races, deforming cars that can be rolled over, 9 tracks, 54 AI drivers (11 different body styles), and engines that smoke, steam, stall, and backfire.  On top of it all, DD&F8 does not take up a large amount of space, and runs great on old computers.

Although Auxiliary Power's Demolition Derby and Figure 8 race will never be as popular and as in-depth as some of the games produced years later, it still has a following and people that love the game for its demolition derby realism.  No points, power-ups, nitrous, bizarre events, exotic cars, or killing pedestrians.  No game produced since has satisfied true derby enthusiasts.  DD&F8 is a true demolition derby simulation.

NOTE: before you download any add-ons or modify your game, MAKE SURE you have a back-up copy of your game.  Mistakes do happen.  If you didn't back up your game and something goes wrong, your out of luck.

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