Reven saw the slim fingered hand, held out towards him. Kalain's body was very slight under his shower - he looked at his most boyish. He was luxuriating in the hot water. The condensation was already clinging to the walls; the heat was steaming off his smooth skin.

He bent thin, muscular legs and laughed when a trail of water drops rolled off his nose and into his mouth. Reven couldn't remember when this apartment had last heard such nonsense.

He needed to wash too. He needed to be clean. And Kalain had called him to join him.

He turned back to face into the room, his eyes never leaving the boy. Lain was struggling with the soap, trying to rub away at his limbs, but the slippery bar kept bouncing out from between his fingers. He looked surprised at such a generous bar - perhaps he was used to nothing but the remnants of soap, congealed together, like Reven had known in so many seedy washrooms and motels.

Lain rubbed his hands together, making a lather, and began to rub over his chest. He looked up again at Reven; his bright eyes were wary, but mischievous at the same time.

Reven took one step towards him. He reached smoothly to his waist and shrugged off his own shirt. He flipped the button of his pants, and pushed the zip down so that they fell to his feet. Then he stepped out of them and kicked them gently to the side.

He wasn't surprised to find that he was aroused again - the boy had started that even when he sat beside him on his bed. He was just surprised that he was considering doing anything about it.

But then Lain was the same, he saw - between the soft, soapy thighs, he could see Lain's erection, bobbing at his groin. And he was still looking encouragingly at Reven

His laughter stopped when the man stepped into the shower, and the brunette looked up at him silently, still running his own hands over his body and rinsing the soap away.

He took a step to the side so that the man could be under the shower as well, and made no attempt to hide his view of the fully roused presence before him.

Tentatively, he picked up the soap once more, and reached out with it, running the slick bar up the side of the man's arm, then over his shoulder and down his back, and round his waist, then up the stomach once more. Reaching around, he stepped behind the man and slipped his other hand around the waist, so that both were before the man, clinging to the soap as he ran it up and down the stomach slowly.

Lain bit his lower lip. He didn't know if he was going to get away with this-- he wasn't able to see the man's expression and gauge his reactions. But he was taking a chance and wanted to, very much so. He was sure the man could feel the evidence of that pressed against his inner thigh.

Reven leant very slightly back against the body behind him. It felt good - damned good! The slender, sure fingers, running up and down his muscles, soothing him, stroking him with the thick, sweet lather. It had been a long time since anyone had touched him like this, had caressed him like this.

It wasn't wrong to enjoy this, was it? The boy's breath was hot on his shoulders; the hot water cascaded down his neck and chest, rivulets of it running down under his arms. He could feel Lain's arms round his waist, the boy was surprisingly strong. He could feel the bones of his slim hips, brushing against Reven's own thighs. He could feel the thick, hot cock pressed against the tops of his legs, nudging at Reven's buttocks.

He tensed, very slightly.

He closed his eyes, ostensibly to keep the water out, but perhaps it was that he didn't want to see any more of the boy behind him - just giving in to the sensations. His legs moved a little, opening themselves, steadying his feet on the wet floor of the shower.

He felt fingers between his cheeks, prising him firmly open; he felt the water run down between them like a hot stream - felt the fingertips stroking at the skin behind his balls, and his body shivered with reaction.

What was running through his mind? Reven himself didn't know. He'd just given himself up to it.

And then he felt Lain shift behind him and take a firmer grip on his waist. He felt the thick shaft of the boy's cock slip up between his buttocks, and rub gently at him - up and down, slippery with its own need and soap and hot, running water. It brushed against his entrance - it bumped against the base of his balls, letting them swing between his legs, and prompting a jerk of his own arousal.

It buried itself in between his muscled cheeks, and he tensed himself around it, accepting the touch. Lain had his mouth at his neck, suckling gently at his pulse. He could feel the boy's heart beating very quickly, pressed against his back.

Yes! The man was giving in!

Lain bit his lip hard, tasting his own blood in his mouth as he slid between the muscled legs slowly. Nobody had ever let him take charge like this before-- it was exhilarating!

He fought the soft whimpers of pleasure bubbling up in his throat, knowing Sphynx would never whimper while doing this, using his elder as an example. Sphynx would be pushing Lain forward right now, making him part his legs further to give room before he sank inside Lain, making the brunette squeal with pleasure.

Kalain shook his head slightly. He couldn't do that! This man wouldn't allow it... would he?

No, he decided not to take that risk, and instead stuck to what he knew; he continued to slide his throbbing erection between the giving legs slowly, and closed one hand around the base of the other man's erection, stroking back and forth with the same pace.

He found himself wishing he could see this man's face, and get a better idea as to what was appreciated and what wasn't, and how much further he could go.

Reven could feel his head swimming from the combination of the hot water and the delicious attention that Lain was giving him. There was an imprint on his mind, of a hand around his cock, of a body behind him, which enhanced his excitement - that made him lean back into it, welcoming it.

The boy gave a small gasp - the slightest sound of pleasure. It was enough to break the spell that Reven felt he was under.

The hand was thrilling, but it wasn't the hand he remembered.

The cock was eager and caressing, and he wanted more of it - but it wasn't the touch that haunted both his sleeping and waking moments.

He let out his own breath, licking at the trail of water on his face. He reached out and turned down the flow of the shower. Then he straightened up and turned round to face the boy at his back.

"Lain," he sighed. The boy's hands were adjusting to the different position of their bodies, still caressing him enthusiastically. He was starting to kneel, to drop down in front of Reven in the shower. His own erection looked fierce and painful - his eyes were shining with delight and anticipation.

Reven smiled very softly; he caught at the boy's shoulders and stopped him lowering himself. "Let me," he murmured, and pushed Lain against the wall of the shower. Then he sank to his own knees, and put his broader hands to the slim, wet thighs.

He felt the muscles bunch under him; the hips jut out at him instinctively. He stroked at the flesh, in between the legs, running his fingers along the crease where Lain's legs met his upper body - smoothing at the water drops on the pubic hairs.

The boy was whimpering now - Reven found it extraordinarily exciting.

He leant forward slightly, cupped the small, tight balls, and rolled his mouth down on to Lain's weeping cock.

Lain squealed and then bit down on his knuckle to keep from doing it again, his other hand immediately filling with the man's hair as his hot mouth slid over Lain's length.

"Oh... ohhh...." he groaned out between the fingers he was pushing into his own mouth, trying to keep silent. His breath caught in his throat at one particularly effective swipe of the slick tongue along the brunette's shaft, and Lain thrust his hips forward instinctively, his legs trembling.

He wanted to sink to the floor with pleasure. Sphynx was always great with this sort of thing, but sometimes his ministrations could be heartless and mechanical.

This man was entirely into what he was doing-- he made Lain feel things Sphynx never had! "Ah....anh... AH!" He cried out again as the skilled mouth swept at his length once more, and the brunette's shoulders shook as he leaned against the wall for support, chest heaving. "D-don't stop!" Lain begged, letting his fingers slide from his mouth and covering it after he'd gone and said something he shouldn't have.

But he could care less at this point-- he could barely see, barely stand, barely move or talk or think.

Reven was rather surprised at how much he enjoyed touching the boy - tasting him.

His own excitement was still thrumming through his veins; he reached casually to his lap and stroked himself while he took Lain into his mouth. The pain in his mind had been sweet - the memories of other lovemaking had been exquisite. But for once, they were fading.

Instead, all he could hear were Lain's gasps of delights and mewling above him - all he could feel was the pleasurable soft young flesh in the palms of his hands - all he could taste was the hot throb of imminent climax.

He heard Lain sob at letting out a plea - as if he were scared of displeasing Reven. "Say what you like," he murmured, his tongue vibrating against the shaft, his mouth full of the mixed tastes of water and saliva and pre-cum. The cock jerked in his mouth, unbearably sensitive. "This is just us here, Lain. It's very're very good..."

He felt the boy shudder against him. He pressed his hands tighter against Lain's hips, holding him up to the wall, for he thought he might collapse, and he didn't want him to hurt himself. He wanted to pull him into his arms properly - he wanted to feel the length of his whole body against his own.

He needed that reassurance, himself. But for the moment, he was content to lick at him, suck at him, draw out his delight. And to look up at the flushed face, the sparkling eyes under hooded lids, and the soft lips parted with half-silent entreaties.

Lain was coming - he could feel the pulse along his tongue. He could feel him swelling, pressing out against his lips; feel the heat filling his mouth.

He prepared to absorb it, to enjoy it - he demanded it!

"Ahhhh!" Lain shuddered thoroughly as he came in the man's mouth, and he thrust a few times until every last droplet was pulled out of him. His legs finally did buckle, and he collapsed before the man, panting and shivering, though his body was deliciously warm.

He opened his eyes and looked up into the man's face, his own cheeks flushed and lips still parted as he gasped for short, vocal breaths. Lifting one trembling hand, Lain's fingers brushed the man's cheek, and slid into his hair. With what little strength he had left, he leaned forward and brushed his lips across the man's, letting his eyes slide shut.

The brunette could taste himself on this man's lips; Sphynx had often kissed him after pleasing him orally and forced Lain to take his own seed into his mouth; he knew the taste well. But when mixed with the flavour of the dark-haired man's tongue, it was an entirely new elixir-- Lain moaned again and lapped nervously at the man's lower lip, hoping he'd get a positive response.

Reven smiled at the boy's obvious pleasure - for some reason, he was pleased to have done it for him; to have brought him that delight. He wasn't sure what delight Lain may have had in his life so far, though he obviously had the capacity for enjoying sex in a wholehearted way.

Reven wondered if he had the same himself, anymore.

The boy's kisses were light and cautious, but asking something of him, too. He nipped out at the questing lips - caught Lain's flickering tongue at the edge of his own mouth, and sucked it gently in. He thought that the moan he heard might have been his own.

"Come here, Lain," he gasped. He reached out and took hold of some of the damp, brunette locks. He twisted Lain's head sideways to get a better angle, and he deepened his returning kiss. He sat back down on the floor of the shower, the water now fading away to nothing more than a trickle, and tugged Lain over him.

The boy wriggled and came up on to his knees, stretching them over the outside of Reven's outstretched thighs - he straddled him, his face pressed against his, their lips locked tightly. Lain put hands on his shoulders to anchor himself; Reven felt the brush of Lain's hanging cock, now happily limp, sagging on to his upper thighs.

Reven reached behind the boy's body and grasped gently at his ass. His fingers slipped into the crease - he felt Lain's back arch up, into the touch. He felt the flex of the soft, small entrance under his fingertips - he felt the sigh from the boy nestled above him.

"I want to be in you again," he murmured. "May I?"

Lain nodded quickly, then whispered a weak, "Yes!" as he gripped the shoulders and felt that searching finger sliding up inside of him. His eyes squeezed shut as he arched his back and let his head tilt upwards, facing the ceiling. "Please, yes," he rasped out, pushing himself down further onto the slender digit.

One was soon two, and Lain was positively weeping for more as he felt that same hot mouth against the skin of his throat, teeth nipping and tongue lapping. "I need... more... please!" Kalain gasped out, his thighs tensing as he bucked a few times.

The fingers finally drew out of him, and the brunette's eyes snapped open as he was left untouched for several long moments. He looked down at the man's face, saw his expressions-- there was lust there. Hunger, need, determination.

And Lain couldn't feel the pulsing, radiating loneliness from him at the moment-- not at all!

He was so caught up in paying attention to the man's emotions that he had forgotten about his body, and a loud wail rang in the bathroom as his hips were taken in strong hands and he was pushed down onto the waiting erection, impaled to the fullest.

Reven grunted with the pleasure of it - of the warm, tight channel clamping down on him - of Lain's moan of sudden shock. For a second he stilled, worrying that the boy had been hurt, or was unwilling.

But then Lain wriggled on his lap to get more comfortable, and his muscles relaxed slightly around him, and Reven knew he couldn't resist it any longer. He pressed his hips up against Lain, then thrust again; it was hot, and the pressure was insistent, and it was a rich, amazing, ecstatic feeling!

He was restricted in his movements, sat on the floor of his shower, but that was all the more exciting. Lain bounced in his lap, matching his thrusts, and he could feel the boy's cock swelling again in response, pressing against the muscles of his belly as they clutched each other.

Reven knew it wouldn't be long before he climaxed. He'd been too long away from sex; he was too confused by the feelings and the pleasure of holding Lain. There was too much flooding off this boy and into his own senses; he was drowning in it, far more deeply than in real water.

It was like Kalain gave off a mental and emotional warmth that cosseted him - like he reached a small, hard, closed place inside Reven, and tried to soften it.

But for now, Reven would only allow the physical touch.

He groaned - that was enough!

His fingers gripped viciously at Lain's hips; he caught wisps of the boy's hair between his lips as they moved together. Lain was whispering things into his ear that he could barely make out over the blood rushing in his head. His nerves throbbed; the agony teased at his balls. He thrust one more time, more strongly, and had no time to warn Lain that he was coming - and hard!

It was better than the time in his lounge with Sphynx - much richer. Much more consuming, much more -

Reven couldn't think clearly any more. He cried aloud as the seed spilled out of him, up into the young body perched on top of him.

He held Lain to him, arms grasping the slender form. He was desperate to keep his own mind and body on this earth. He grabbed him, pressing his mouth to Lain's neck, and he keened softly against him, as the shocks rippled through him, slowly relaxing their shuddering pace.

That was... fucking amazing!

The brunette shuddered violently as he was cradled and his neck was assaulted, and it took only a few quick strokes of his own hand to his renewed erection before he mewled and came gently, the droplets spattering on the man's hips and stomach.

Lain released himself and crawled higher onto the man's lap, wrapping his arms around the long, slender neck and between thick black tresses. He was mumbling nonsense in the man's ear and it probably was either not making any sense to him or he couldn't hear it at all, because the man gave no response to Lain's whispered admissions.

"I know you're so cold inside and you don't let anybody in and I think you're lonely but I don't know why and I really want to fix it for you, try to make things a little better but I can't explain it I'm not sure myself why I'm so enthralled by you, I don't know why your stare makes me want to hold you forever but I want to and I will if you'll let me, you seem to make the rest of my world go away, my own problems are gone when I'm focused on you you're like this strange being that holds me to you, I've felt this way about people before but not this strong never this strong and I want to keep doing this but I need to know why you hurt so much so I can try to help soothe it I just want to make it better..."

He let his words trail off, falling silent and nuzzling his face against the man's neck. After several silent moments he whispered so that the words could actually be heard; "As much as you'll let me; as much as you need."

Reven straightened his back with a crick, and laughed softly. "What I'll let you do, Kalain, is help me up out of here and pass me that towel. It's been a hell of a day - I need to get some rest. So do you, right?" He didn't expect the boy to answer, but the shy nod was cute.

As he moved round the bathroom, clearing the clothes away and finding them both a couple of towels to dry off, he still marvelled at the feel of another body in the room; beside him. It didn't seem as alien as he'd have thought.

He snatched a look at Lain as the boy moved into the lounge, pulling some cushions on to the couch. Like he was preparing himself somewhere to sleep for the night. Reven had offered that, hadn't he? He'd offered him food and clothes and a bed for the night. Just to help him out.

A bed.

He made them a couple of slices of toast, because in all honesty he had no energy for cooking, and on top of that it was something light to eat before sleep. His body was deliciously tired; his mind was less so. He had a guest for the night; he had a boy who was looking up at him with wide bright eager eyes, and he had taken steps into another person's life again.

And he kept thinking about bed.

The cold sheets when he slid in at night; the blankets that never seemed to mould his body any more. The mess around him when he woke, cotton tangled round his limbs, creased with the sweat of nightmares and long familiar frustration.

The icy quiet of one person's breathing.

"Lain," he said, softly. "Will you sleep with me tonight?"

Lain looked up at the man from his seat on the couch, mulling over the words and staring into the searching gaze imploring him.

The loneliness was back. Not in such full force, not crashing down upon Lain like choking waves, but it was still a fierce vice about his chest, crushing his ribcage closer, making his heart struggle to keep pumping... aching.

He smiled softly, still staring up at the man, and stood, the towel he had been given still draped about his hips. Reaching forward, he took hold of the man's left hand and placed a single, soft kiss on the knuckle of the ring finger.

"Tell me your name, my prince, my lord, and I will do for you everything I can." There was a long silence after he spoke, and Lain watched his hostís face intently, unable to read any reaction just yet.

"My name's Reven," he said. "I'm no Prince - no lord, Lain. Just a guy. You don't have to do anything for me - just be yourself. Just..." Reven's words trailed off, not quite knowing what he was going to say. Lain's expression was really very disconcerting - his soft touch at Reven's fingers very stimulating.

Reven smiled at the boy - he really was very astonishing! He'd thought him a poor, helpless street child at first. Victim of the much wiser Sphynx; slave to his own unimaginative world of thievery and whoring. But he knew he'd seen some spirit in Lain, from the first time he'd met him.

And he'd connected with Reven in a far more mature way - his speech was articulate enough, his movements experienced. He had a strong personality and a strange, naive kind of wisdom. He also seemed to live in a world of his own - a world of feelings and emotions in his heart, and a desire to share some of them with him, Reven.

Reven felt a frisson of something both nervous and pleasurable.

He showed them both into the bedroom, and watched as Lain stood quietly by the door, allowing him in first, as if he was waiting to see which side of the bed Reven preferred. Reven looked round his room, trying to see what Lain would see. A wide, comfortable bed, but covered with dull, pale coloured, pristine sheets. Rich, thick drapes. A few cupboards; a chair.

Bookshelves with more books like in the lounge; closed drawers, hiding his personal effects away. No trinkets, no pictures, nothing else personal. Just one slim book on the top of the chest of drawers, like a photo album.

He baulked suddenly at inviting someone in, but then he felt the boy at his back, a hand slipping gently round his bare waist, and he felt the comforting warmth against him, like before.

It was nonsense, wasn't it? No-one could actually affect someone else's emotions like that, could they? However pleasant... however seductive...

But he was reassured, turning to draw Lain to his side, and slipping into the bed ahead of him.

"Sleep," he said, simply. "Tomorrow we'll talk about it all, if you want. Tomorrow."

As Reven got into the bed, Lain watched, silent and smiling tenderly to himself. He reached down and removed the towel about his waist, covering his head with it and ruffling his damp tresses one last time to keep from soaking the pillows.

Finally he dropped the towel, and got into the bed on the same side his host had, facing the man as he slid beneath the covers. He laid his head on the pillow beside Reven, staring at his face, trying to relate the name heíd heard with the image before him.

ďReven,Ē he stated delicately, lifting one hand and brushing his fingertips along the smooth skin of the manís cheek, then along his neck, whispering down the shoulder and arm, then finally settling on his waist.

Lain smiled again, shifting closer to the warm body in the bed and wrapping his arm about the man's waist, bending his knees slightly and tilting his head forward. Lain rested his cheek on the manís chest, and relaxed with his head on Revenís shoulder in a protected position.

A shiver of comfort rang through the younger male. Sphynx didnít hold Lain like this, didnít allow for this sort of thing. Not since the brunette was a child had he been held like thisÖ

For just those few moments, he forgot about his mission to comfort the man named Reven, and dwelt in the delight of his own temporary peace in safe arms.

Lain fell asleep almost immediately, the soft breath from parted lips warm against Revenís skin.