title: Cubicles

author: trixie

disclaimer: not mine

summary: Heero gets relocated. Again. (Heero/Duo)

notes: for clare, for mother's day. *cuddles*


As usual, her office was cluttered with boxes and stacks of paper. Heero hated clutter, but he was used to Sally by now, so he made himself a place to sit, and he waited. Sally was still on the phone, but she watched Heero as she finished up her call.

"That's fine, but I'll need it by this afternoon. … I don't care, pull people in from QC! It's got to be done!" She hung up and rolled over to Heero, and planted a large office floor plan in front of him. "Ok, Yuy, you're department's reorganizing, and we're moving offices."

This happened at least once every few months. Heero just nodded. "Closer to the bathrooms, I hope."

Sally made a face at him. "You're in charge of the move. You should know how it goes by now, right?"

"Not a problem," Heero promised. Then he looked at the plan. "…Sally?"

"Yes?" she asked tersely, already moving on to the next thing on her To Do list.

"What is a D. Maxwell, and why is it in my cube?"

Sally sighed. "Everyone has to share a cube, Yuy. Suck it up. And Duo is the new guy from Validations. He's damned good, apparently, so deal."

Heero glared at Sally, but Sally just stuck out her tongue at him. There were definite disadvantages to being so familiar with his boss.


Heero barged into Sally's office and folded his arms over his chest, glaring.

Sally finished the email she was composing, and sighed. "I don't have time for this, Yuy."

He continued to glare at her.

She sighed. "Yes, I do so know why you are upset, and I don't care. Maxwell is getting his job done. He puts in 60 hours a week and he gets along great with everyone. Whatever your issue is, get over it. And no, I'm not reorging or moving anyone so you can switch. Suck it up."

Heero grunted, and stormed back out.


"So, how's it going?" Sally stabbed a forkful of lettuce, pretending to ignore the pile of pizza slices Heero was sucking down.

He raised an eyebrow and looked at her.

"With your cubemate," she elaborated. "I'm really sorry that it had to be this way…"

He snorted, and stuffed half a slice in his mouth.

"Well, I understand you two are arguing less. I do appreciate that."

He paused between slices, and pointed to the spreadsheet. "We need to recalculate this column. We aren't accounting for processing time. And he's acceptable."

"Acceptable?" Sally was intrigued. Heero was… very discriminating.

He grunted. "Well, he's still annoying. But I can be a bigger man."

Sally snorted, and made a note in the margin of the spreadsheet to change column AD.


Another morning, another office floor plan being planted in front of Heero.

He looked up at Sally. "Again?"

Last time this year," she sighed, hoping like hell it was the truth. "Look, before you start glaring, yes, the cubes are smaller, but this office is closer to the cafeteria, and we'll have more cubes."

He scanned the sheet for his name, and nodded. "It's fine."

She stared at him. "Fine!?"

He shrugged.

She looked down at the sheet. "You'll have less room for all your precious technical manuals. And you're still sharing with Maxwell."

"Duo is all right. We can get along," Heero confessed, shifting in his seat.

Sally stared at him, fighting off the urge to grin like mad. "Duo?"

He stuck his chin out defensively. "It's his name, right?"

She chuckled, and nodded. "Suuuuuuure, yes, no, it is his name…"


In the seven years Heero had been working with Sally, he had never seen her so mad. "What's going on?"

"What's going on?!" She fumed. "What's going on. Let's see. I understand you and your cubemate are getting along much better these days."

Heero remained passive. "We are."

"Oh, yes, I know. The night janitor reported how well you two were getting along yesterday. On the conference room table. Just what the hell were you thinking?"

Heero shifted in his seat. "…Well. We were thinking that the night janitor had already been down that hall."

Sally sighed heavily. "Look, Heero… You know I don't care. Much. Though I do have a meeting in that room later today. But… the company's… not exactly…"

"I'm aware." Heero crossed his arms over his chest.

She seemed to be sighing a lot today. "…So, how long has this been going on, anyway?" She smirked, trying to lighten the mood.

Heero watched her carefully. "…Well. If I can share a cube with him…"

Sally laughed. She got too few opportunities in this place. It felt good. "That's true. Don't let him go."

"I don't intend to," Heero replied, fiercely.

Sally grinned. "Ok, ok, back to work… and next time, just go home and screw, ok?"

Heero stood and nodded.

She shook her head, and got back to work.

She had to make up a new office floor plan by 3:30.