Reven was dreaming, he thought. Or maybe not. His hand moved lazily up and down in his lap, and he grew slowly thicker and warmer, the column stiffening with a very satisfactory ache. Thoughts of Chad and the kill were fading blissfully...the blood was running away down a drain somewhere... the chill of that foul basement room was slowly warming in front of a fire... or was that in the middle of a fire? Inoue was standing in the corner, watching him, he knew.

He was always watching him - he was always watching out for him, with that look in his eyes. The look that was always appraising him - but with a backlight of wariness, like he didn't really know what to expect from him next. Reven's lips curled in a small smile as he drifted towards sleep.

He knew he was starting to carry one fucking big torch for the assassin who'd taken him in...but that didn't mean he had to act just the way he expected, did it? He was his own guy... he was young, but he wasn't gonna have anyone run all of his life for him...

He let out the slightest whimper, as his cock jumped eagerly in his hand. It was going to be quick, just for comfort, just for some kind of relief. He had to chase away the memories, imprinted on his eyes - the blood, the flames, the rasping voice in his ears...

He could feel the completion racing up through him, and he had no appetite or energy to make it last longer. He teased the end of his dick, his fingers getting sticky in the early drops of seed, leaking out. He let his breath quicken - his eyes closed tightly. He still saw Inoue, though, and he thought that might always be the case, after tonight. Not that he didn't welcome it.

He saw the bright, violet eyes - he saw the broad, still shoulders. He saw the long, red hair, and the way it ran down his back in the shower - the way it brushed against his neck when he was in Inoue's arms, being carried around.

He hiccupped softly, and his body bucked in the bed. The vision was good, the vision was hot...

He shuddered as he came, and it spurted thickly and erratically over his hand. His heartbeat began to slow, even as he let out a final sigh. Clear it up in the morning, OK? he thought sleepily. He felt a very pleasant languor spreading over his limbs. He thought he'd probably sleep Ok now...

His last thought as he slept was that he'd wanted to cry out a name when he came...damned glad he hadn't! I mean, he thought, a nagging worry at the back of his mind, I didn't, did I?

Inoue's lips parted slightly as he heard his name whispered from the kid's mouth, and he felt his cock twitch inside its tight leather chamber, staring fiercely at Reven.

It was as though the kid always knew which buttons to push, and when...!

As Reven drifted to sleep, Inoue pulled away the cloth covering the youth and lapped away the pearls of climax slowly, swallowing each one in silence, savouring them.

He ran his lips and tongue around the softening shaft calmly, then lifted Reven's hand to his shirt and wiped the blood, sweat and semen from it slowly.

Once the boy was reasonably clean, Inoue drew back slightly, sitting on the bed and pulling his legs up, crossing them beneath himself and resting his elbows on his knees.

It was a long journey they had ahead of them.

Reven sat bolt upright, in pitch dark, with muted, unfamiliar sounds of the city all around him. He could hear his cry echoing around him - he heard the stir of another body, shocked to alertness.

"Where is it?" he gasped. "My bag? Gotta have my bag -!"

Inoue stirred from his meditation, waking immediately with hands raised to kill whatever was making Reven noisy, but he let his hands drop when his senses told him they were still alone.

"It's in my other apartment," he muttered, his voice gravely with lack of sleep. "What do you need it for?"

He got the strong feeling that the 'picture' that Chad asshole had spoken of was in the bag-- but he wasn't going to pry. Life was going to be hard enough for Reven soon enough, there was no need to make him divulge his every secret.

Reven drew a sharp breath, realisation and memory coming back to him in a rush. His muscles ached; he knew he needed more sleep. He felt a little shivery, though the room wasn't too cold, despite its lack of comforts. "Uh - s'nothing," he said, into the dark. His eyes were taking a time to acclimatise. "Just - crap. Sorry. Nightmare or something. You there, Inoue?"

He could see the dark outline of the other man - see that he was tensed, see that he'd have been ready in a second if there'd been a real danger.

"Guess I should go back to sleep, eh?" Reven could hear that his laugh was shaky. "You - want me to take a turn on watch, or something?" I'm talking like its some stupid military movie! He told himself crossly. And what the hell would he do if there was real danger? But he wanted to show some kind of solidarity towards Inoue. The man looked a solitary figure there in the dark - alone with his thoughts and his plans.

The fear in Reven's voice belied his brave words, and the redhead sighed quietly.
He knew what he'd much rather be doing now that there was no concern over waking the kid up...

As soon as the thought struck him, he realized that there was absolutely no reason why he shouldn't go through with it. After all, Reven seemed to rather enjoy when they did it; and he had taken his first kill much better than expected.

It could be looked at as a reward of sorts, he supposed.

Really Inoue knew that he was just trying to make up excuses for himself, and after several long moments of silence he made a decision. Reven could lean forward and participate, or not, but Inoue was going to be satisfied one way or the other.

He unzipped his own pants slowly and began to stroke his length, lying on his back with his head at the other end of the bed, opposite his student's.

Inoue's hips bucked and he made a soft grunt as he became hard within a few mere strokes, realizing just how much he needed this.

Reven could see more clearly now, and he was fascinated to see Inoue's hand inside his pants, reaching to hold himself. He remembered now, how he'd been tempted to do the same thing, after the kill. His body had craved some attention, some comfort. Seemed like Inoue may be the same...

Reven watched as Inoue writhed on the bed, pleasuring himself. He didn't want to speak, to break the mood, to disturb the exciting scene. But he felt himself leaning forward - he shifted his legs underneath him, so that he knelt beside Inoue's hips, his eyes fixed on the thick, shining flesh in the man's sure hand, the fingers slicking steadily up and down the shaft. He licked quickly at his lips - he felt a stirring in his own pants, and he wriggled to get more comfortable.

Was Inoue gonna let him join in with this? The body on the bed beside him was so hot - was so delicious. He knew just how delicious...

His feelings for Inoue were both nervous and passionate - the passionate side was winning through.

Master had always watched him, made him do this while staring at him hungrily; Reven was doing the same thing to him right now, and Inoue's free hand worked quickly, undoing his pants until they were opened to his thighs and pushing his own shirt up, pinching and rolling his left nipple between finger and thumb.

He gasped sharply and bucked his hips in the air as the images of both Reven and Master were mixed before him in the dark, eyes watching him silently, demanding he do more.

Inoue writhed with pleasure, his face warm.

He no longer cared that he was making a mockery of himself before his supposed student-- he had never claimed to be the incredible teacher Master had been. His hips bucked again and his body lifted off the bed as his hand worked swiftly.

Reven was astonished at the display - and thrilled. Inoue's body was magnificent! To see his strong thighs, the muscles taut and stretched, and the hand moving fiercely, at just the rate he must like - Reven held his breath. He saw Inoue's face twisted with pleasure, and maybe a little pain. His hands itched to touch - he licked quickly at his dry lips. He didn't know if this was for him - or whether Inoue had some other lover in his mind as he worked at his pleasure. Maybe this was just for his own satisfaction, and he barely knew - or cared - that Reven was there...

Reven still held his breath, watching with wide, excited eyes. Inoue's body shook on the bed - both of his hands reached down to his groin, to fondle himself even as he pumped. Reven - unable to resist - extended one small, thin hand to the man's chest, taking up the caress of his nipple. And he pinched it - hard.

Inoue cried out softly, his eyes squeezed shut.

Whether that was Reven's hand upon him or Master's, he no longer cared. He wanted more.

He was bucking heavily into his hand now, his head turned to one side as he gasped for breath.

It was fucking heavy - the shuddering response of Inoue's body when he twisted the sharp, hard nub! Reven felt a rush of passion that was almost painful. His other hand stretched to Inoue's neck and tangled into the long red locks that curled there. He twisted his fingers tightly into it, and he tugged, pulling Inoue's head back to face him. He gasped aloud at the expression on the man's face. So close to climax - so gorgeous!

Reven bent down further, almost doubled up at the waist, and his head just inches from Inoue's groin. The skin was very hot - he could feel the heat rising up, warming his face.

The hand flashed back and forth underneath him - a drop of pre-cum spattered up, marking his chin. Reven felt his mouth open, instinctively - greedily.

Inoue's mouth was open, too. Reven gazed at the lips, moist and pursed with his concentration, gasps of mounting pleasure escaping with each jerk of his body.
Just a little, thought Reven. Just a little touch...

He bent further, and his mouth brushed at Inoue's.

A shudder rang through the redhead's body as lips pressed against his own, and his hips were lifted completely off the bed, his thighs tense with strain as he bucked into his hand.

He moaned into the kiss, lifting his head up to the warm mouth before his, fondling his balls and stroking quicker at his cock.

Inoue came into his own hand with a shiver as he mewled softly, struggling to continue the kiss as he stroked out every last droplet of his climax.

Reven felt the climax rock Inoue's body, even as he possessed his mouth hungrily, his tongue flickering gently against his bared teeth, the aching moans of the man seeping back into him through his own softened lips.

He hung on, trying to keep the contact, caressing the man's mouth - and to his delight, Inoue responded, almost as greedy for him, his own tongue darting into his mouth, his lips pressing back hard at Reven's. They clung together like that until Reven felt Inoue's body relaxing, and sinking back on to the creaking mattress.

As he tasted the mouth and tongue mingling with his own, he knew for certain who it was before him, kissing him, but Inoue was drowning, lost in his own bliss.

He hated the fact that anybody who could catch his mouth with their own and hold on for long enough could do as they pleased with him; that was something Master had instilled easily. Yet no matter how much he hated it, it changed nothing.
The redhead's hands fell limp on either side of him, entirely immobile as he felt the youth's tongue slide alongside his, into his mouth, searching and claiming it as Reven's own.

Their roles had again been reversed, and his cock, by all means, should have become soft once more. However, this kissing and the hand still on his chest was keeping it fully and painfully rigid.

Inoue's self-loathing was drowned by his own responsive moans through his nose as he was kissed hungrily.

Reven wanted this to continue - he wanted more of the taste, more of the touch! He felt Inoue's body still shivering underneath him; the warm flesh between his legs still pulsed softly, and Reven continued to tease at his nipples. He crept his free hand to Inoue's groin, running a finger through the sticky trails of cum that had escaped from the man's hand.

For a second, his mouth broke from Inoue's. He held the man's startled gaze with his own, and slid his finger inside instead, licking pensively at the pale, glutinous seed. He saw Inoue's eyes flicker hotly between his eyes and his mouth - then before he lost the contact completely, Reven pressed his lips back down on the man's, more forcefully now.
He wriggled round to be alongside Inoue - his hand reaching between the man's legs to touch him there - to match the kiss with caress, for as long as he was allowed.

What was the point of all of this?

Where was Inoue thinking this could go?

He had sworn to himself that he wouldn't let Reven have more than quick hand jobs, maybe the rare blowjob...

Here and now if this kept up, the damn kid could probably get anything he wanted.
He tried to turn his face away, to end this, to break the spell that Reven was blanketing him with. The redhead did manage to break away from the kiss, and yet there was still a firm hand around his cock, stroking him slowly, teasing and drawing pleasure from inside of him like honeyed sap.

He squeezed his eyes shut as panted as the skilled fingers worked along his length.

Reven had lost the mouth that he craved, but he still had hold of the body - he still had the thrill of the swollen, velvety cock in his palm. He stroked it with awed delight - he watched as each long sweep forced a tortured gasp from Inoue's mouth.

He dipped his lips to Inoue's neck - his teeth teased gently at the pulse that ran to his throat. He reckoned he was scared to be so near the man, like this - but there'd been no fierce hand, pushing him away. He's enjoying it! he thought. He wants me, just a little, perhaps...though he's fighting me, as well...

He wanted to please his tutor. He increased the pressure on the cock in his hand, trying to stop his long, thin legs from creeping up over the man's hips - to press his whole body against him, seeking something more than this one connection. He licked at his neck, at his throat - his lips travelled back up to Inoue's chin, to his cheek, trying to recapture the mouth that stayed stubbornly turned away from him.

Inoue lifted one hand slowly, letting it linger as his fingers grazed across the boy's smooth cheek softly before sliding around his neck and filling with dark locks of hair.

He turned his head back and faced the youth for several long seconds before finally breathing, "Reven, stop this... you don't know what you're getting yourself into..."
It was the truth, wasn't it?

And truthfully, Inoue was frightened.

Inside, in the places where he didn't dare dwell, he was frightened and weeping, begging not to get involved like this with another person, still too wounded by his Master's death.

His lips trembled as he continued softly, "Don't... you really shouldn't..."

If he had hated himself before, he loathed himself triple now. He knew he wasn't a good teacher, nothing like Master, but here and now he was ruining all chances of being the strict, passive man he had tried to be.

And Reven grinned. Guess the guy didn't know him that well after all, did he?

"Shouldn't? You think i shouldn't?" He licked once, twice at the lips just a fraction in front of him now. He directed his words at Inoue's mouth - his smile startled him, it seemed. "I've done things I shouldn't since I was walking and talking," he laughed softly. "I've gone places I didn't know existed - I've got myself into trouble that it's a miracle I got out of. But I keep on doing it, y'know? And this -" He kissed Inoue briefly, fleetingly, " - this is something quite different. I'm with you, right? I'm not the kid I was a few days back, that's for sure! Maybe not the man you are - but you're gonna fix that some day, aren't you? Make something of me!" He leant against Inoue now, putting soft, hard, fast little kisses at his mouth, hands rubbing swiftly along his shaft, heart beating so fast he was sure the man would feel it in his own chest.

"I don't wanna stop," he breathed into Inoue. "Don't stop me...let me...let me!"

Inoue writhed at the words, the touch, the kisses, the tongue...

Fuck his morals and his fears; he wanted to fuck Reven!

His hands reached down, searching, gliding over cloth, until he found the kid's pants, the very pants he had given Reven, and also the brace. He undid them both quickly, pulling them down to the teen's knees and revealing Reven's healthy erection, dribbling pearls of precum.

The sight was maddening, and the redhead could have no more of it without going quite pleasantly insane. He took hold of Reven's unyielding shaft and began to stroke it slowly, his fingers sliding over the milky liquid at the tip and coating the entire length as he pumped at Reven mercilessly.

What a horrid place for them to take the final step in a sexual relationship... what a horrid place for this consummation to occur!

But... it was happening. Now, there was no turning back.

Reven wriggled under Inoue's hands, as they tore at his clothes - he groaned as Inoue grasped his cock, his large, strong hand almost enveloping him as he started to pump it. His breath was caught painfully, the ache in his groin flared to a painful intensity.

For a second he released Inoue's cock, just so that he could push down at the cloth of his pants, toeing his feet out of each leg, free of the brace as well, and then to scrabble at the hem of his shirt, to peel it up over his head. He wanted to be naked for this, he wanted to feel as much of Inoue's body as he could.

And still Inoue pumped him, with a strong, fierce, experienced stroke that made his head swim and the desire bubble inside him.

He reached a leg over Inoue's, rubbing the flesh together at the top of their thighs - his fingers teased at the base of the man's cock, pressing hard at its swollen length, knowing he was as aroused as he, Reven, was.

He was terribly afraid he was going to come right now, spewing out all over Inoue's hand, and yet he wanted to offer even more to the man, wanted to feel him inside him, all the way.

"Do it!" he gasped. "Whatever you want - tell me!"

Inoue didn't have to be told twice. He had never been on the giving end of this sort of thing, but he had had it done to him enough times to know how it was done. He took hold of Reven's hips, abandoning the youth's cock for now, pulling the teen up until he was near Inoue's head.

The redhead reached for the kid's right thigh and pulled it up and to the other side of his face, so that Reven was straddling him, and he craned his neck, letting his tongue slide out from between his lips, holding the youth's cheeks apart as he searched for and found the tight opening between the boy's legs.

He lapped at it several times before pressing the tip of his tongue against it, then inside, turning it slowly within the hot channel.

Fuck! Reven's moan was nothing but ecstatic noise, he'd never thought that Inoue might want to do that - he'd expected to be rolled over, or spread wide over his hips and tugged down on to him...

It was incredible! Why did he think this guy was going to be any less astounding than he already had been? There'd been no attention like this in Reven's short life, no hot, slick tongue licking and rimming him, no warm breath preparing him, savouring the feel of him...

And Inoue did seem to be seeking him out - his tongue was as efficient as he guessed the man was at everything he did, licking and darting inside him enthusiastically. He arched his thin body above Inoue, treasuring the feeling of such a caress, reaching down to stroke at his own cock, bumping its eager self against his belly, as Inoue gripped his hips, and moved him back and forth.

He dropped forward, putting his arms to the sides of Inoue's prone body, and presenting his ass even more closely to Inoue's face. He moistened his own lips, and he took Inoue's cock into his mouth, the thick shaft jutting up at him from its nest of dark curls.

The redhead continued with his tongue for several more laps, even more enthused as he felt a hot mouth surround his own weeping cock, and finally he withdrew his mouth to plunge a single long finger inside the youth, up to the third knuckle. He shifted it around slowly, teasingly, coaxing the tight opening into making more room for a second digit, and from there...

He couldn't think of that just yet or he'd come in the kid's mouth there and then.
Inoue allowed his finger to draw out then slid it back in again, increasing his speed this time, turning his wrist and plunging the digit in deeper this time, searching for every place within Reven that would cause the youth to beg for it.

He was easy to prepare as well, and obviously experienced; it was only a matter of moments before Inoue dared force a second digit inside the warm cavity, scissoring both fingers now, widening the opening further and leaning in to lap at it every few strokes, his tongue bathing, searching.

It was so fucking different from any time before! Reven wanted to cry out, as the fingers reached into him, firmly yet carefully. It had always felt like an invasion before, often painful, and he'd needed to relax himself with a great physical effort to prevent damage. But now - hell, it was effective, right, but he'd felt himself flex open all too eagerly, accepting the first finger with pleasure.

Inoue probed at him, making him gasp when he touched on sensitive spots, making him whimper softly with the need for more fingers, more sensation. His cock bounced against his groin, frustrated and aching, but he didn't dare lift his hands from the bed or he would have collapsed right down on to Inoue.

He felt the cock in his mouth hiccup softly, pulsing with increased excitement, and he sucked eagerly at the drops of pre-cum that leaked on to his tongue, mixing them in with his saliva, and running the moisture over the head, lubricating it well.

He was on top of the guy, right? But he knew who was in charge at this very moment, and it thrilled him.

Inoue drew his mouth away to hear Reven's soft pants, and knew he wasn't being turned down in the least-- the kid hadn't been all talk. He really did want this, and the ease with which he was prepared was testament to it.

The redhead drew his fingers out from within the youth as well, and lifted his thigh back so he wasn't straddling Inoue's head any longer, pushing Reven away from his excellent job at the assassin's throbbing need. He turned the kid until he was on his back, and parted his legs slowly, getting on his knees before the youth's hips, lifting them into the air.

Inoue thrust quickly, the head of his cock diving between the smooth flesh and plunging inside, a shudder wracking down his spine as he pushed himself inside the tight channel to the hilt, remaining still for several moments, trying to regain composure.

Reven gasped at the sudden breach, even though he'd been well prepared, and Inoue's cock was slick with the liquid from his mouth. The man's fingers gripped his hips tightly, and his legs were bent well back against his chest. He'd plunged into him deeply, and it had been a while since Reven had actually been used this way, so it was mostly shock - but he breathed carefully, straining his legs open, and felt the thrilling sensation of Inoue seated inside him.

The man paused, breathing heavily himself, and Reven wriggled his hips, encouragingly. His hands were free now - he reached down to stroke his cock, teasing it back to full size, feeling the throb of impending climax start up again. He mewled softly, wanting to come - wanting to come with Inoue fucking him as well!

He thought Inoue was watching him as he pumped - was starting to move inside him, matching his thrusts. Too damned fast! thought Reven, he was gonna come far too fast, but he couldn't hold it back, it was all too damned exciting...

The redhead pulled out slowly, almost reluctantly. He was so near coming, this was almost pointless, but he wanted to fuck this kid nonetheless.

He pushed back inside the waiting body quickly, drawing out once more and starting up a slow pace, working his way into faster thrusts as his orgasm approached far sooner than he'd like.

He stared down at Reven fiercely, his mind racing as he pounded against the youth, into the hot body squeezing his length like a fist. His breath came in quick hisses, and Inoue was revelling in the way the kid was looking up at him, pleading, begging, whimpering...

The redhead thrust as fast as he could into Reven, no longer caring if he was even hurting the kid-- he needed release, and he needed it now!

He came inside the dark-haired teen with a thunderous roar, his fingers gripping Reven's hips unto bruising as he pushed himself inside the delicious opening several more times to release the last of his seed.

Reven cried out, at last - he couldn't help himself. He'd often been encouraged to talk dirty during sex, but there were few johns who'd listened. But he loved the way that Inoue's eyes flashed when he groaned - the way his mouth pursed when he whimpered. They were feeding off each other, he knew it instinctively.

The fucking had been fierce, once Inoue started - Reven had been hammered into the mattress, the strong adult body pounding against him, taking what it needed, swift and desperate, racing against the onrush of climax. He felt his ass cheeks clenched, the cock thrusting in and out of his tight channel like it'd rub him raw, but he didn't care.

The end had been fast and furious - he'd felt the increase in heat and the throbbing inside him, seconds before the rush of liquid and Inoue's cry. Inoue's hips had slammed against his, and his body had lifted off the bed, clutched tightly to the man, bucking along with him.

He looked down at his hand, stuck in his lap with sticky residue. He'd come all right - but he'd barely noticed, so wrapped up with the look of Inoue and his satisfaction.

The redhead released his grip on Reven, pulling out of him and dropping onto his back, spread-eagled, staring at the ceiling of his crappy second home.

So that was what it was like.

No wonder Master had always been so unusually vocal, every time he had plunged into Inoue, mounting him and riding him mercilessly. Certainly the man had enjoyed it, especially since it was his Master's cock slamming into him, but it was nothing compared to the incredible sensation of penetrating another, feeling your length gripped like that, and the thrall of trying to strike deeper and harder within...

He let his eyes slide shut as his breathing slowed, and neared regularity. This would not be a recurring activity, that was for sure. There was no way he could show such weakness, such need to his student-- especially right after taking him in!

Where was the discipline, the authority, the fear? All of this was disappearing with each hour that Inoue spent with this kid, and he hated that his walls were being pried apart brick by brick with Reven's tiny fingers.

Reven lifted himself up on one elbow and peered over at Inoue. He was thrilled that the red-haired man had been so moved by it - guess he thought this guy could have his pick of lovers; there'd have been no shortage of warm bodies in his bed. He'd been overwhelmed that Inoue had accepted him that way, that he'd enjoyed him...

He couldn't have described how great it had been for him. Like anyone cared, though...

He didn't know where this left them, now. Would Inoue lose interest now he'd fucked him? Had all the 'teaching' bit just been a game?

He couldn't make the man out. He felt a shiver of fear, that he'd lost him, just as he'd gained him.

He leant over Inoue as he struggled with his breathing, calming down. There were traces of seed on his stomach, from Reven's climax, which gave Reven a ridiculously proud feeling. "Hi," he said, hesitantly. And kissed him - just gently - just with his lips. He felt Inoue start underneath it, his eyes flash open.

"Thanks," said Reven, feeling rather foolish. "I could sleep some more now, if there's time. And then it's back to work, right?"

Please he thought, wildly, please say it is, that you still want me around!

"It's up to you," is what he actually heard himself saying aloud. "You're the teacher here, right? But I'm ready for another day - for another study."

"Then sleep," Inoue said firmly, regaining composure and discipline.

Reven didn't have to play-act with him; in fact, that little kiss, that had been proof enough that a great deal of respect had been lost.

It enraged him, but he was upset at himself, not the kid-- and so he kissed back just a little before pushing Reven's face away almost playfully. "I don't want you tired tomorrow on the job."

He turned his back to the kid and remained on his side, staring at the wall as sleep after release called to him.