Lain blinked in surprise as he heard the words, and then Sphynx's triumphant laugh. He pushed the brunette forward until all three of them were in the elevator. On the way up, Sphynx mewled, "You made a good decision. You won't regret it."

The blonde released Lain, who stood between the two of them, and at the moment felt safer with the dark-haired man than Sphynx.

He should have been used to the gropings, the use by now... but it had felt... dirtier in front of the man who had been so kind to him and had that hidden pain. He took a step to the left until his shoulder was pressed to the man's rather than Sphynx's, and when the elevator doors opened once more, he made sure to follow right behind the dark-haired man so that Sphynx wouldn't have to touch him to push him forward.

"You have a name, mystery-man who can sway Lain's heart?" the blonde tossed out as they entered a very pristine apartment. Expensive decorations and furniture, though everything was far too minimalist for Sphynx's taste. Still, it sang of money, and the blonde grinned wider at the sight.

Lain was chewing his lower lip raw as Sphynx began to unzip his own jacket. He tossed it on the floor, and then moved for his shirt, pulling it off so he was just wearing the raggedy jeans that only reached his calves, and his shoes.

The brunette hesitated, looking up at this-- his stomach turned-- this john.
Sphynx had perverted Lain's intentions into this.

A sudden wave of anger crossed him, and he turned on the blonde, lips pressed tight together in a hard line. "You-- you stop that!" he declared. "This guy isn't just some body to get money from, Sphynx! He's--!"

"He's what?" the blonde asked dangerously, his expression serious. Lain lost his nerve, and shook his head in defeat. "I thought so," Sphynx smirked, reaching out and taking off Lain's jacket, then pulling the brunette's shirt over his head, so that he too was left in shoes and his torn up pants.

Reven watched the pathetic little performance, stimulated despite himself. Perhaps he just wanted to see how far Sphynx would go - perhaps he did, truly, want to see if they were just two whores on the lookout for a john.

Sphynx was obviously older than Lain - his torso more developed, his shoulders broader and stronger. His arrogance coloured everything he did - the way he stood, the way he peeled off the clothes. His skin was a little darker than Lain's - a striking contrast to his blond hair.

Lain just looked miserable. Reven wanted to smile at him - to console him. You're no kind of whore, are you, kid? he thought, sympathetically. He couldn't miss the gentle bulge under the jeans. Seems like Sphynx knew how to play the kid all right - but Reven had been impressed with Lain's attempt to resist his partner.

"So," said Sphynx, his voice deliberately husky. "Where shall we do it? Here?" He looked less than impressed with the low-backed leather couch - the small white fur rug on the floor. Reven smiled to himself - like he furnished for the tastes and comfort of rent boys....

Sphynx caught at his gaze; held it. Reven felt the slightest jolt of alarm; the need not to underestimate this boy. He watched Sphynx run his hand across Lain's bare belly - tease fingers into his waistband, all the while staring at Reven. The boy's tongue slipped out and moistened his lips. "You wanna get comfortable then? We'll warm you up some - get you in the mood."

Lain pushed away the searching hands a few times, then finally gave up as he received a vicious glare from Sphynx, which clearly said 'go along with it or I'll do things you'll cry about for weeks'.

Practiced fingers slid beneath the lip of Lain's pants and took hold of his half-erection, stroking him slowly to full arousal as Sphynx's eyes remained fixed on the john's.

He smiled seductively and shifted their positions so he was behind Lain, and began to grind his hips against the brunette, taking up their dance moves. He moved to the left and ran his tongue from Lain's shoulder up to his neck, then moved to the right and did the same on the other side until the brunette gave the little mewl announcing he was getting close.

Sphynx drew his hands and body away from Lain then, lest the kid actually give out and orgasm then and there which would spoil the whole thing, and he turned his back to the john, though his gaze never left the dark brown eyes, foxed firmly on them.

He swayed his hips back and forth slowly as he hooked his thumbs into the lip of his own jeans, and began to pull them down slowly until they were at his ankles. The blonde stepped out of them and bent forward towards Lain, completely exposing himself to the john behind him, letting locks of blonde spill over his shoulders.
Sphynx continued to dance to a song only he could hear, swaying back and forth as he came back to a full stand and began to pull at Lain's pants as well.

The brunette lifted a hand to his mouth and bit the first knuckle of his index finger as his cheeks burnt scarlet and his pants were suddenly at his ankles.

Lain was in hell. Sphynx was going about the routine moves, but he had never felt so bad about doing any of this until he had to do it for this man. Still, the dark-haired man seemed to be appreciating what he was seeing, and if it was a way he could pay him back... he'd do it.

He allowed himself to be pushed closer to the man, but still a few feet away. Sphynx shoved Lain until the brunette's palms were flat on the coffee table holding the distance between himself and the kind man, and he looked up at the dark brown eyes only briefly before squeezing his own shut with another mewl, as he felt Sphynx's hot tongue slide between his legs, up along his inner thigh and towards his entrance.

Reven knew he'd been right - they did look good together. He suspected they were a popular turn at the club.

Sphynx stood behind Lain, a head or so taller, his darker hands sliding across the pale skin of the younger boy, teasing the chest, and sliding confidently into the pants to caress him. Reven felt the older boy's hard eyes watching him, as his hand smoothed up and down Lain's shaft. He saw the bulge at Lain's groin grow steadily fuller; heard the boy's gasps grow heavier, more desperate. Saw the slow, seductive drag of Sphynx's tongue along Lain's neck, tormenting the boy even more.

He sank slightly back into the seat of his couch; wondered how long he might allow them to continue this farce.

Then Sphynx slipped out of his pants easily, exposing long slim legs and a well-rounded ass. He moved swiftly - smoothly - Reven had no full sight of his groin, though had the tantalising glimpse of a cock that was half-erect; the glimmer of sweat or other fluid at his thighs. He moved sensually, like he did indeed dance - Reven could see a slight distraction in his expression as he concentrated on distant music, or remembered moves. To Sphynx, this was business; there was an objective. Reven's eyes ran over his body, noting a better care taken of it than of Lain's. There was a bubbling aggression under Sphynx's manner at all times; a threat of violence; a promise of wildness. It made him very attractive, very desirable.

Or it would to many.

In Lain's case - the boy remained distressed. Reven felt the anger simmering inside him. This was obviously one of their routines, for Lain was aroused despite himself, and when he was pushed towards Reven's seat, falling forward so that his hands landed on the table, Reven caught the look of pure misery in his eyes. Bright blue vibrant misery; he'd not wanted this to happen.

There was a soft chuckle from Sphynx, as he crouched behind Lain. The younger boy shivered, as the soft sound of a lapping tongue broke the silent tension; Sphynx's hands pressed firmly at his buttocks, parting them to allow him access. "He's very tasty, Mr No-Name... very tasty indeed. Hot and soft and straining for it, you know..." He laughed into Lain's soft young skin. "He's fed you, kid, till you're full, I bet obscenely so - you gonna let him feed back?"

His eyes glanced up to Reven's, challenging him; he kept his hands on Lain's ass, but straightened up his own body to stand behind him again.

Almost reverently, he took hold of his own cock, stroking it lazily until it filled his hand. Reven could see both of them from where he sat, slightly to the side; Lain's tightly shut eyes and heaving chest; his cock twitching in need, his legs stretched wide to support himself. And Sphynx; he could see the muscled lines of his hip and buttock, the seductive movement of his hand along his shaft; the gently strokes he made along Lain' pale ass cheeks.

Sphynx's fingers teased at his cock and probed almost idly between the cheeks of the ass offered to him. He looked up at Reven from under hooded, knowing eyes.

"So tell him then, Lain," he murmured. "Lick those dry little lips, and tell the client how much you want it." He smirked at Reven. "That's what you want to hear, isn't it? That's what you want to see - to enjoy. That's what you've paid for!"

Reven started; for the first time, he admitted that he was aroused himself. It was the sight of the smooth, warm flesh he supposed; the sounds of heavy breathing, the mewls of need. He'd not brought Lain here expecting this; but he'd not stopped it either; not let the pair of them slip back out into the streets and leave him alone again.

He shifted in his seat - and he knew that Sphynx watched him.

Lain looked upwards slowly. He started at the man's knees, saw the hands gripping them, worked his way to the groin and the bulge pressing between the man's legs. His cheeks flushed further at that as he looked up along the stomach and chest, until they reached the thin neck and across the face waiting, facing him. The dark haired man's eyes were flickering back and forth between Lain and Sphynx, and obviously paying attention.

He followed Sphynx's demand and swallowed the lump in his throat before agreeing, "I want it," he stammered, fisting his hands on the glass tabletop.

Sphynx barked a short laugh at the admission, scooping Lain up and placing him on the man's lap easily, pulling the thin legs apart so that the brunette was straddling his waist. The blonde himself followed suit, straddling the legs behind Lain, looking at their customer wryly over Lain's shoulder. "I want it too," he purred, grinding his hips forward against the blonde's rear.

In response, Kalain whimpered and leaned forward, placing his hands on the man's shoulders and leaning into him, burying his face in the warm neck and smelling the clean, soft hair. Suddenly, half of him did want it.

This man had far surpassed anybody Lain had ever met before, in near every way-- and he was beautiful on top of it all. If he must do this, he resolved, he might as well try to enjoy it. He began to place nervous, soft kisses on the man's neck, as Sphynx's hands wound around Lain's waist and sank between the man's thighs, gripping him firmly and skilfully and beginning to massage with deft fingers.

Emerald eyes flashed wickedly at Reven through stray locks of sunny blonde, and Sphynx smiled.

Reven almost gasped aloud at the sudden appearance of Kalain on his lap - and the added pressure of Sphynx across his legs. He felt his arms flex, demanding to throw them off again - to hurt them for the presumption, maybe. Hell, he didn't allow anyone to touch him like this -!

But Lain's eyes had seen his growing arousal; Lain's hands were clutching tightly at his shoulders; Lain's lips were on his neck, almost clumsy, almost nervous - yet very, very sensuous.

And Sphynx had brought that to him.

"He's delicious," whispered Sphynx, his tongue flickering along the nape of Lain's neck. It distracted Reven for seconds, just long enough for Sphynx to have reached forward, down into his lap and taken hold of his erection through his pants. Reven glared at the eyes over Kalain's shoulder - he felt anger at the boy's possession. But then the words of protest died in his throat; his flesh cried out with need. It had been a very long time since anyone had held him so well...

A long time since he'd felt such pleasurable agony. His back arched under the touch, baring his throat for Lain's hot, moist mouth.

"Try him yourself," Sphynx continued. "He wants it, remember? All that nonsense downstairs... he's just a boy who wants it - who wants us both! You deserve it, right? Try him..."

One of Sphynx's hands moved back up to grasp at Lain's hair, to pull his head back from the crook of Reven's neck. The boy's eyes were misted over slightly; his lips damp. He licked at them, perhaps nervously - perhaps provocatively. He looked startled at the sudden move. Whatever it was, Sphynx's hand nudged his head towards Reven's instead, and their lips met, tentatively.

A squeak escaped him first, though he knew it had been coming-- but moments after his lips met with those of the man that had found him, fed him and brought him home, he felt his resistance melt further. His eyes slid shut and he leaned into the kiss, keeping it innocent at first, simply touching his lips down upon the soft set before him, but Sphynx would have none of that-- the blonde pushed his hips hard against Lain's back so that the brunette had to move forward, and his own erection was pushed closer to the hands working at the dark-haired man's through his pants.

Now Sphynx was cupping them both, stroking them at the same time, and he leaned in over Kalain's shoulder, running his tongue along the man's neck this time rather than Lain's as their kiss continued.

Lain himself moaned softly at the pleasure he was receiving through this simple kiss-- his body seemed to have more say over his reactions than his heaving mind, as he finally stopped death-gripping the shoulders before him and allowed his hands to wander across the broad chest, finding the button to the top of his shirt and pulling it open, followed by three more, until the smooth flesh was exposed. He ran his fingers over it gently, testing for a reaction, and felt the sudden lurch in the man's body, shaking both of the males on top of him. Lain parted his lips in surprise though he refused to pull away from the kiss, enjoying it far too much now to go back.

Reven felt his whole body aching - every nerve tingling. Lain's mouth was a delight - it was nervous, but it was pliant, and he swallowed the soft gasps from the boy's lips like honey. He felt the heat from the slight body, naked astride him - the erect nipples pressed against the thin fabric of his shirt, demanding a closer touch. When Lain's fingers started to undo his buttons, he didn't resist.

Sphynx's hands were still in his lap, but now he caressed the pair of them - even through his pants, Reven could feel the gentle throb of Kalain's shaft, pressed against his own; could feel the soft, damp spot appearing in his lap from the joint excitement. When Sphynx leaned over and lapped at his neck, he registered the rougher touch, the slightly muskier smell of the boy's desire - but his mind was concentrated on savouring the taste of Lain.

His shirt was flipped open, and fingers touched gently at his torso - a picture of his naked body flashed into Reven's mind, as he saw himself every morning. Tall, well-built, lithe - with a criss-cross of scars on his lower torso, and a particularly aggressive wound healing slowly in the small of his back...

He flinched at Lain's caress, even as the boy's slim hands reached down to his sides.
He wouldn't want to see that - Reven didn't know who would.

But then the young lips parted gently, and Reven's attention was distracted again. He pressed his tongue into the mouth gently, then more aggressively, teasing at Lain's own skittish tongue. The boy was responding very enthusiastically - Reven had forgotten how good it was, to kiss another - to join with another.

There was another soft laugh from Sphynx - another squeeze of his hands around Reven. "Guess the kid is your soft spot, eh? Guess that soft, innocent look is your favourite..." he leaned in again around their continued kissing, and his eyes glinted in the background. "Shall we talk business here, Mr No-Name? Shall we put a figure on your soft spot? I'd not want to be some kinda killjoy here... hold him back when he's obviously so taken with you himself... but you'll understand we need to know where we stand..."

Reven felt Lain start against him; the lips still. But when Lain made to move back, Reven gripped back at his shoulder, holding him in place. His heart was beating very fast. He was calm, despite his arousal - but Sphynx would learn that Reven did not negotiate on his own territory.

"You know where you stand, Sphynx. You invited yourself up here. Guess that's the risk you'll have to take, isn't it? You can leave at any time, if you think that's not enough." He caught Lain's eye and stared at him, deliberately. "Both of you can. But this is my place, and you play by my rules here - by what I allow you." His eyes dropped to Lain's mouth, almost against his will. He felt that the boy strained gently back towards him, too - that his breath ghosted on his cheek. For a moment, the three of them were frozen in their tableau, the only sound a slight panting from all of them.

"Well?" hissed Reven, and his eyes caught Sphynx's now.

Sphynx's tongue ran along his left canine idly as he stared at the man.

So, a tough nut to crack-- even in the snare of pleasure he kept his cool about him when the blonde started talking prices.

He remained silent, debating quickly as his hand snaked down Lain's back and between his smooth cheeks idly. He could always play the hard-to-catch card and pick Lain up, attempting to leave, automatically bringing the guy to his knees and jacking the price up, but he had the gut feeling it wouldn't work this time. Sphynx wasn't many things, but he was amazing at determining how much a person was willing to spend on what they wanted, and how much they wanted it.

This one in particular struck him as a semi-regular-- meaning, he wouldn't pay much at first, but as soon as he'd had a few tries with his favourite, he'd suddenly open the floodgates and shower surreal amounts of money upon the favoured one, just to keep them coming back.

A relationship kind of guy, though you had to work on it.

"We'll play by your rules, Master," Sphynx purred, just before Lain cried out as two of the blonde's deft fingers pushed up inside of him.

The brunette wailed again with pleasure this time, parting his legs further and bucking against the dark-haired man, squeezing his eyes shut and panting.

Reven caught Lain's soft wails against his face as the boy arched up on his lap. The tiniest dribble of saliva glistened at the edge of his mouth, opened now with wordless pleasure at Sphynx's practised touch.

He loves him, thought Reven. Or thinks he does.

His eyes returned to Sphynx - he knew that this minute defined their positions. That Sphynx was used to calling the shots for him and his partner - but that he, Reven wouldn't allow that here. He couldn't say that he liked or trusted this boy - but he understood him.
Was there malice in the title of Master that he used for me? he thought. It had chilled him. It had seemed more than a casual throwaway during sex-play.

But Reven knew that he had his own demons, that they distorted so very much of his life that his own perspective was often lost.

And Lain's soft whimpers still ached in his ears.

He felt the release of pressure as Sphynx lifted himself up off his lap, and pulled Lain up with him. "You see how responsive he is?" the blond boy murmured, mischievously, looking down at Reven and the creased, damp cloth in his lap. "He's doing that for you; he's wailing for you. You wanna hear more?"

Reven gazed up at Lain, ready perhaps to say 'no', to call a halt to it all before it ran out of hand. The boy was held upright in front of him, panting, completely naked and fiercely erect, his limbs held to the side, presenting himself for Reven's pleasure alone. In that minute he caught the boy's expression and their thoughts locked - or rather, their pure desires.

"Yes," he said, softly. It wasn't an order - it might not even have been a request. It was just a statement of fact. And he would never have said it if he'd thought that it would cause Lain any more distress.

Sphynx obviously saw nothing of the communications between his partner and their supposed client. His eyes flashed at what he perceived to be the recapture of Reven's attention. He pushed the coffee table to one side with his leg, and then he pressed Lain none too gently down on to his knees. "Look after the man, Lain," he sighed. "And maybe you can have some more attention yourself. Show him what you can do. Show him what a treasure you can be."

Lain licked his lower lip and nodded, reaching up slowly. He glanced up at the man just to make sure he still had consent, and unbuttoned the pants slowly, biting his lower lip as he did so. His fingers took hold of the zipper and he pulled it down tooth by tooth, hearing every breath from both himself and the dark-haired man, hearing every move made by Sphynx behind him.

He was on high-alert as the fly reached bottom and his hand sank between the folds of cloth, emerging with the thick, swollen cock between his fingers. His own glistening manhood pulsed with need, but it was left unattended for now-- he had his eyes on something he had never though he'd want to do for anybody but Sphynx.

Looking up at the man once more, he leaned forward, craning his neck and parting his lips, letting his tongue slide along the underside of the shaft in his hand, lapping at it like it was dipped in honey. Lain's lust climbed even higher as he teased more leaking droplets from the waiting head, shifting his hand back and forth slowly as he lapped up the pearled beads.

Finally he closed his eyes and with a slight whimper, he exhaled and sealed his lips around the head, sliding his mouth all the way down to the base and taking the entire length into his mouth and throat. A shiver ran through the brunette as he slid his tongue back and forth underneath the throbbing erection, as he began to draw on it, pull hungrily with his mouth as his head slid back, then forwards once more, just as slowly.

Now, he couldn't care less what happened. Kalain was beyond reconciliation or personal moral-- he moaned once more as Sphynx's fingers slid into him once more, slick this time, pressing deeper inside of him, unforgiving and persistent.

The blonde himself licked his other hand until it too was slicked with saliva, then leaned forward as well, continuing to pump his long, trained fingers inside his younger partner in crime as his hand closed around the boy's cock, stroking it carefully, too slowly to allow him release just yet.

Reven felt his body shake as Kalain sank slowly down on to him. The boy's eyes had been large and soft and perhaps even a little scared. But his desire had been unmistakable - he wasn't loathe to do this for Reven. To Reven.

And Reven could feel that in every reverent touch - every soft lapping, every careful, agonisingly slow stroke of his tongue.

Ahhh, it had been so long...

He leant back, his hand very softly at Lain's head, the boy lost in his pampering of Reven's cock. He looked over the brown locks and the slim shoulders between his knees, and saw Sphynx nestled in close to Lain's ass, obviously still fingering him, still stimulating him. The blond boy's eyes were slightly glazed too, though he met Reven's gaze with a flicker of some triumph, as if he'd been proved right all along. They were all just victims of their lusts, weren't they? All the johns - all just led by their dicks, not their heads. The essential, humiliating weakness of any man.

Reven couldn't care less. He knew far more than Sphynx ever would - he'd seen far more than the kid would ever dream.

His weakness wasn't this!

He could feel Lain's lips tightening - could hear the hum of delight in his mouth, reverberating around his cock as he sucked. Sphynx lay forward over his partner's back, hands busy under the boy's belly, stroking him on to his own pleasure.

Reven felt that last, precious, poignant moment of anticipation - just before the knowledge that satisfaction was approaching; that the rush of completion could no longer be held back.

The blonde saw it-- their john's eyes and expression had suddenly changed, and he was near climax.

He released Lain's cock and clamped his hand around the back of the boy's neck, pulling his greedy mouth off the man's cock quickly, before he could come. "Not yet!" he sang, as Lain gasped and nearly spoke out, nearly demanded to be allowed to finish.

But he kept silent like a good boy.

"Face me, Lain," Sphynx murmured, turning the boy around without really waiting for him to obey.

Jade eyes flicked up to the dark-haired man several times as the brunette was brought to hands and knees on the thick rug, and his chin was tilted up with Sphynx's finger.

"Suck," he whispered, and within moments the brunette was following the order, eyes closed once more.

He began to thrust into the hungering mouth, and Lain made soft whimpers in reply but didn't stop, using his skilled tongue and throat, that could make even Sphynx moan like a child.

But he was still on control of himself at this point; Lain had only begun his delectable ministrations. The blonde had enough presence of mind left to flash a smile at their audience.

"He's prepared and waiting," Sphynx breathed, leaning forward and taking hold of either side of Lain's face and drawing him away from his work for just a moment. "Isn't that right, Lain? You want more?"

"Yes!" the brunette cried out, lifting his hands and clawing the ones holding his head away, immediately going back to drawing hungrily upon Sphynx's erection as the blonde's words were assured. He waved a hand at the waiting and prepared body a mere foot in front of the man, s
imply aching to be filled.