The redhead inhaled sharply as their mouths met, and he was ensnared.

Decisions he had been trying to avoid making were made for him in an instant, and he tugged the boy's jeans away from him, throwing them on the floor and running his hand further down Reven's stomach, across his hip and between his legs. He touched the boy's already weeping length with a feather-like brush, while touching his lips down on the pouting mouth beneath him, unsure still as to the nature of a real kiss.

He did however know what to do with the unyielding flesh he had at hand... He closed his fingers around it and rand them down the length slowly, testing to see Reven's reaction.

Reven gasped. Who was this man - what was this man? A man of obvious passion - of perfect physical awareness. The mouth was still so hesitant - but the hand so sure. Reven felt like a rabbit on the eye of a snake - and yet the rabbit had a power over him; the gentle, insidious power of temptation, and the promise of pleasure... this he knew, surely? The currency of sex?

And yet Reven felt different here - something touched him, along with the callused fingers - along with the cool flesh of Inoue's lips.

He opened his legs under the man's pressing body, careful to avoid too much pressure on his injured leg. He thrust his hips lightly up towards Inoue's hand, encouraging him to go faster; to hold tighter.

This was the script - these were the directions that he knew. What was new, was the burning feeling in his groin - the aching throughout his lower body that had nothing to do with his wound. His thrusts were a little too enthusiastic - his moans a little too spontaneous!

The boy was responding immediately to the touch, and yet there was still some remote amount of hesitation. He stroked the small length slowly, feeling the hips buck into his hand and closing his eyes.

He really shouldn't be doing this, especially with the boy's wound...

Reven was so conscious of the stillness of Inoue's upper body - as if he still held himself apart, even as his hand caressed Reven's cock, even as his eyes closed...

Reven's hand darted up, grasping, begging - he slid it around Inoue's neck, and tugged him towards him. Before the man could pull away, Reven had his mouth on his, and his tongue pressing insistently at the lips, prising them open. His slick, hot little tongue thrust in - he moaned a little, even as he felt Inoue's body tense above him. He didn't have to do this; he didn't have to force himself on a lover like this - that's what he'd always been told.

He'd been taught the passive way - the plaint way. But when had he ever been passive? He wanted this! He wanted the taste of Inoue - he wanted the grinding touch of teeth and mouth, and a shared pleasure. And he was sure that the feelings were mutual...

As soon as the searching tongue entered his mouth, Inoue lost it.

A soft moan rose in his throat as his fingers tightened about the erection he was toying with, and he began to seriously pump at it, massaging its head with his thumb and squeezing it, milking out the white pearls of seed before the final torrent.

He filled his free hand with Reven's hair, pulling the boy's upper half higher to deepen the kiss.

Reven felt as if he'd fallen into a whirlpool - Inoue's hand was pulling at his hair, crushing his face into his as the kiss consumed them both. He heard the older man's moans - heard his own grunts, as his body shuddered in the rhythm of Inoue's pumping.

His wounds were forgotten - his history was nothing more than a sordid past. He was concentrated now on the pleasure hammering its way up his body, and the hard, silky tongue that danced around his within Inoue's mouth. He was swollen - fuck he was swollen! - and his excitement pressed itself inside Inoue's palm, begging for completion. He clawed out at the man's body, trying to reach him, to return some of the pleasure, but it evaded him, time and again, almost as if the man himself was avoiding him - was obsessed purely with Reven's mouth and Reven's cock and the touch of Reven's smooth, aching, desperate flesh.

Finally Inoue gained enough sense to draw his mouth away from the kiss, panting heavily, though his strokes didn't cease. Much longer within that kiss and he would have gotten onto the bed and taken the boy then and there!

He needed to end this quickly.

Shifting around, he ran his fingers along Reven's lower lip while turning his attention to the prize in his hand. He craned his neck and took it between his lips.

This was something he was comfortable with, experienced with-- this he knew how to control himself with. It was safe territory.

He drew the hard length between his lips to the hilt while exhaling, running his tongue along the underside and adding suction as he pulled his head back and slid back down over the shaft quickly.

Reven couldn't help himself - he cried out! His nerves were strung taut - his skin was stretched to its limit around his arousal. He wouldn't last longer than a couple of damned seconds at this rate - but the tight, confident lips around him were driving him all too quickly over the edge. He wanted to blame the shock - the loss of blood he'd suffered in the last day.

He thought he knew better than to get too excited, even before he'd established whether the john was a swallower or a spitter. But Inoue was something else entirely - something strong, and experienced, and his mouth held Reven in a hot, wet sheath, the tongue now busy along the thread of skin, the teeth now grazing so very gently against the wrinkling flesh.

Reven thought he might be sobbing - he hoped to God not, but he couldn't really care. It was coming - he was coming! - and there wasn't a damned thing he could do about it. His hips snapped up, his back arching, and he sucked in the fingers of Inoue's hand, still caressing his mouth. With a deep groan, he surrendered to the flood of desire and the tantalising tongue, and he climaxed into Inoue's mouth.

The redhead closed his eyes in satisfaction as he heard and tasted Reven's climax, and he swallowed the seed filling his mouth, still drawing on the length to milk out any last droplets before lapping at the head of his desire a few times and finally letting him go, allowing the boy to relax and recover.

Inoue stood, licking his lower lip.

This would be a good apprentice, he decided.

Licking the corner of his mouth, Inoue let one hand rest on his own hip, shifting his weight from one foot to the other, looking the writhing boy over slowly, hungrily. The kiss was still lingering on his lips and he could barely believe he had just swallowed the kid's seed.

"You belong to me now," he said quietly, darkly.

Reven stared up at the man, rather more than a little disorientated. His skin hummed with sensation; his head swam. He was suddenly very conscious of his body - of his long, thin legs - his narrow chest, laid out on the bed beneath the man who'd just brought him to a shocking climax. He felt very young; he felt very vulnerable. And, in a weird contradiction, he felt astonishingly warm and sated. He thought he could see the glimmer of saliva - or seed? - on Inoue's lips, and it sent a strange, satisfying message to his nerves.

He opened his mouth and wondered if any coherent words would come out. "Whatever you say," he said, and it sounded like agreement, not surrender. "Whatever you say."

He frowned and narrowed his violet eyes at Reven, collecting himself once more. "Then, for the first order of business, you're to lie in that bed until I let you out. If you need to so much as twitch, you tell me why."

He lifted Reven's ankles and swung the boy's legs up to the middle of the bed, but touching the youth had been a mistake. As his gaze flicked across the smooth flesh of the boy, he realized two things; first of all, that he wasn't as collected as he had hoped to be. And second, he now understood those strange flickers of some emotion he had never been able to pinpoint in his master's eyes when he was as young as this boy.

The obedience was something that Reven knew well - that he'd trained himself to show. Didn't mean he always felt it. He bit his lip, to hold back a snappy answer. Inoue's hands on his ankles were firm and businesslike - he felt a little like a toy who'd been used then put away.

This ain't my world, he thought. Knives - assassins. Shit. I've never had a john like this before - I've never met anyone like this before. He settled cautiously on the bed, his leg starting to throb a little again, and he waited to see what the guy would do next.

The guy who said he belonged to him now.

Inoue stood, looking Reven over once more with a clinical eye rather than thinking with his lust. There was pain in the youth's eyes, though he was trying to hide it, and new blood was rising on the gauze of his leg.

"Spread them," he said quietly, standing upright once more before heading to the bathroom. Inoue opened the mirror cupboard and removed the antiseptics he used on himself, as well as several bottles of medicine. He loaded these and a fresh wind of gauze into his arms then headed back to the bedroom.

Somehow, Inoue's response had been the last thing Reven expected. He stared as the red-haired man got up and walked out to the bathroom; he didn't look back at the boy on the bed. Reven didn't know whether to be worried or relieved, but he knew he'd do as he was told. The waterbed shifted languidly underneath him as he slid his legs apart, carefully. He bit back a moan of pain as he did.

When he saw Inoue returning with medical supplies, he was surprised again. Sure, Chad had patched him up a couple times, but it had been more luck than nursing that'd got him back on his feet each time. He wasn't used to anyone taking any care over him.

The redhead unfastened Reven's bandages carefully but swiftly, pulling them back with one sharp instance of pain rather than drawing them off slowly in prolonged agony. If the teen was going to learn the trade, he was going to learn how to handle pain. Upon seeing Reven wince, Inoue came up with the idea for his first test.

"One sound from you," he said slowly, warningly, "And you'll be made to regret it. I don't want to see your chest heave, your eyes water, nothing-- you'll become a man under me, and you'll start right now."

He pulled the gauze off completely and wrapped the bandages into a tight ball, bloody parts inside and clean outside, then tied it off and dropped it on the floor, leaving no blood droplets anywhere, as a professional should.

Quickly he sifted through the bottles and discovered the ones he was looking for, and he dropped three different pills into his hand before placing them on the bed beside Reven's hand. "Take them or not," he said quickly, before unscrewing the antiseptic bottle.

Iodine; it's what he used on himself and it's what worked well. It would hurt like a motherfucker, and he was suddenly glad to put this teen to the test. Using one of the cloths he always kept by the bed, Inoue caught all drip-off of blood and iodine as it washed over the wound.

Reven wondered where the nailed spikes had come from - the ones that were slashing through his thigh, as the liquid poured over him. That's what it felt like - as bad as any agony he'd ever had! Bad as the knife going into him originally - bad as - his mind shied away from other memories.

His head pounded - he felt the involuntary spasm of muscle in his leg as it tried to withstand the assault. And although he knew Inoue was taking perfect care with his work, he also knew that he had his eyes on him - challenging him; waiting for him to cry out, or protest.

A test, he'd said. Fuck the man to hell and round the fucking corner - what was he trying to do to him? Reven concentrated on the anger - on Inoue's dark, hooded eyes - on the dark stains on the cloth. Anything - anything - to stop his pain showing. He bit his lip - he held his breath. For a second, he shut his eyes. But then, as he felt Inoue's hand wiping at the wound, cleansing it, he opened them sharply, and stared back at him.

I can take it! he thought, grimly. Don't need no pills. Don't think you're so much better 'n me. Look at me, fuck you!

Inoue nodded slowly, firmly, as the wound appeared clean and he wiped up the last of the blood and iodine before opening the new gauze and winding it around the leg tight enough to slow bleeding but not so tight to cut off circulation.

"Test one passed; you were silent while in pain. Test two failed; those pills are antibiotics, in case your leg is on its way to infection. I'm going to give you books to read, several dozen of them. One will be on every common pill you can find on this continent-- learn them, and learn them fast. Take the pills."

He gathered the bottles and lifted them off the bed, hating their vile presence next to his apprentice.

Putting them each back in their precise places and closing the mirror door, he looked back in the room at Reven, watching him silently, the boy not knowing that he was being observed.

Reven let out his breath, as slowly and as silently as he could. Wouldn't put it past the bastard to be listening in, and creating another fucking test for me! he growled to himself. The blood throbbed in his leg, but the skin felt cleaner, and the smell of iodine was reassuring.

He grabbed at the pills and swallowed them down, grudgingly. So what if the only pills he knew killed pain, or killed the nerves that could feel it? He didn't do drugs like this guy probably thought he did, 'cept the smokes - no needles, no lines. The thought of Inoue made him flush - with anger; with fear as to what was in store for him. Guy thought he was nothing but a drugged-up little whore... And books - what was this, school? He'd not been at any kind of school since he was 12 - and that was the time he started playing truant every other day.

Reven sighed.

But he'd do it. He'd read the damned books, and he'd learn the damned stuff he was told to. Why? asked a small voice inside him. Just play along - just let the leg heal, then get the fuck out! You can lose yourself on the street... you can lose this whole astonishing episode.

Shut up!
he replied to it. Kinda surprised himself. Shut up and take it! Perhaps I want to see what's in store - perhaps i want to see this through. Hell, what other choice do I have at the moment?

Inoue watched Reven for several more long moments before washing off his own hands and drying them, then returning to the room. He looked the leg over slowly once more, sure he had done a superior job, before crossing his arms. "How many people have put their cock in you? How many have come inside of you?" he asked immediately.

If this kid was diseased, he needed to know, now. Certainly he could administer the tests, but he was hoping that Reven was young enough not to have had intercourse too many times, and smart enough not to let them shed his blood or spill their seed inside of him.

Reven flushed. What's it to you? he wanted to ask. Don't have to give a reference, do I? But he realised swiftly that the man wasn't asking for any sleazy reason. Just like I thought - he thinks I'm a dirty whore, came the thought. "Not many," he said, his voice coming out hoarsely.

He cleared his throat. "That wasn't my speciality - most of 'em just liked to see me hit, or cut, and then jerk themselves off. And Chad was always there to keep it under control."

Usually, anyway, he thought. Until the other night, when it got out of hand, and I decided to get out. He was there to keep me this side of consciousness - to make sure the strikes were on the meat, not the bone. Didn't want the merchandise spoiled before he'd got his investment back. Didn't want a nice silk shirt spoiled by a spray of hot, teen blood... "Couple fucked me properly..." he despised himself for blushing like some virgin.

"When I was first on the street. Chad, of course... but he always used something - said he didn't want to catch anything from his boys. Gave blowjobs to customers, of course, that was most of the work - and the guys in the cars, well..." His voice got more belligerent. "I carried a pack myself, y'know? If they wanted more, I always asked 'em to use one, and most were happy to. I'm not so stupid I don't know -" His voice broke off. he sighed.

So now he wasn't much of a whore either, was he? "I went to a clinic once - before Chad took me in. I was clean, then, if you want to know. They tried to place me in a home, but I ran. Never went back." What did I think I was gonna do with my life? he thought, miserably. Running, and bending, and long did I think I could survive like that?

A wave of relief washed over Inoue, but he didn't let it show. Instead, he pushed the boy until he was lying back completely, letting his open palm remain resting in the center of Reven's chest. "Good; get used to being more than cautious about where you leave any traces of yourself from now on. Sweat, hair, blood, semen-- all of it must be disposed of anywhere but within this apartment, understood?"

The redhead finally removed his hand and looked down at Reven firmly. "This is a relationship, from this moment on. You need to understand that. I am going to be putting my trust in you, and that's why I need to know everything about you. Questions?"

Inoue's left eye twitched but once at the word 'relationship' before he put himself in check.

Hundreds, thought Reven. Where the fuck do I start? there was a flush of pride on his face - that he'd not been found useless, that Inoue had been pleased at his answer. That he'd not been thrown out on his ass. That he was gonna continue this 'relationship' with this man; that they were already talking business. This is a different kinda survival, thought Reven. This is something for me, right? Something I can do. "So, yes, plenty questions," he said, though not belligerently. "I do the reading - I do the clearing up of myself - and what else? Do I stay here? Do I go out with you places? Go see to Chad, with you? What do I live on? Do i get to use those knives -?"

Inoue held his hand up for silence. "One at a time. You stay here until I think you're healthy enough to be stealthy. And you'll be reading or learning something for every minute you're awake. I'll be in and out for the next three days, then on the fourth I'll be gone for a full day. I'll be the one 'seeing' Chad. You'll never see him again."

He paused at the thought of what Reven would live on. "You'll take up the same diet as I follow; high carb low fat low protein, lots of water. But that will be later-- until you're back to full health you'll be eating proteins and carbs both; you need to gain weight and turn it into muscle. And the knives you will not touch for a very, very long time; you will be taught to kill with your bare hands and what's around you first, rather than relying on a weapon, and from there I'll teach you what you need with knives and everything else down that path."

He looked Reven up and down once more. "Hungry?"