Reven pulled the bag of clothes over to him slowly, his eyes on Inoue as he dressed. He was still a little dazed from the scene in the bathroom - and he'd been glad to relax in Inoue's arms and be carried back to the bed. But it seemed there was no rest for them tonight.
Inoue had mentioned Chad - and Reven couldn't forget the sight of Inoue when he'd returned earlier. The blood; the wounds. That terrible stitching. He knew that Inoue had been out amongst Chad and his gang tonight - and it seemed that it wasn't over yet.

He wriggled into tight stretch jeans that were mercifully easy on his bandaged leg, and a slim, long sleeved black top. Socks and shoes completed the outfit - Inoue had guessed his sizes well enough. He looked at the older man and saw their similar dress. But what else is similar? he thought. he knows what he's doing - but i don't. Like fuck I do...

Inoue watched the boy dress, from shirt to socks, then held his hand out to him. "Come here," he said quietly.

There were two reasons for making Reven walk over to him without assistance; first off, he needed to tie back the kid's hair and inspect his clothes for possible stray hairs that, if left at the scene, could be tracked via DNA and forensics. Also, he needed to see just how well the dark-haired boy could move with his wounded leg.

Reven stood, and Inoue's eyes narrowed slightly as he remained several long steps away, unmoving, openly displaying that his elder would provide no help to his student.

Reven put his weight on his injured leg and bit back the wince. Inoue made no move to help him - and so he understood what was required. He had to be fit for this - fit for Inoue.
He straightened his back and he stepped forward, one step, two. He tried his best to make them regular, even steps - he thought he made a damned good job of looking as normal as he ever was. The leg was stiff, but in all honesty, the pain was fading as the wound started to knit back together under the clean dressing. He may not have his usual speed for a while - but he could keep up.
He reached Inoue and stopped. The man seemed pleased enough, Reven saw a flash in his eyes as he looked him up and down. Then his hands reached out, and ran behind Reven's neck, catching up the long, dark strands of hair. Startled, Reven wondered what he was doing, but he didn't move.

The redhead ran his fingers through Reven's hair slowly, gathering it without breaking strands and drawing it all back and finally catching it in an elastic, identical to the way his own hair was tied. His gaze scanned over the black cloth covering the boy's body and he was satisfied to see that there didn't appear to be any stray hairs.

Reven had had some difficulty walking-- it was sufficient enough, but probably not as good as Inoue would have hoped it to be, were he a man of hoping for anything.

He finally released the kid's hair and turned away, walking into the kitchen and looking around. He knew he exactly where it was, just like he knew where everything was in the apartment.

Inoue opened the pantry which also served as a closet, and removed the leg brace he had used when younger, when his leg had been broken and he still had to go on a mission. He pulled this out and headed back to Reven, getting on his knees before the boy and strapping it around the wounded leg, doing up the buckles tight and knowing the brace would more than support the leg, having worn it himself.

He moved quickly and knew it would cause Reven some pain, but did it on purpose-- it wasn't that he enjoyed hurting the kid, but he had to learn how to tolerate great amounts of pain for long periods of time if he was going to be good at stealing lives like so much ripe fruit from over laden trees.

What the fuck -? Reven gazed in some amazement as Inoue knelt at his feet and strapped this astonishing contraption on his leg. He wanted to tell him some of the fastenings were too tight - but he instinctively knew to keep his mouth shut. He looked down on the man's head, just for a second away from that vivid, violet-eyed scrutiny, and able to examine him without being caught looking.
He felt a strange thrill at being dressed the same - even down to his hair. When Inoue stood again and met his eyes with a challenge, Reven knew to nod at him - he knew to look him in the eye and show courage. "That's fine," he said. "Guess that's gonna help a lot. Until it's back to full fitness." he didn't say thanks - he didn't think that Inoue had done it specifically to help him out - it was what was needed, for them to be at their most efficient. Reven marvelled that he was starting to think this way already.

Inoue nodded back and slid his hands into the pockets of his jacket. "Well then. We're off to the slaughter," he said casually, turning on his heel and looking away from Reven before he pinned the youth to the bed and took him hard and fast.

He hated the fact that he was attracted to the kid simply because he had so much power over him, and that this was a student-elder relationship... and that it reminded him so much of his with Master...

He couldn't think on that. He had work to do.

He strode to the door and listened, hearing Reven follow and nodding to himself at the way the footsteps of the kid it the floor-- they were a little steadier now. Good.
He opened the door and held it open for Reven before locking it and closing it behind them. "I'll drive," he said simply, pointing to the elevators. "You aren't to say a word from this point on unless it’s to me, and unless nobody can hear you but me."

As Inoue drove in his sleek black Buick through the city streets, he refused to look Reven's way. It was torture, what he was putting himself through-- and it was good self-training for Inoue himself, trying to resist this kid's unknowing charms.

Reven was pleased to be out of the apartment for the first time since he fell on Inoue, though he had no idea where they were going or what he'd be expected to do when he got there. So much had happened since that day! He sneaked a look over at Inoue as he drove. He was cool - he was totally calm. Yet Reven had seen flashes of passion in the man - and a response to him at times that seemed out of character. He wondered whether he'd ever get the chance of that again.

The redhead finally pulled into a dark alley, parking the car and blocking any other cars from accessing further inside the alley.

"Out," he said firmly, opening the car door and getting out quickly.

This mission wasn't about stealth-- he had already done the stealth work, capturing and imprisoning that fink Chad. He was internally seething that his body had actually been cut by one of those slobbering goons, but it was a lesson learned...

This was all about Reven, even if the kid didn't seem to know that every move he made, every glance, every uneven breath was being watched and made note of.

Several feet into the alley where the street lights didn't reach, Inoue found the door he remembered barricading, and opened it easily, pushing the garbage and debris aside, meant to deter anybody curious enough to see what might be beyond the door.
But, nobody came down this alley since those murders a while back, ones which only Inoue knew who had committed.

He opened the door and once more held it open for Reven, waiting to see if the kid would think about his steps and discover the stairs properly, or the hard way.

Reven stared at Inoue, and the invitation of the open door. Was he meant to go first? Yeah, right! he could be stepping straight into a trap, into danger that he'd take the fall for...but he didn't think that Inoue would do that to him, did he? It wasn't what he was coming to expect of the man. If he'd thought him not worth the effort, he'd have slung him out of his apartment in the first place, or - worse, got rid of him.
So now he had to think like Inoue - he had to be like the man himself. Make him proud of him again, like he had been with the stitching.

Reven peered into the doorway, but it was black inside. No sound that he could hear. He strained his ears - there was a damp, hollow feeling to the air there, as if it led to a room unlike the alley they stood in. basement probably, he thought. He knew these buildings round the city - they climbed up many stories, but they also plunged down to damp, dark basements that were used for trash and boxes of goods that no self-respecting legitimate trader would touch. And sometimes they played host to sad, sorry, painful little sex games, like Chad had organised more than a couple times. And finally, they might hide the evidence of games that had gone wrong; secrets that must be kept hidden from the daylight.

He stepped carefully in the door, as Inoue seemed to expect. But he clutched himself close to the doorframe, and he sidled round with a foot, to see whether the floor was solid enough. Or if there were steps, he thought, as his shoe touched on a slight incline away from the doorway. He stepped on the first one which was sound enough, and he started to inch his way down.

Inoue nodded as Reven felt ahead of himself with his feet, and even thought to check the stairs for stability.

They went down the three flights into the depths of the building, until finally there were no more steps-- just the bare dirt ground. The redhead reached out casually, knowing this place in and out even though he'd only seen it three times, and flicked at the only light switch in the place as though he could see it already.

The one bare bulb in the center of the large room buzzed then blinked to life, hanging just above Chad's head.

The vile excuse for a man gasped and appeared stunned, obviously unable to hear them until he saw that he wasn't alone any more. Fear crossed his bloody and bruised face as his gaze settled on the same man that had broken several of his fingers and both of his legs… but it was quickly replaced by anger.

Inoue didn't care. This wasn't his kill. All he'd done was immobilize Chad, and take away the man's weapons. The rest was up to Reven.

"Do as you please with him," Inoue said casually, slipping his hands into his pockets and staring dead-on into the eyes of the man whose hands were tied behind him, fear and the rip-snorting rage of a caught beast flaring in his eyes.

Reven stood, rooted to the spot. First of all, it was a shock to see Chad there - and then to see Chad like that! Hell... slowly, the bound man turned his head to face him. There was a flash of puzzlement in his bloodshot eyes - then recognition. For a minute, there was fear, but it was nothing like the look he'd given Inoue. And then the expression turned sly - it turned to one of contempt.

Reven was spurred into movement. He drew a deep breath - he tried to remember all the stuff that Inoue had told him about killing someone. Christ, he'd never thought he'd be called on to do it, not yet, anyway! But that was what Inoue wanted him to do.
Chad had to be disposed of - Chad or his men had injured Inoue - Chad had abused and tormented Reven for years. The man was lower than shit, and should be treated appropriately. But Reven was scared. Fuck he was scared!

He heard a mumble from Chad, and leant forward to hear it better. Too late, he saw Inoue flinch out of the corner of his eye - the slightest of movements of his body, as if he wanted to warn Reven, but couldn't - or wouldn't. Reven started to pull back, away from the big, bloodied head that hung in front of him, but it lurched up with a sudden burst of blood and saliva, and Chad's broken, bruised mouth spat at him, venomously.

Reven cursed - he leapt back and wiped the stinking stuff from his face. "You bastard!" he hissed. "You deserve every damned fucking blow he gave you - and more!"

"Whadd'you know, whore?" hissed Chad, his voice a mess of mumbling and slurring, but the words still clear enough. "I knew you'd be trouble- I knew your ass wasn't worth the trouble! You stole from me - you fucked off when you belonged to me -"

"Never!" shouted Reven. "Never belonged to you - never!" He saw Inoue drawing back into the corner of the room, into the shadows. Fuck, he was screwing this up, he knew he was! Inoue had said no talking - no speaking unless they were alone! But Chad was scum, and Chad had been such a part of his life since he left the home, and now Chad was calling him the trash that he inevitably was -

Reven saw red. He stepped forward and he spat back at Chad. Even as the man cursed and jerked his head away from the flying spittle, Reven's hands closed round his thick neck, and started to choke him. It was much tougher than he'd seen it on Chad's tacky videos - Chad fought back at him, swinging his head, though he was in pain, and he had no limbs free.
The skin was thick and scarred and Reven tried desperately to hang on to him, and find the spots to press on, to choke the breath out of him, but it was nothing like the movies, and what the fuck had Inoue told him, nothing about throats, nothing about necks?

His head was spinning as the blood rushed to his own head, and he felt his fingers weakening their hold. He thought he heard a movement or a sound from Inoue behind him, but he knew he'd fucked up.

He knew it as clearly as he knew he wanted to kill Chad - but for the wrong reasons.

Wrong, wrong, it was all wrong...

Reven had not only spoken when told not to, but he had done so many other things wrong!

He'd allowed blood from Chad to get on him, which would alert anybody that saw them after the deed that something wasn't right.

He'd spat back at the target, thus defeating all the caution about not leaving traces of yourself at the scene.

He was now trying to feebly strangle the man with his own weak hands, rather than using his feet or smashing the skull against the ground or pole, which would bring eventual death...

Inoue took a step forward, wanting very much to interfere, but his own training kicked in and he knew this had to be done by Reven and Reven alone, no matter how long it took and no matter how sloppy it was.

Inoue kept his eyes on the progress silently, but he reached into his jacket at the same time and felt the slim silver lighter in his pocket. The place was already soaked with butane and gasoline-- once this was done, it would go up in flames... He just wished it wouldn't take so long.

He remembered his own first kill clearly-- every second, every breath, every movement, and he knew that each second that ticked by, Reven would be all the more wounded over it in the future.

But when last came to last, the harder he was inside, and the deeper the wounds, the better the assassin he would turn out to be.

Reven broke away from Chad, almost in tears at his thwarted efforts. Still exhausted from the trouble with my leg! he thought angrily. Too fucking young! Too fucking weak! Chad's head hung heavily against his chest, and he appeared dazed, though not as injured as Reven would have wanted.

"Gimme..." Chad rasped, almost under his breath. "Gimme the fuckin' photo...whore!"

The words were spat out, and broken apart in the dank room. Reven didn't know if Inoue had heard them - or if he'd know what they meant. But it brought him a little to his senses. He was reminded vividly of Inoue, the man he'd come to admire so much - the man who'd offered him some other kind of life, albeit just as dangerous, just as frightening, it seemed.

The man who gripped his hair so tightly in the middle of his reluctant passion, and whose skin tasted of blood... The man he was disappointing, here. Chad was to be killed for reasons of safety - Reven's safety - not for some kinda pathetic, street kid's revenge!

Reven breathed in through his nose, out through his mouth - something a girl had told him once, from childbirth. He felt his heartbeat settling - felt his mind clearing from the rage and the shame that had consumed him.

Inoue had told him about ways to kill - ways without weapons. That was Inoue's skill - his profession. He knew what was needed; but he wasn't about to help Reven out here. Find the enemy's vulnerable spot, he'd said. They all have one - even a great, bloody bear like Chad.

Instinctively, Reven shifted his feet; he leant forward, taking up a stance rather like a boxer. He'd seen them once, when Chad was running some sports scam - young, black boxers, fighting for a purse and the chance to keep all four limbs, courtesy of their promoters. Reven had been fascinated by them - he'd practised standing like them - practised giving out small, aggressive little punches against the wall of his room, until he'd grazed his knuckles to bloody mess. Guess he had a crush on one or two of 'em, he thought, a little sadly. That had never been for him...

Chad's head rose again - the light was back in his eyes and it sparked at Reven like a spear of pure vitriol.

"Gimme..." he growled, but Reven was damned if he'd hear any more!

He felt his legs move towards the imprisoned, disabled man, the steps strong and steady. He felt his eyes dart round the room, judging the position of Chad, seeing where he had the most room to manoeuvre round him. Most of all, he felt the anger seep slowly out of his body, and a calm, icy determination take its place. This was a job, right?

He flexed his right hand, feeling the knuckles crack; he rubbed along the knife edge, feeling the rough skin that belied his young age. He was strong enough, right? The important thing was to take and use the advantage. He saw Chad's eyes roll slightly - the pain went over him in waves from his broken bones, though he was strong enough to be fighting it. His head lolled back - he was having trouble breathing. Reven saw the bruises from his fingers on Chad's throat, and it gave him an unholy satisfaction. But more importantly, Chad was offering him the vulnerability he needed.

He swung suddenly and swiftly - he thought that even Inoue might have been surprised. He bounced on the balls of his feet, and he leant his body weight into the momentum of his hand as his arm followed through and he struck at Chad's throat, crashing on the protruding Adam's apple. There was the sound of a gruesome cracking in the echoing room - a ghostly wheeze from Chad's voice, and then a desperate sucking and gargling for breath. The man's tongue thrust out from his mouth; his eyes bulged with shock and fear and total impotence.

It must have only been a minute or so, but felt so much longer - Reven stood transfixed, breathing heavily but steadily, and he watched as the rattling in Chad's throat died away, and the body started to relax its fight.

He wondered why he felt so calm.