title: Getting it Right

author: trixie

disclaimer: nope, no money.

summary: Trowa wants to give Duo a Christmas.

notes: for clare, a late christmas present. *snugs*


"I need help."

Quatre tucked the phone between his shoulder and his ear, and continued to tie his tie. "Always here for you, Trowa. What can I do?"

"Explain Christmas?"

Quatre blinked. "Come again?"

Trowa sighed softly. "Duo has mentioned it a few times. It's in December, right?"

"December 25," Quatre offered helpfully.

There was a pause. "Yesterday."

Ah, yes," Quatre smiled. "Does Duo celebrate?"

"What… is it?"

Quatre decided his tie was straight enough, at least for now. He slipped his coat on, and triple checked that he had everything in his briefcase. "It's a Christian holiday, which also incorporates customs from pagan holidays. Did Duo get you something?"

"Get me something?" Trowa echoed disdainfully. "He mentioned it."

Quatre repressed a laugh. Trowa was always so… precise. "Ah."

"What does Christmas involve?"

Quatre gathered his things, and walked speedily downstairs. "Ah… there's a tree. Stockings. Bells. Um, Figgie pudding? Look, Trowa, I'm really sorry, but I'm out the door. If you want, you can text me. I'm going to be in transit, so feel free. Oh, and, hey, it's post Christmas, but if you go to the stores, there's probably tons of Christmas stuff. You'll be fine. Bye!"

Trowa didn't get a chance to remind Quatre that they were living on L5 these days. If all he had needed to do was "go to the stores," he wouldn't have needed to call Quatre.


There was a fichus tree tied up in yarn and sprinkled with popcorn in the foyer. This was unusual, to be sure. Duo stood and stared at it for a minute, until the cat started gnawing on his ankle. He wasn't sure which cat it was; they had eight now, and the names Trowa came up for them were arcane, to say the least. This cat liked to chew. That much was clear.

There was lady's hosiery hanging in front of fireplace. Or remnants thereof, at least, as two of the other cats were happily playing tug of war with the bulk of the hose. The dog Duo liked to call Bear because he had a thick, brown coat and was roughly twice the size of a horse came bounding up to meet him. He was wearing a school bell tied to his collar.

Trowa was in the kitchen, looking horribly pleased with himself as he dumped a box of figs into a pot of chocolate pudding.

"Trowa?" Duo ventured, trying to stay on his feet with Bear trying to bowl him over. "There is a fichus tree in our foyer."

Trowa beamed.

Duo bit his lip. "The cats are eating your fetish gear, too."

"What?" Trowa furrowed his brow.

Duo stepped up closer to him, and kissed his lips softly. "Let me guess. Figgie pudding? Are we celebrating Boxing Day, now?" Duo smiled mischievously.

Trowa paled. "Boxing Day?"

Duo put the pan of pudding aside. "It's not important. Thank you."

A soft, almost hidden smile traced across Trowa's lips, a perfect, sweet smile. "Why are you thanking me?"

Duo put his arms around Trowa, and buried his face in Trowa's chest. "Because."

Trowa brushed his fingers through Duo's hair, running his hand down Duo's braid, and he pulled off the tie at the end of the braid. He ran his fingers through Duo's hair, brushing it out and spreading it out over his shoulders. Duo laughed, and tipped his head back, giving Trowa more access.

"Is there anything else to Christmas?" Trowa whispered into Duo's ear.

Duo almost laughed, but he held it back. He took Trowa's hand, and drew him away, back to the bedroom, pushing Bear away so they could close the door, all the animals on one side, and them on the other.

Trowa raised one eyebrow expressively. "This is part of Christmas?"

"Eh, you know," Duo grinned. "I was never a big one for tradition. This is part of living with a sexy man like you."

Trowa took Duo's face into his hands, and kissed him passionately, deeply, drawing him to the bed, drawing him down, drawing off their clothes, their bodies pressed together, their mouths and their hand greedy, needing, wanting, taking, giving. Their rhythm was a frenzied waltz, so familiar but so good, still, each touch the first for that moment, Trowa's hands spreading out Duo's hair as he spread out Duo's legs.

Their heartbeats slowed down as their bodies cooled, their limbs wound around each other, coveting every scrap of heat. Trowa moved his mouth over Duo's forehead. "Did I get it at all right?"

Duo laughed, his fingers spreading with curious wonder over Trowa's skin. "I think it's safe to say you got it all right, gorgeous."

Trowa pinched Duo's ass lightly. "Christmas, I mean."

Propping his chin up on Trowa's chest, Duo grinned. "I'm simply having a wonderful time. You?"

Trowa was confused, but Duo was happy, and that was all he needed.

He hated it when Duo mentioned things, but if he could get it right, it was okay.