Reven looked into the boy's eyes and something inside him shifted - something eased. He held out his hand, palm flat, facing Lain. "Keep it," he said, softly.

Not that either of them probably needed the formality of a key - and Reven knew he could have the locks changed if he ever wanted. But he wanted it to be a signal to Lain; a gesture of moral support and trust.

He didn't miss the flush of pleasure on the boy's face.

He pulled on his shirt, and reached for his jacket. Just at the last moment, as Lain was looking elsewhere, he slipped a knife into his pocket; he rarely travelled without something.

They left the apartment together, companionable in their silence. Reven didn't miss that Lain was wearing some of his clothes. He looked damned good in them, he thought, and smiled to himself.

The city was full of early morning bustle, but Reven knew the places to walk to avoid it.

Maybe Kalain did too, for they were soon walking easily and comfortably along the side of the river, out beyond the buildings and industrial units, and towards the outlying parkland. They saw the occasional jogger or dog-walker, but otherwise they were undisturbed.

Lain never prompted him; never harassed him. For that, he was grateful.

"His name was Inoue," Reven said. "I guess you know that now. My story is his; his life is mine. I was on the street when he found me - when we found each other. He was no do-gooder, you know? No churchgoer - no charity worker." He smiled at the mere thought of that.

"But he took me in when he didn't have to, and he taught me everything. He fed and clothed me, and he taught me skills, and he shared his work with me."

And he yelled at me - and his voice bit at me with his sarcasm and his disapproval. Even that memory could make him smile. We fought. We argued. We shared.

"His standards were high, and I wasn't always the best pupil." Reven felt the boy next to him smile - seems he might have known what that feeling was like. "I didn't care what he asked me to do - I wanted to prove to him I could meet his expectations. That I could be worthy of him."

His voice seemed strangely tight in his throat. "I wanted to be with him, that was all. I wanted that more than anything. I would have done anything for him." To keep him with me.

"And then we went against a man who had tormented our lives, both of us. Inoue had been..." His voice failed him now, and he didn't miss the slight touch of Lain's hand on his elbow.

For a moment, he paused, standing still. But then he started his walk again - this had to be faced. He was surprised at how the telling of it was releasing something inside him. The words sounded odd as they left his mouth - but they were a sketch of his life that he could see in his mind's eye. It was good, he thought, to do this.

"Inoue had been tortured by this man, and it had been a long time before I found him and brought him back to me. It was a long road to recovery - he was never the same man again. But no weaker - no less of a man!" Lain had to understand that, didn't he?

"But I wanted revenge on that man and his organisation - and I wanted safety for us both from him. Our work - it was never a regular employment, Lain. We put ourselves in danger daily - we hired ourselves to the ones who could pay us, and the ones who hopefully had the same professionalism as we did." He wondered just how much Lain had guessed of his life - that they had been assassins.

Reven wasn't ashamed of it! Reven had a pride in it all. But he didn't know if Lain might be scared by it.

Many people had been, in the past.

"And in the bloodbath that was my revenge, Inoue was severely injured. He saved my life - but it took his."

What more should he tell Lain? Should he tell him how they were in between their hectic, violent missions? How they lived together, fought together, fucked together?

Gloriously, enthusiastically, passionately! Making love together - making love into a wild, exotic, consuming adventure! The aggression of Inoue - the soft submission of Eiji.

Reven had loved them both.

And lost them both.

The physical memories trickled cruelly along his nerves - teased at the heat between his legs. Red hair, scarred flesh, burning eyes...

Reven arching up in the night, clutching legs around Inoue's hips...

Leaning over Eiji with soft, possessive nips to his throat, thrusting gently but deeply into him...

Rolling on sweat-soaked sheets... sinking his mouth over hot, aching flesh... caressing the ripple of lustful muscle.

Loving him.

Lain walked silently through the shallow puddles. It had rained some time between when they had slept and when he had woken up. Gasoline rainbows shimmered as his shoes stirred them.

When Reven stopped speaking, they were at the base of a mild hill--something of a walk--but it was eased by the worn stone steps placed in the soft dirt, leading up to the crest. He could look out over the city from the top of it, he was told. ‘See the stars above or the stars below…’

There was only one thing here was here for, one thing he was interested in. He turned to Reven and saw the passion in his eyes—felt the pain emanating from the man, tasted the agony. Summer blue irises disappeared from view under a cascade of dark locks as the brunette tilted his head forward and reached out his arm cautiously.

His fingers played with the tips of Reven’s, brushing against them, finally taking hold of the man’s index and middle fingers like a child would hold a parent’s hand. Softly, a warm embrace between hands.

“Reven,” the brunette murmured delicately, his gaze still hidden but his voice tender, “When did it happen?”

He continued to hold those two fingers, though he felt a slight pull on them, almost recoil. If Reven pulled much harder, his hand would slip from Lain’s—he’d allow the divide, and the brunette wouldn’t ever ask the question again.

All Reven had to do was answer.

Reven felt a strange comfort at Lain's touch, though he felt restless here. Whether it was the cathartic pain of talking about Inoue to someone - he'd never done that before! Who the hell would have been interested? - or whether it was the stirring of his own misery and loneliness, he wasn't sure.

He felt a little disorientated here, though he knew the area. He almost felt as if Lain were in charge - as if Lain were leading him through the city, as if he followed the boy's friendship, connected to it somehow by more than a hand's warmth.

Lain's question was a soft breath on the damp morning air.

Reven sighed. "It was only six months ago, Lain. This is no time to meet me, I'm afraid. It's a time when everything still seems very raw - I can't offer very much reward as a companion."

I have nothing to offer you - it's all dead inside me. I can't communicate with another person, not on a personal level. I only think of him. Of Inoue. "There was no need to burden you with it, but I thought you were owed an explanation. Shit, I think you're owed a lot more in life, but that's not anything either of us can help..."

Blue eyes flashed at Reven quickly as Lain's grip tightened around the fingers.

Nobody ever comes up here, Lain. Nobody, ever. I mean, the workers came and buried someone a few months back, and one guy stopped at the new grave, but that's it. I've been hanging out there for years. I bet your nameless lover boy doesn't even know the guy's buried here.

He pulled the hand and tugged Reven to follow him, up the cracked stones. Refusing to let go, even when there was a bit of a pull and the man didn't seem to want to go up the hill.

The brunette remained silent as they walked. There wasn't anything really to say right now. The wind kicked up and he shivered slightly, but kept walking, until they reached the top of the hill.

The church no longer had a roof, and was falling apart on all sides. There was a rusted bell among rubble, broken pews, scattered ornaments. Nothing worth recovering.

They walked around the church, to the far end of the hill, where rusted-shut iron gates surrounded a graveyard. Most of the headstones weren't even legible any more after taking years of torment from the elements, and trees and brush and weeds grew rampant here, though everything was bare because spring was only beginning.

He heard Reven's breathing come a little quicker; did the man know what was ahead?

The hand in his tightened its grip and Lain pushed on slowly, allowing the man time to come to terms with where they were. He walked through a break in the fence and across long-abandoned graves, through the yard- all the way to the back, where the stones grew sparse. There was a small section cut off from the rest, behind its own rusted gate, though this one still opened and closed, probably because of recent use.

Two elaborate headstones were in the center of the grassy plot, and if you looked you could see the glint of a fresher, newer headstone hidden behind them.

It was a pretty off-white, probably marble or something.

Lain finally released Reven's hand, looking over at the man with a soft, encouraging smile and then back towards that one headstone. "Go look," he said softly.

Reven had followed Lain as if in a dream. If the boy had some place to go, he understood. Perhaps this was his territory - perhaps this was something special to him.

Though he wondered why, comparing the bright liveliness of Lain's youth against the sad, neglected air of the church and graveyard. He'd never had any time for churches himself. There'd been religious counsellors at school - there'd been communities that he could have joined.

He'd scorned them, though - they could do nothing for him, then or now.

It was so silent here - so cold and bleak. The stones around him were covered in grass and mud that was damp from the fresh rain. The inscriptions were mottled and eaten away, though he caught the occasional word of sorrow or love or elegy - the whole range of human emotions was here.

Lain stopped before the gated area at the back, where three stones stood, one very much more recent than the others. A family plot, perhaps. Reven knew people had them. If he had a family, perhaps he would have known more about them.

Go look, Lain had said.

Reven didn't understand what he meant - why he should.

He didn't have time for such sleeping death. When life had gone, it had gone. There was no hope after that.

But Lain's eyes were very soft, and pleaded with him. He slipped his hand from the boy's and took a couple of careful steps through the rusted gate. The two older headstones had their inscriptions obscured too - he struggled to read anything more than 'beloved wife', 'husband' - 'loved in peace, taken in violence'. He felt inexplicably sad.

The third stone was smaller - simpler. Cleaner. Newer. A date on it - a month he knew; a month he would never forget. No fancy verse - no dedication. Just a name.


He didn't know if he read the name, or spoke it aloud. It embodied everything to him - it crystallised everything inside of him.

He sank to his knees in front of the stone.

The tears started to fall, without any consciousness of them.

Lain remained leaning against the gate, and he watched as almost immediately Reven fell to his knees. A stab of pain wrenched in the brunette's own chest as he saw the man's face contort with sorrow.

It wasn't that he'd wanted to cause more pain for his host-- not in the least. But he knew that if somebody had access to the grave of a loved one he didn't know about, Lain would want to be told where it was.

Should he go? Stay? Leave Reven alone for as long as he needed, or head over to him and try to comfort him? This was where Lain had no idea.

He hadn't really planned out much past taking Reven to the grave.

A set of warm hands slipped around Lain's waist, and the brunette gasped in surprise, but held back an outcry, which would disturb the peace and Reven's mourning.

"I see I was right," the blonde murmured into Lain's ear softly, nipping at it, breathing against it, sending shivers down the youth's spine. The hands snaked underneath the ratty jacket and new clothes, into the front of Lain's jeans but remaining perilously close to inappropriate places. "It only solidifies our deal."

"Not now," Lain murmured, putting a hand on the arms around him, turning to face Sphynx as best he could.

The hands tightened against Lain's hips viciously, and suddenly removed themselves.

"Fine," Sphynx said shortly. "But what about your crying lover? Somebody is going to have to take him home, and you can barely carry your own weight."

Lain blinked in surprise. Sphynx was being unusually nice. "I suppose. You'd help me?" he whispered.

The blonde nodded. "Of course; what are lovers for?" he placed a soft kiss on Lain's cheek. "But leave him alone for now."

Reven was no longer aware of Lain - he was no longer aware of anything but the stone in front of him. He never doubted for a moment that it was for his partner. He had no interest in the other two stones - their possible relationship to Inoue. His mind was full of memory and sharp colour and loud sounds. He heard words and laughs and the soft droplets of blood on a bathroom floor. He felt Inoue in the air around him; he could smell the man's body.

It was a confirmation of death - a death he'd always known about, but perhaps had never put to rest inside of him.

A confirmation of loss.

And yet a return as well - he felt as if something had been given back to him! A gesture only, a token - but the presence of the headstone was something outside of his mind. It was recognition by someone apart from Reven. It established Inoue as real - as someone who had existed.

Reven struggled with the confusion, and the new wave of grief. Perhaps he could mourn here, properly. Perhaps he could exorcise the pain here - like other people did.

He was slowly aware of the cold air on his shoulders, and the keening of a black bird on the front gates of the graveyard. His senses were returning to him - his consciousness of the world around him. The life he must go back to, and live. He felt the sodden chill at his knees where he'd been kneeling in front of the stone, and he made to rise. But his limbs were weak with shock and weariness - he shook slightly.

Then he felt the stronger hand on his elbow - the two pairs of hands, that helped him to his feet.

Sphynx kept himself in excellent physical condition, and Lain, though weaker, wasn't a pushover either. Together, they easily lifted the man, the blonde shouldering most of the weight, easing him out of the graveyard.

Lain continuously looked up into Reven's face, but the man seemed lost, alone in his own world; it was the same expression that had been on his face near the end of his nightmare that night. The brunette winced but continued walking, thankfulness for Sphynx's cooperation overflowing.

When they reached the bottom of the hill, Lain halted in his tracks, still holding Reven as Sphynx released the man and walked around the car that was idling on the street.

"Where did you get that?" he demanded, shocked beyond belief.

Sphynx waved the question away with his hand and opened the front passenger door. "Put him in," he ordered.

The brunette ushered Reven into the car, and took a seat beside him, squishing all three of them in the front as Sphynx shifted gears and they took off.

"Where did you get this, Sphynx!" Lain demanded quickly, even as he remained holding onto Reven, his arms around the man's waist.

"I stole it."

The answer seemed so simple, but Lain simply couldn't let it sink in. The blonde had become so unpredictable in these last weeks! When had he taken to stealing cars? When had he learned how?

But he dropped the line of thought when Reven shifted in his arms. The dark-haired man was his first and foremost concern right now, not Sphynx's illegal activities.

The blonde sped through traffic as though he'd driven hundreds of times before, cutting through alleys and side-streets, finally coming to a stop on the street outside Reven's apartment building. "You still have the key?" he asked calmly, while shutting off the ignition and turning to the silent duo.

Lain nodded, and watched as Sphynx got out of the car and came to their side. He allowed Lain to get out, then leaned in, picking the man up with some effort and closing the car door with his hip. "Let's go," he muttered, surprised at how light the man was for his size.

Reven knew he was being supported, and although he'd tried to climb out of the car by himself, he was grateful when the strong arms took hold of him and scooped him up like a child.

Grateful, but wary.

He knew Lain was with him, he could smell him, hear his voice. But he knew there was another. His mind was still in a limbo between his memories of Inoue and the current situation. He heard the swish of the door to the elevator as he was taken inside it, and then some muttered conversation between his companions. He struggled to regain control.

"Let me down!" he ground out, through dry lips. He pushed weakly at the body that held him - he touched rough fabric, felt warm skin and muscle, as clothes caught up underneath his wriggling body.

There was a start of surprise in the boy who held him - Reven heard a low chuckle by his ear, and felt the suspicion of damp, smiling lips at his cheek. Then he'd got his legs out of the boy's protection, and he was trying to stand up.

The elevator arrived with its discreet ring, and they tumbled out into the corridor. Reven still felt weak - he staggered towards his apartment, and reached to support himself against the wall.

A hand lodged at his waist, holding him upright. He knew it wasn't Lain - but he didn't push it away. He turned instead, to gaze into the eyes that stared at him, insolently.
"Sphynx," he said, softly. "So here we are again."

"Yes, here we are," the blonde said calmly, wrapping both arms around the man and placing soft kisses on his throat. "No need to worry; let Lain open the door. Let us take care of you-- look, you're trembling." His voice was gentle.

The brunette obeyed the indirect command and opened the apartment door, and Sphynx led them inside.

"Sphynx?" the brunette asked quietly, as he watched the blonde escort Reven to the bedroom and lay the man down on the bed. He had never seen this side of Sphynx before... he seemed... so kind, so caring. It brought warmth to Lain's heart. He had always known that part of Sphynx existed, but he hadn't ever carried that much hope of seeing it so openly before.

"Lain, go get him something to drink," Sphynx commanded as he too took a seat on the bed. The brunette obeyed, and the blonde turned to his company slowly. "I told him it wasn't wise to show you that place yet, but he wanted to help you so very badly," the blonde breathed softly, while reaching forward and undoing Reven's jacket and shirt with gentle movements.

Lain returned to the room with a glass of water, and Sphynx sat the man up, taking the glass and holding it to Reven's lips. "Drink, you'll feel better," he ordered in a quiet tone, keeping his arm around Reven's shoulders and brushing some of the hair out of his eyes like a lover.

The brunette watched his lover and his new friend together on the bed, entirely confused. What was this? He couldn't quite wrap his mind around what he was seeing. Sphynx's kindness was incredible... and Reven seemed to be accepting it easier than he would Lain's comforts.

He felt a small jab of jealousy in his gut but ignored it, acknowledging that Reven needed comfort, and it didn't matter who it came from as long as it helped.

Reven had allowed Sphynx's touch - his kisses. He felt the strength in the blonde’s arm as he supported him up to drink the water. It was very different from the way he responded to Lain.

Lain's hands always seemed so gentle, so accommodating. But Sphynx was a very different creature! Although he appeared to be helping and caring for Reven, Reven could feel the tension in his body - could feel the muscles bunching up against his own.
Sphynx was a true challenge to him. He wondered what was really going on in the boy's mind. He suspected that not even Lain knew.

"You've had a shock, right?" Sphynx was murmuring to him, though the boy's eyes flickered between him and Lain, all the time. Reven saw the way his pupils dilated as he glanced at the brunette; there was some bond between them - something before and above Reven's relationship. "You need some care now. Some rest. We can look after you. Talk to Lain, why don't you? Silly kid is worried he's upset you, taking you there. Then I'll just sit quietly here and fetch you what you need. What might comfort you."

There was a glint in his eye, belying the innocent words; Reven was drawn to it, almost despite himself.

"What do you want, Sphynx?" asked Reven, in a low voice. He was very conscious of the boy's bold looks and his arrogance - it was very stimulating. "Do you want money? To take Lain back?" He saw Lain stiffen where he stood - his eyes flash wider open.
But Sphynx just smiled. "I want you to be comfortable," he said, softly. "I want you to feel you can relax with us - that you can talk to us about whatever you like. That we can help you. We'll take it from there then, shall we?"

Reven's head hurt now, the reaction to the shock and stress of the graveyard visit kicking in. He knew he should know more about Sphynx - he should be protecting Lain from his partner. But then, the boy had made it clear he could look after himself...

Sphynx was still smiling, and had shifted away to sit at the foot of the bed, leaving space for Lain to come sit beside Reven.

"Lain," he called, softly. "Your friend needs you now. You can be a friend to us both, can't you? Come and comfort him."

Lain crawled onto the bed beside Reven, and laid his head on the man's thigh, wrapping an arm around his legs. "I'm sorry it hurts," he whispered against the denim pressed to his cheek. He didn't really know what to do in this situation.

The brunette knew only two forms of comforting others-- sexual, and physical, merely holding the man. And that's what he did to the best of his ability, trying to warm the chilled thighs, and comfort the icy soul.

When the man appeared finished drinking, Sphynx took the glass from him calmly and placed it on the night stand, then returned to kissing the man's neck and cheek gingerly, barely touching lips to skin.

His hand slid down the bare stomach and teased at the button of his jeans, pulling it open and giving Reven plenty of time to object, but no cease-fire was called. Sphynx pulled the zipper down slowly, then slid his hand between the denim, brushing his fingers along the man's length languidly before taking hold of it and closing his hand around it, moving it back and forth slowly.

"Let me take care of everything," Sphynx murmured hotly in the man's ear, lapping at the pierced lobe once before taking it in his mouth and toying with it with his lips and tongue as his other hand slid around Reven's torso, holding him up and supporting him should he need it.

Reven saw the dilation in Sphynx's eyes when he touched him now.

And yet again he felt an unusual tolerance as Sphynx's hands caressed him - as the boy's lips sucked softly at his ear. He let the boy's free hand push his shirt from his shoulders, baring his torso completely.

He felt a strange, sensual lassitude - Sphynx seemed to have that effect on him. His body was still slightly trembling; his groin ached. The emotional trauma had left him in need of physical relief. Sphynx's hand was very sure on his cock - he was stroking it slowly to full arousal, and the feeling was good.

Reven could feel Lain, resting at his thighs - he looked down on the brunette head, the locks spilling over his legs, the boy's whispering against the base of his groin.

When Sphynx reached down to tap Lain on his head, the boy started up. It seemed they didn't need words between them; Lain nodded slightly, then began to tug Reven's pants down his legs, leaving him naked from the waist down. Naked completely. The sheets brushed lightly against his skin; the combination of the two boy's hands sent goose bumps along his limbs.

Sphynx's hand slipped gently from his cock, but was almost immediately replaced with the wet warmth of Lain's mouth; Reven jerked gently, relishing the touch. Sphynx had slid on to the bed, pressing up against his torso, and he'd shrugged off his own shirt somewhere along the way.

His mouth was very hot at Reven's neck; then it moved around and started to nip at his lips, the tongue flickering out to nudge at them, to force entry. Reven opened his mouth - took in the taste of Sphynx. Their tongues both pushed; both thrust at each other. It was a challenge between them. Sphynx grasped at his hand, pulling it up off the bed, and it was pressed impatiently to the boy's crotch.

Reven felt the heat there - Sphynx was large, and very excited. The button of the boy's worn jeans slipped slowly open, almost of its own volition; it was used to the necessity. Sphynx groaned quietly, and tugged at Reven's hand, but Reven pushed his grip away - he would do what he wanted, by himself!

He slid his hand into the jeans, pushing the denim away from Sphynx's hips, reaching past hot, damp curls, finding the sweaty, throbbing column of flesh, and sliding his fingers around it. Just like Sphynx had done to him, minutes ago. Sphynx gave a soft yelp and arched under the touch. His teeth bit slightly at Reven's lip.

And as Reven reached across to take more of the kiss, Lain's lips tightened hungrily around his cock.

Sphynx's predatory instincts kicked in when the hand closed around his cock and the mouth opened for him.

This was going to be his.

He reached down and placed a hand on Lain's head, drawing the boy away from his diligent work at Reven's erection, giving the brunette a smile of appreciation. He tugged at the top button of Lain's jacket and the boy got the hint, and began to undress himself.

Sphynx in the mean time busied himself pushing the man onto his back, and parting his legs with his knees as he leaned over the dark-haired host and thrust his tongue deep into the waiting mouth, while pushing his jeans all the way off his legs and kicking them aside.

When Lain was completely undressed, he saw Sphynx's eyes open and glance at him, though he didn't break the kiss with Reven. He reached out and took hold of the boy's wrist, bringing it to the brunette's mouth. Lain did nothing for several moments, confused, and the blonde broke the kiss to glance at him disapprovingly.

"Kiss him," Sphynx directed, giving Lain a different task since he didn't seem to know what was needed of him. "I'll do it myself."

Lain didn't need more instruction than that. He leaned forward and kissed Reven softly, lapping at the parted lips, closing his eyes and running his hands through the soft hair slowly. Reven responded a little, and the brunette smiled inwardly. This he knew how to do; this kind of comfort he excelled at.

There was a sudden gasp from Reven, and Lain glanced down to see what had made the man lurch on the mattress.

Sphynx was between his legs now, lapping at his entrance calmly, holding the taut cheeks apart with ease as his tongue worked at the opening, pushing at it, finally sinking into the flesh and entering Reven.

The man bucked again, and Sphynx placed one of his hands firmly on the man's hips, holding him down. He replaced his searching tongue with two fingers, and worked his way inside the grasping flesh quickly, as Lain resumed kissing Reven.

Reven arched up at the touch of Sphynx's tongue - it was so long since he'd had that touch! He knew that Sphynx must be well practised at this - that he maybe did it as a matter of pragmatism - the way that he made his living.

But the boy was moaning, too; he seemed enthusiastic about it, himself. His hands were sure on Reven's ass, opening him for his ministrations. His tongue was fast and tight inside him - it stabbed at him, the hot breath steaming across the sensitive skin behind his balls, the thin trail of loose saliva running down between Reven's cheeks on to the sheet below.

When he replaced his tongue with fingers, Reven felt himself tense. Lain still kissed him, the hot young tongue fierce and demanding. But it was Sphynx's hands that were filling him in more ways than the physical - the slim digits inside him were venturing where no-one had been for a long time; his heart hammered fiercely; his head swam with the remembered thrill. The fingers probed at him, insidious, seeking, stretching...

The man was surprisingly easy to prepare-- he had done this many times before, but still, he made the path a lot smoother for Sphynx. The blonde smiled wickedly to himself as he slid a third finger in and pushed them in to the last knuckle, pressing upwards and seeking further.

Reven's hands grabbed at Lain fiercely and the brunette made soft whimpers of pleasure as the man gripped his leg with strong fingers, and behind his neck, trying to deepen the kiss, taking over. Whatever Sphynx was doing to Reven, Lain was happy for him-- his host seemed to be enjoying himself, forgetting some of the pain...

Sphynx drew his hand back and lapped at it idly for a few moments, then stroked his own throbbing erection with the slick digits. When he was ready, he leaned over the man once more, and put a hand on Lain's shoulder, drawing the boy away from his passionate kiss.

The brunette was slightly confused-- wasn't he going to be allowed to help any more with this? He sat on the bed silently, waiting for his cue to do something, and watched with flushed cheeks as Sphynx dared to push himself inside Reven, taking hold of the man's wrists and holding them to the mattress.

Lain gasped softly as he heard Reven's ragged moan, vocalising the entire movement as Sphynx's length delved all the way into the man's body.

The blonde immediately covered the moaning mouth with his own, forcing his tongue between the lips and swallowing up the remaining noises hungrily, his entire body tense with the sheer pleasure of his erection being clamped down upon so fiercely. He drew back and pushed inside Reven once more, a little faster this time, easing his way along to prevent hurting the dark haired man and ruining his chance to take him entirely.

Sphynx released one of the wrists to take hold of Reven's swollen length, and began to stroke it in time with his increasing thrusts.

When Reven's hands were pushed back on to the mattress, his instinctive reaction was to repel the boy. He wasn't used to such treatment - he didn't allow anyone to touch him like that! To restrain him like that! His lips were numb from clutching Lain to him - he missed the taste of the boy, but Sphynx had pushed him away.

He struggled very slightly - the fingers inside him had confused and aroused him; he stretched his legs apart, feeling the taut skin on Sphynx's hips clenched between them.

When the boy pushed into him, he groaned aloud! Fuck, it was amazing! His thoughts dashed away from any conflict or resistance he may have been feeling - they concentrated entirely on the need to absorb this feeling - to draw this thick, hot column of flesh into him.

To thrust into him - to take him - to give him satisfaction! Sphynx's mouth came down on to his, rough after Lain's smoothness - fierce after Lain's submissiveness. Reven sucked in his tongue, moaning around it, thrusting his hips upwards to meet Sphynx's movements.

There was only this boy - only Sphynx! Both of them were holding back their aggression - Reven could feel the coiled passion in Sphynx, and the throbbing of his groin, tight against Reven's own belly.

When Sphynx relaxed the hold on his hands, Reven didn't pull away from him. He felt Sphynx's hand close around his cock and begin to stroke him, and he couldn't think of anything or anyone except the pure, sensual pleasure of his approaching climax.

Sphynx grunted softly, in time with his thrusts; Reven felt the hot pressure building inside him, and knew he'd come very soon. He lifted down one hand and grasped at Sphynx's blond hair, deep at the nape of his neck. He clutched the boy to him and he arched his body up to slam hard against him, just as Sphynx thrust heavily into him. He felt Sphynx shudder - he felt the boy's flesh shiver on through his own.

With a cry, Reven came, the seed bursting out of him, over Sphynx's fingers, sliding between their bellies, hot and dribbling down his skin, as he bucked underneath the body on his.

The grasping at his neck, the furious kissing-- it was maddening.

Forget trying to keep things civil; Sphynx began to thrust heavily into the body beneath him, claiming it as his own, raging against it. There was no way this man would escape him now-- the blonde would have his way, all of it.

He drew out of the man and pulled him into a sitting position quickly, guiding him around until Reven was on all fours facing away from Sphynx-- and once more he entered the scarred and wounded body, thrusting faster, feeling his own climax approach as he gripped the hips viciously, digging his nails into the pale skin and baring his teeth.

The hair that wasn’t bound in his braid cascaded over his shoulders and shadowed his face as he growled audibly and thrust harder, his climax closing in on him like a body about to hit ground after jumping from a cliff.

Lain stroked his own erection quickly, watching the two bodies on the bed before him with his entire body flushed. Each time he'd tried to come close, to kiss Sphynx or Reven, the blonde had shoved him away, near pushing him off the bed.

The brunette had stopped trying now, merely watching and whimpering to himself. He heard the growls from Sphynx and knew what they meant, and it only spurned his own arousal further-- Lain and Sphynx both came at the same time.

The younger bowed his head and mewled, suckling his own fingers desperately as white pearls beaded on his hands and thighs, and the elder male let his head fall back with a long moan, his seed spilling inside the body before him as he bucked.

"Aaaaagh... fuck!" the blonde snarled, shuddering with satisfaction as he slid out of the man and released his hips, sitting back on his calves and letting his hands fall to his sides, simply panting and revelling in the moment.

Dark green eyes flicked over to Lain, and Sphynx smiled slowly.

Reven was weak after his climax - he was all too easily turned and positioned in front of Sphynx, but his body stretched and accepted him back, greedily. Sphynx filled him, and his thrusts were fast and hard now. Reven felt the aftershock of his own excitement still thrumming along his veins, as the blonde's own completion approached.

The boy was aggressive now - his fingers scraping at Reven's flesh, his possession fierce and selfish.

Reven heard the whimpers from the bed beside him - he knew it was Lain; he knew the sounds by now. He turned his head slightly, peering through the dark curtain of his fallen hair, his eyes glazed from passion.

He could see Lain, his hand at his lap, furiously stroking himself. The boy's eyes flashed between Reven and Sphynx - his cheeks were flushed, and his tongue sneaked out to lick at his lips. He was panting.

As Reven felt Sphynx's body tighten behind him, he saw Lain's eyes widen and lose focus. Lain's hips bucked, and thick white seed spilled out of him as he came. At almost the same instant, Sphynx growled and cursed behind him, and Reven felt the heat of his climax, pumping up into Reven's willing body.

Reven's legs were shaking - he felt Sphynx pull out of him with a moan, and the warmth of his body retreating. He stayed on his hands and knees for a second, looking over to Lain, to the other boy on the bed, shivering with his own satisfaction.

But Lain's eyes were on Sphynx.

Reven sighed - with physical exhaustion; with sexual pleasure; with a return of the confusion. He rolled carefully to the side of the bed and brought himself round to a sitting position again. He was sticky from his climax - sore from Sphynx's fucking.
And now he was sat between the pair of them, wondering what would happen next.

Sphynx took hold of Lain's throat and pulled him close, kissing him quickly before releasing the smaller neck and getting off the bed.

He picked up his clothes and pulled his jeans on easily, hooking his thumb in the lip of the pants and glancing back at the two sets of eyes watching him. A smirk played on his lips and he turned, leaving the bedroom and heading to the kitchen.

He opened the fridge and pulled out the milk, pouring himself a glass and humming quietly to himself as his mind worked overtime, quick green eyes darting over the apartment as he looked around casually.

Lain licked his hand clean of seed after Sphynx left, then turned to Reven, opening his arms and wrapping them around the man's waist, hugging against his stomach and listening to the dull thump of the man's heart resounding through his body.

"I thought you'd want to see it," he murmured apologetically. "Sphynx told me about it when I mentioned... that name, and he showed me. I didn't want to hurt you."

He nuzzled the scarred flesh, and kissed one of the pale, healed wounds softly.

His evaluation of the place complete, Sphynx put his glass on the counter and slid his shirt on, then his jacket. He flipped his braid out of the jacket and over his shoulder, and headed towards the door.

Opening it, he glanced back at the bedroom silently with one last feline smirk before stepping out into the hall and closing the door behind him.