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Hello and welcome to the archive for my Star Wars fiction.  Although, this site is still up and managed by me, I will no longer be posting fanfics. As of 2008, I've stepped away from writing fanfiction and started writing professionally.  I'm a member of the Romance Writers of America and have written several full length novels.  I began writing fanfic in 2005, with the intention of using it to hone my craft and gain confidence in my writing.  I have written over thirty stories since 2005, including several novels and novellas.  All of my stories are posted on either The,, Live Journal and other sites.  Also, visit my professional sites, for news of my latest contemporary Western romance novels. Or for news about my paranormal suspense romances.  And be on the look out for Book 1 of the Hunter's Dagger Series, A Hunter's Angel coming in 2012 from The Wild Rose Press.


Most of my stories are set in the time frame of the New Jedi Order and beyond into the Legacy era, since these are my favorite time periods and contains many of my favorite characters.  Nothing posted in this archive will have more than a PG-13 rating. 



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Disclaimer:  All fan fiction is written for the sole enjoyment of the author.  No disrespect is intended, and no profit is being made from these stories.  Star Wars is owned by Lucus Arts.


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 The Path of Dreams



Coverart:  by FalconFan and coloration by BigFatty 


Rating: PG-13 (see Warning) 


Timeframe: Legacy of the Force Era (42 - 44 ABY)


Characters and Pairings:

Ben Skywalker/Jysella Horn, Zekk/Jaina/Jag, Luke/Mara, Han/Leia, Corran/Mirax, Kyp/Alexandria Winger, Dark Jacen, Valin Horn/Syal Antilles, Wedge, Lumiya, Dur Gejjen, Cha Niathal, Allana, Darth Krayt…plus many more canon and original characters.


Genre: AU, Drama, Angst, Dark, Romance, Epic Novel 



Uses personal and known Legacy speculation, along with numerous spoilers from the Legacy of the Force books Betrayal, Bloodlines and some from Tempest (AU after Bloodlines) and the Legacy Comic series (until Issue #15).

Consensual romantic relationship between a minor and an adult per US law (Ben age 16 and Jysella age 18)

Character death



The universe and the characters belong to George Lucas and/or the authors who created them. I can only lay a slight claim on the original characters and the plot bunnies that brought about this story.



For nearly three years the galaxy has been locked in civil war. Jacen Solo achieved Sith Mastery and uses many pawns to garner as much power as he can. Ben Skywalker becomes a Lieutenant in GAG and is apprenticed to Jedi Master Jacen Solo, esteemed Jedi Council member and an up-and-coming officer in the GA Military. But Jacen would rather have young Ben as his Sith Appentice.


Jysella Horn is finishing up her apprenticeship with Mara Jade Skywalker and is trying to come to terms with her feelings for her younger best friend, Ben. However, love wins out and the two young lovers enter a relationship that is far from accepted by their families. Spurred by his love for Jysella and by the nightmares that haunt his dreams, Ben will eventually make a decision that could destroy the Galaxy.


Meanwhile, Imperial Admiral Jagged Fel is positioning himself to ultimately become the Emperor of the Galactic Empire. Jaina Solo, her fiancé and Jedi partner, Zekk, and Valin Horn try to figure out where they belong as they face a fateful battle that will change all of their lives and the future of the Galaxy. Finally, the fate of the Jedi falls on the shoulders of a pair of very unlikely compatriots: Kyp Durron and Corran Horn... 


Status: Completed



The original version of this story won the Summer Fan Fiction Award for Best Romance on The board, Beyond the Saga.


I was also nominated for the Best Author award, mainly due to this story.







 The Winding Path

A Collection of Vignettes  


Sequel to The Path of Dreams



Timeframe: Post-LotF AU  (18 to 40 years after  

The Path of Dreams)


Rating: PG-13

Warning: Possible Legacy Spoilers  


Genre:  General, Romance, Angst, Humor, Series of related Short Stories

Allana Djo, Queen Mother of Hapes, Jedi

Cade Skywalker, Pirate, Jedi Apprentice 
Cassa Tainer Skywalker, Jedi Master
Corran Horn, Jedi Master
Darth Krayt (Ben Skywalker), Lord of the Sith

Darth Maladi, Sith Lord

Darth Nihl, Sith Lord

Darth Talon, Hand of the Sith

Darth Wyyrlok, Hand of the Sith
Élivia Du’Pré, Princess from the Royal House of Onderon
Han Solo, Retired General, Captain of the Millennium Falcon

Hosa Dé Lum, Hapan Noble, Battle Dragon Captain
Jagged Fel, Emperor of the Galactic Empire
Jaina Organa Solo Fel, Princess, Empress of the Galactic Empire
Jessi Chivel Krieg, Master of the Imperial Knights

Jysella (Ella) Antilles Horn, Imperial Knight
Kyp Durron, Jedi Master
Keslin Migul, Count of Serenno
Leia Organa Solo, Jedi Master
Lusi Wymissin, troubled teenager
Mara Fel, Imperial Princess, Imperial Knight
Marleena Tru, exiled Ducha of Lorell
Oro Dé Lum, Hapan Noble, Miy'til Commander
Syal Antilles Horn, Lady, Retired Commander of the Imperial Navy
Tahiri Veila Tainer, Jedi Master
Valin Horn, Master of the Imperial Knights
Wedgena (Gena) Antilles Horn, Imperial Knight
Xander Krieg, Imperial Knight
Zane Skywalker, Jedi Knight
Zekk Fel, Imperial Prince, Heir Apparent, Imperial Knight



The end of the Second Civil War brought about peace at last in the galaxy. Now it is time for the scattered members of the Horn/Skywalker/Solo/Fel families to find healing and hope in the next generation.  But in the background Darth Krayt is patiently waiting for the moment to spring his evil trap....


Status:  Complete



Vignette 1:  The Path to Forgiveness---Zane Skywalker, Corran Horn

Vignette 2:  The Dragon's Lair---Krayt

Vignette 3:  Élivia  (part 1 of 2)---Zekk Fel, Jag and Jaina Fel, Élivia Du'pré

Vignette 4:  Élivia  (part 2 of 2)---Zekk Fel, Jag and Jaina Fel, Élivia Du'pré

Vignette 5:  My Mother's Daughter---Allana Djo, Oro Du'Lum

Vignette 6:  The Queen of Hearts (part 1 of 2)---Mara Fel, Xander Krieg, Keslin Migul

Vignette 7:  The Queen of Hearts (part2 of 2)---Wedgena Horn, Xander Krieg

Vignette 8:   Finding Love Again ---Zekk Fel, Marleena Tru

Vignette 9:   All in a Name  (part 1 of 2)--- Zane Skywalker, Cassa Tainer Skywalker, Lusi Wymissin

Vignette 10:  All in a Name  (part 2 of 2)---Zane Skywalker, Cassa Tainer Skywalker, Lusi Wymissin

Epilogue:  Claws of the Dragon---Darth Krayt, Cade Skywalker 




zThe Broken Road z

Rating:  PG-13 

Genre:  Angst, Romance, Songfic, Novella—written as snapshots

Timeframe:  LotF—Post LotF (encompasses several years) 


Characters: Jaina, Jag, Zekk, others (Parings: Zekk/Jaina, Jag/OC and later Jag/Jaina {but not necessarily as a love triangle or square}) 


Disclaimer:  Not mine.  GL owns the SW and Rascal Flatts own the song “Bless the Broken Road”.  No profit is being made from this work of fan fiction.



The Sword of the Jedi fulfils her destiny, but now that the war is over things begin to change.  While they fought together, first chasing Alema Rar and then Darth Caedus, Jag, Zekk and Jaina became a true team and partners.  After Jag leaves, Jaina finds herself with Zekk.  Deciding that she has waited long enough to have love in her life, she will make a decision that will eventually lead her to what she really wants.  However after tragedy strikes, she will finally find the end of her broken road and a new beginning that she would never have dreamed of.


Status:  Complete  


Going Beyond Friendship   




Rating:  PG-13 


Genre:  Romance, Angst 


Timeframe:  Pre- to Post- Clone Wars 


Characters:   (association is at introduction in the story)

Adelyn Mallane, Engineer/ Ship designer 

Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Knight 

Nejaa Halcyon, Jedi Master 

Nyche Karath, university student

Rostek Horn, Lieutenant, Corellian Security 

Scerra Mallane, Teacher 

Valin Halcyon (Hal Horn), Child 

Yarlet Jenaves, Captain, Corellian Security 

(More may be added as they are introduced)



The universe and the characters belong to George Lucas and/or the authors who created them. I am not receiving anything but the pleasure of playing in George’s sandbox.


They never intended to fall in love…   


Corran Horn grew up believing he knew his family’s history.  Then he discovered that what he knew was a lie.  The man he thought was his grandfather wasn’t, and a man, a Jedi Master, he only heard about in guarded whispers was the real patriarch of his line.


This is the story that they never told Corran…


Nejaa Halcyon was a good-natured Jedi Master on the trail of a stolen Alderaanian painting, which he followed to his home planet of Corellia.  There he met and was paired with CorSec Lieutenant Rostek Horn.  They immediately hit it off, and Ros never hesitated at introducing the Jedi to a woman he considered as close as a sister.  What he never expected was that the Jedi and Scerra Mallane would fall in love, or that in his desire to protect his friends, he would be embroiled in an elaborate lie that would span 25 years.  Nor did he ever expect that his pretending to be her husband and her son’s father would have to become a reality to save their lives.


This is the story of three friends and the ruse that put them on a collision course that would test their friendship, fidelity, love and honor…


 Status:   WIP--on indefinite hiatus



~ Every Sword Needs a Shield ~


Timeframe: Legacy of the Force AU

Characters: Jag, Zekk, Jaina (from Jag’s POV)

Genre: Drama, Vignette, AU Post-Sacrifice

Disclaimer: Not mine… SW belongs to GL.

Summary: When Jag and Zekk begin to fear that Jaina is pushing everyone away like she had during the Yuuzhan Vong War, they come to an understanding.


Status:  Complete 



Mistletoe, Wassail and Palm Trees





Timeframe:  Post LotF 


Genre:  Romance, Mush and Humor 


Characters:  Ben / Jysella 


Disclaimer:  Not mine…Wish that it was, but, alas, SW belongs to GL. 


Summary:  Ben and Jysella find themselves sent to a snowy mountainside resort for a very interesting mission. 


Author’s Note:  This is being written for two separate challenges from The the Benella Holiday Challenge and the Monday Mush Mania Holiday Challenge: 


Status:   Complete




Want To


Timeframe: Legacy of the Force AU

Genre: Romance, Songfic


Characters: Valin Horn/ Syal Antilles


Disclaimer: I own nothing… GL owns Star Wars, and the song is “Want To” by Sugarland.


Summary: They had always known each other and could have been as close as family, but for them they never felt that “family” bond.  They had been friends but now things were changing…


Status:  Complete



I Loved Her First


Timeframe: Legacy of the Force Era AU

Genre: Angst, Romance, Songfic


Characters: Corran, Ben/Jysella
Disclaimer:  I own nothing… GL owns Star Wars, and the song is “I Loved Her First” by Heartland.


Summary:  There are times it's tough being a father...Ben and Jysella's wedding through the eyes of her father.


Satus:  Complete