Reven was more delicious that Inoue even remembered, and having the real thing in his mouth rather than his own fingers or a mere restrained fantasy was something like happiness and pleasure, should he allow himself the novelty of accepting and admitting these emotions.

He took his partner's swollen length into his mouth to the hilt, his tongue sliding back and forth underneath the thick shaft as he tightened his lips around it and drew hard. Reven's outcry was an incredible sound, almost as assuring as the way the young assassin declared that he was Inoue's property.

He moved his mouth up and down the darkened pillar slowly, savouring the taste and feel of it as images of the first time he'd done this with Reven came crashing back; this was a very different person before him, no longer a boy but now a man, his voice lower and his body far more mature.

The redhead looked up at Reven in appraisal as he drew back and slid onto the shaft once more, drawing on it like a man fresh from the desert at the first spring he found, just as eager, just as thirsting, just as in agonizing need of more, more, more!

Reven looked down on the man and his heart almost stopped with the excitement. The mouth was so greedy he thought he'd be consumed right on into him - Inoue would suck his very life out of him. It had been years since they'd shared such an intimacy - but he knew there'd never been anyone since who'd take the place of that memory, who'd assuage that need in him. It could only be Inoue.

Reven knew his body so much better now, his control and his passions had matured with those years - but just the touch of Inoue's lips had brought him to a screaming, shaking mess, and he tried to resist pressing the head down on him faster, harder.

"Yours - yours -" he gasped, not even realising what he was saying, just feeling it. "God - yes -"

He shuddered, he gripped at Inoue's hair, and he felt the bursting out of his coming like waves, like a breach in the wall of his whole body, like firework colours shattering behind his eyes.

Yours! was one of his last coherent thoughts. Never anything else!

Inoue swallowed every droplet, every tiny spurt of his partner's seed, revelling in the taste, humming with pleasure before drawing away and licking his lips slowly... feral, like a predator.

He stood before Reven for several long, silent moments, simply staring at the dark-haired man, his face, and the way it was still contorted with pleasure. A possessive, dark gleam crossed his own expression as he picked the man up over his shoulder, the same way he would have, had Reven still been a kid, and carried him to the bed, dropping him on it roughly, staring at the body all lain out.

The redhead wanted to claim this, to own this, to make this body, this being, his. But first... he had an idea.

Inoue crawled onto the bed, positioning his back against the headboard and drawing one leg up to himself, resting his elbow on it as he stared at Reven. "Show me what you learned, Reven. Show me your new skills, the ones taught to you by club managers rather than me," he said darkly.

Part of him wanted to scream at the thought of reliving those images, but a greater part encouraged it, alongside the throbbing between Inoue's legs. "You'll only do this for me, do you understand? You'll only move like that, and moan like that, for me."

Reven felt his heart beating faster - he licked dry lips and stared at the glorious sight in front of him. Yeah, there'd been bodies laid out in front of him like this over the last few years - but never one like Inoue's. His exhausted cock gave a gentle hiccup, promising a renewal of interest - how could he resist such a gift?

With a slow smile of his own, he rolled over and knelt up in front of Inoue, his back to him. He stretched languorously, feeling the man's eyes on his back, watching him perform.

His arms were long and smooth - he flexed each hand as they reached above his head, then he curled one hand behind his neck and spread his long dark hair out, letting it fall softly back down on to his neck, brushing against his bare shoulder blades. He thought he heard a soft grunt from behind him, and Inoue shifting on the bed.

He took his hands down, running them along his sides, down to his hips and bent thighs. He let his head fall back and he gasped softly as he grasped his cock, knowing that Inoue couldn't see him yet, except perhaps the clenching of his buttocks with the sensations running through him. He was half-erect already, even considering the ferocity of his climax in Inoue's mouth; the aftershocks still hummed throughout his body, tempting him back to arousal.

He turned on the bed to face Inoue, seeing the flash in the man's violet eyes, the shortened breath. He teased at his cock, making sure Inoue watched his fingers wandering up and down the shaft, tugging the skin over the swelling, flesh-red tip.

Making sure he saw his fingers tangling in the nest of curls in his lap; making sure he saw the growing excitement in him.

It was thrilling, exposing himself for Inoue - showing him what his body had become, and what it could be for him. He began to pump a little more earnestly - he licked his lips, he darted his eyes to Inoue's lap.

His legs stretched open further, he fondled at his balls, and teased underneath. For a moment he was scared that he wasn't reaching Inoue - that he'd shoot his load all over the bed and gain nothing but the cold, calculating stare of the man he craved. He wriggled a little closer, so that his knees touched Inoue's open legs, and he took hold of Inoue's ankle.

He still pumped with his other hand, he still panted, and he still stared into Inoue's eyes, pleading with him wordlessly. Small whimpers escaped him, although his lips were closed. He traced his hand up the inside of Inoue's calf and thigh, seeing the muscles of the leg clench, and Inoue's expression flinch.

His fingers brushed at the sac under his heavy cock, aching to cup it fully. He felt the coiled suspense in his groin from his pleasuring himself, offering it for Inoue's entertainment - and approval.

"For you..." he groaned. "Only you, I swear it..."

He was panting heavily now, desperate for the other's touch. He lifted his hands from his cock and Inoue's leg, and he sat back on his heels. He was sure his eyes were glazed, his lap was damp with sweat and pre-cum. He caught Inoue's gaze fully, and held it.

Slowly, he lifted his hands above his shoulders again, bringing the wrists together as if he were to be chained in some way. His cock reared out of his lap, glistening its need. His eyes glimmered with pure lust.

"Yours..." he whispered. "Whatever you want. I'm yours."

Inoue's mind was overflowing with ideas, positions, ways in which he was going to take Reven, over and over...But for now, he knew what he wanted. He let his leg slide down so that he was sitting with thighs apart now, staring at the offering before him.

Lifting his hands to the wrists held up for him, he pulled the dark-haired man closer and lifted his chin, until their mouths were just a breath away and he could hear Reven's short gasps. “I," he began slowly, "Am just going to sit here. You," he released the wrists after one squeeze to ensure who was in charge here before letting his fingers slide along the youth's cheeks and jaw delicately, ghosting over the flesh, "are going to do all the work."

He guided Reven up onto his knees and positioned his hips just above Inoue's raised length, then pulled his hands and touch completely away, leaving the rest up to his partner. He wanted Reven to do this on his own, to show his dedication, to completely give himself over and make himself Inoue's toy.

His head was swimming - he'd turned from the seducer to the victim in seconds. He was the one who was desperate now, having wanted to inflame Inoue instead, to make him want him, take him!

He leant forward that extra inch and his mouth touched at Inoue's. He felt the man quiver, but there was no active response, and Reven moaned with frustration. He licked at the sides of his mouth, running his tongue to his chin, to his neck, but still Inoue sat there, waiting.

Reven still pumped himself lazily, but now he put his other hand to his mouth, sucking on the fingers, coating them with saliva. He slid the hand down between his legs, his thighs straining either side of Inoue's, aching to lower his body on to the man's lap. He pushed up into himself, stretching himself, his arm brushing against the hot, thick erect shaft beneath him, trying to be ready for it.

His other hand joined in, reaching down to slick the pre-cum on its fingers along Inoue's length, savouring the feel of it, lubricating it for entry.

"Let me..." he breathed, and he touched his entrance at the tip of Inoue's cock. He felt like some kinda sacrifice - he wanted that feeling, though - he wanted Inoue inside him, claiming him, taking him.

With a groan, he pressed down, his flesh parted with little reluctance, and the head thrust up into him.

Inoue suppressed a moan as his length was engulfed by Reven's tight body, squeezed and clamped down upon like a vice as he ground his teeth and stared at the man before him.

"Let you...?" he asked quietly, teasingly, wanting the younger assassin to spell out everything he wanted, to word every feeling, every weakness, every need that Inoue would fill just as wholly as he was the tight channel around his swollen cock.

He was in the throes of pleasure himself; stroking himself to completion and imagining Reven performing this very act paled horribly in comparison to the real thing, and suddenly Inoue had no real idea why he had avoided this at all costs after the first time.

His mind was lost, drowning in pleasure, and he couldn't care less about protocol, or training, or respect... he just wanted Reven to lift up and slide back down once more, his blood coursing through his body and his skin burning with desire.

Reven whimpered, feeling full of his partner's cock, a delicious, satisfying invasion that he'd dreamed about, night after night. He didn't dare touch Inoue, to cling on to him.

Instead, he lifted his hips, clenching his muscles, and he slid himself back up the shaft - then with another moan, he let himself inch back down again. He felt Inoue's cock throb inside him - he felt the man shiver with delight.

"Let me please you!" he gasped. Whatever Inoue wanted, he'd provide - that's all he'd ever wanted to do. "Let me do this - let me give it all to you. Let me be yours, whenever, wherever you want -"

His hand slipped back to his own cock, to return to his own pleasure. He moved up and down again - faster, now, and more eager. The passage grew easier, his passion more desperate. His head lolled forward, his breath on Inoue's neck, and yet nothing touching the man except for his slim, strong legs, thrusting himself up and down on Inoue's lap, aching with the tension. Perhaps, he thought, I'm waiting for his permission - waiting for his command.

His satisfaction.

He could stand it no longer-- the redhead had gone too long without being able to clutch the flesh before him, touch it as he pleased, stroke it carefully, memorizing the contours...

His hands lifted and gripped Reven's shoulders as he turned and caught the waiting mouth with his own hungrily, delving his tongue between the parted lips quickly and searching the mouth for the waiting tongue, writhing against it, fighting it.

He moaned into Reven's mouth as his erection was engulfed once more, a deep, desperate groan of relief and soon release.

Inoue knew slight peace here, with Reven against him, above him, surrounding him; he could forget his Master here in these arms, and the sting of his loss wasn't so great as the sting of his coming climax.

Reven gasped, his mouth tangling with Inoue's, meeting him as man to man at last, their bodies now clinging to each other, caressing each other, devouring each other. He sucked greedily at the taste of Inoue's tongue, thrust furiously against the increasing heat and swelling of the man's arousal inside him, gripping his own cock until it pained him.

He came with a shout, his hips jerking against his seat on Inoue's lap, and the hot, sticky seed spilled out over his hand and on to their joined bodies. His free hand gripped back at Inoue, clutching for some anchor, tugging the man to him, to share the ecstasy with him. He felt the answering throb inside him, the sudden tension in Inoue's body as the man's release hurtled on to join him.

Then they were both groaning together, biting, kissing, clinging hard, and Inoue was bursting his seed up into him, shaking underneath him and shouting himself, murmuring Reven's name, and maybe others that Reven didn't know, but he didn't care.

The grip on his shoulders was raising bruises, but Reven didn't care about that either. For that moment, he was one with Inoue, together with his partner, and truly - wholly - his.

As the kiss broke, Inoue reached up and pulled Reven towards him, much like the way he had in the shower ages ago, drawing the head of dark hair to rest against his chest and twining his arms about the body before him.

Yes, this was a man's body now, not a child's-- and this man was his, utterly his.

Inoue wouldn't lose Reven, no matter what happened; he would cling to this one creature and try to restore his shattered ability to care for another, still jagged from Master's death.

He placed a warm kiss on the top of Reven's head as the younger assassin shifted slightly, sliding off of Inoue's softening length and moving onto the mattress, bringing his elder with him until they were lying side by side on the large bed.

His lips parted automatically, instinct to snarl and kick Reven out of his bed rising, wanting to tell his partner to find his own bed to sleep in. But this wasn't just his partner any more, he reminded himself; this was his lover, too, and his student.

This... was his.

He stared at Reven for several long moments before relaxing into the embrace.

Reven felt his whole body shimmering with the aftershock, his nerves laid bare by it. He felt his body enclosed by Inoue's, moving willingly into his embrace, never wanting to lose the connection again, yet understanding that sleep had to come. They had a life to lead as well, a job to do.


He settled on to the mattress, limbs exhausted so deliciously, and the soft sticky evidence of his partner's satisfaction seeping gently down the inside of his thigh. He held on to Inoue, and to his secret delight the man allowed him to lie beside him, as they had all that time ago on the waterbed in Inoue's original apartment. As they had on the rickety bed in the hideout, the first - and until now, the only - time that Inoue had taken him as a lover.

Inoue's eyes were dark and full of things that Reven only guessed at - but he gazed at Reven as if he were really seeing him at last, as if he accepted him as a partner in all senses of the word.

Reven smiled gently - with exhaustion; with relaxation. With pure pleasure.

Inoue's lips brushed across Reven's forehead as sleep called to him. They had a new mission to go to tomorrow, out of town. Inoue hated that the meeting place with the client was in a territory he wasn't familiar with, and the word around was that this man wasn't to be trusted in the least, a local crime boss.

Known for breaking humans, he had been told.

Well, it wasn't the time to think of that right now. For now, his mind was on Reven, his... lover.

"No more coffee, young man," he muttered as he watched his lover's eyes slide shut, with just the barest, faintest ghost of a smirk on his lips for a mere moment before it disappeared and he relaxed into his pillows.


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