Happy Belated Birthday Gift Fic For Clare ^^
I hope you like this hon.

Title: The Simple Truth

By jo
Notes: 1x2, Heero POV
Warning: Duo body worshipping. Lemony. Wanton acts of masturbation. Plot? What plot? OOC-ness? Hopefully not.

I like watching him like this, lying on his stomach, sprawled naked and listless on our bed with the soiled sheet twisted under him and around his waist. The thin cotton fabric clung to one of his legs but exposed the other. Sex-drenched temptation slid off of him even as he slept, and I drank in the sight like a man dying of thirst.

I started from the exposed foot, the curve of his arch, to the curve of his calf, to the smooth, robust line of the back of his thigh, and finally the inviting firmness just beyond that.

I ghosted a touch along his calf to the back of his knee. He stirred and I withdrew quickly, not wanting to wake him. I felt every bit the voyeur, staying up while my lover slept, watching and studying every inch of his body, getting a raging hard-on without even laying a finger on him.

He never understood it, the few times that he woke and caught me leaning on one elbow, my free hand on my erection, masturbating to his unconscious, naked form. It disturbed him to a certain degree, and books on psychology, specifically sexual addiction, showed up in his piles of books mysteriously. Then, as curiously as they turned up, they disappeared. I knew he thought he had solved the mystery of my insatiable libido but the simple truth remained, I love him.

He had fallen onto the bed and into a deep sleep when I finally let go of him. His face was turned toward me. He would have imprints of the rumpled pillowcase on his face tomorrow and the ear he slept on all night would smart a little. His braid coiled like a lazy brown snake on his neck and spilled down one shoulder. I hadn’t had time to untie it tonight, perhaps in the morning I would.

I swallowed hard when I saw his lips, full and slightly parted, reminding me of the way he held his breath when I licked along his bottom lip. The deep-throated moans he made when I was sucking on his tongue reverberate even now at the bottom of my spine. When my fingers started tingling to the memory of dusty pink nipples hardened under my touch, my hand slipped between my legs without much persuasion.

Between the motions of pulling and pumping, I saw Duo before me and I saw Duo as he was earlier in the night, reclined on his elbows, watching me watching him from between his spread legs. His hands balled up, fisting two handfuls of bed sheet while biting down on his lower lip, resisting the urge to raise his hips and push deeper into my mouth, trying desperately not to come too soon.

When I came I thought I had gone blind.

A startled yelp and a groan later, I watched my lover glare at me while wiping my rapidly cooling semen off of his thigh with the sheet still twisted around his body. The pearly white fluid dripped slowly down his smooth skin. When he was done, he untangled the sheet and threw it at me so I could clean myself.

Duo lay down flush against me and threw his arm around my waist, keeping us close. We listened to the frantic thumps of my heartbeat until it slowly calmed, and I felt him smiled against my collarbone, “Heero, Une has got to stop sending you away on long missions.”

I wish Une would stop sending me away on long missions too. I smirked into his hair.